Vibrating and Shaking EGO Lawn Mower (FIXED)

If your EGO electric mower begins to tremble, turn it off, take out the safety key, and take the batteries out to examine the blade and the motor shaft.

When the blade is placed improperly, the blade is bent, or the blade is out of balance, it causes the EGO lawn mower to vibrate.

The vibration could be the result of motor shaft damage brought on by the mower blade striking an unidentified object.

Follow the guidelines for safe operation outlined in the manual. If you need to handle blades, make sure you have sturdy work gloves on.

Vibrating and Shaking EGO Lawn Mower (FIXED)

Reasons for Your EGO Lawnmower’s Vibrations and Shaking

Loose Blade and Improper Installation

Often times, the mower blade is the cause of your ego being shaken. The blade needs to be attached properly and securely, so double check that it is.

Be sure to replace the blade and components in the correct sequence.

Take care to follow this recommended sequence when installing your mower’s blade:

  1. Mower blade installation requires the flange to be in place first: Mowers, whether manual or powered, have their inner positioned on the propeller. The next step is to attach the inner flange and fan to the motor shaft. The fan’s blades should face the mower’s deck for optimal performance.
    On a zero-turn mower, the flange is fixed to the drive shaft.
  2. The side of the blade that says “THIS SIDE FACING GRASS” should be facing outward when it is mounted on the flange. If this instruction is not imprinted on your blade, you can still use it safely by orienting the sails so that they face the deck. In this case, the sails correspond to the blade’s elevated sides.
  3. Finger tighten the bolt holding the blade to the shaft once the washer has been installed.
  4. Blade holes must line up with flange holes, therefore blade must be moved: Put a screwdriver or something similar in one of the blade holes to hold the blade in place while you tighten it.
    Next, insert a second screwdriver into the hole to secure the blade and prevent it from turning.
  5. Use the recommended torque as indicated in the manual’s for your particular model to the bolt’s tightening process: Mowers with a push button or an autonomous drive system: Put in 36-43 lb. of torque.
    Raise the torque to between 36 and 41 ft-lb for the blade of your zero-turn mower.

Your EGO Mower Has a Bent Blade

If you run your EGO mower into something substantial, such a rock or a stump, the blade may get bent and you’ll get an uneven cut.

Be sure there is nothing in the grass’s path that could be run over by the mower and harm the blade by walking the lawn first.

An unsteady blade cannot make a clean cut. Vibrations in the mower may also result. The best way to tell if a blade is bent is to take it out and look at it under a microscope.

Set the mower down on a level area and disconnect the battery (s). Don’t try to get under the mower deck until you’ve made sure all the moving parts have stopped.

  • You Can Remove the Blade from Your EGO Mower and Inspect for Bends: If the bent can’t be seen just by looking at the blade, take it off and place it on top of a brand-new EGO mower blade. Checking for a bent blade in this way is the most reliable method. A nasty cut might be caused by the slightest bending.

Just get a new blade and throw the old one away. Never try to use a blade that has been bent and try to straighten it. This weakens the metal and compromises its integrity.

The compromised part may split off and launch itself away from your mower deck if you’re moving quickly. This poses a risk to the safety of nearby humans, animals, and property.

Your EGO Lawnmower Has an Unevenly Balanced Blade

Prior to reattaching your EGO mower’s cutting blade, you must balance it. Not doing so can lead to vibrations and possible motor shaft damage.

When the blade’s weight is distributed evenly between the two halves, we say that it is balanced. Uneven wear from filth or excessive metal removal after sharpening can also cause a blade to become imbalanced.

The blade must be checked for balance with a blade balancer. Instead of a blade balancer, you can use a nail in the wall with its head about 3/4″ to 1″ from the wall to achieve the same effect. Position the nail in the blade’s center.

A screwdriver can also be secured in a vise such that its metal end is horizontal. Start by aligning the screwdriver’s blade with its center.

The blade should be perpendicular to the nail head or screwdriver tip for proper balance. If it doesn’t, you can trim the blade’s hanging edge until it’s flush with the opposite side.

EGO Lawnmower Motor Shaft Is Bent

Because of the motor’s wobbling blade, your EGO mower will tremble if the motor shaft is bent. Grasping the blade at both ends and feeling for shakiness may reveal an issue with the shaft.

Get in touch with an EGO service facility to diagnose and fix the problem if the blade is properly mounted but you still suspect an issue with the shaft.