9 Causes of EGO Electric Lawn Mower Start-Stop

When you’re in the middle of cutting the grass and your EGO mower suddenly turns off, it’s annoying. In order to get you back to cutting grass as soon as possible, I compiled this tutorial to assist you diagnose and correct the running problem.

When the battery is dead, the battery or electrical circuits are hot, the wiring is loose, pinched, or broken, or a defective safety switch causes the EGO electric battery mower to start and then stop, the problem is likely with the safety switch.

Some causes of this high load include a clogged mower deck, dull blades, a high ground speed, or wet, tall, or thick grass.

Always use caution when operating an electric mower. For information on how to use your EGO safely, please refer to the manual. Before making any adjustments or repairs, always take out the safety key and the battery.

*If you decide to tinker with, or attempt repairs on, your EGO mower, you may nullify any remaining warranty that you have. If you need service covered by the EGO warranty, please contact the company directly.

EGO Lawn Mower

Why Your EGO Electric Lawn Mower Stopped Working

Your EGO Lawn Mower’s Battery Died

The battery supplies the energy for a cordless lawn mower. Having no power because the battery is dead is obvious.

In the event that your EGO mower suddenly stops working, the first thing you should do is examine the battery. There may be an LED light system on your EGO that indicates battery life.

It may be necessary to remove the battery from the mower and place it on the external battery charger in order to determine how much charge is still left in the battery if there isn’t an indicator for this on the mower itself.

Even if you completely charged the EGO battery before putting it away for more than 30 days, the battery may have dropped to a reduced capacity as a precaution.

As time passes, the battery’s maximum charge-and-discharge cycle time decreases. Furthermore, batteries can become useless due to age, severe temperatures, or mechanical breakdown.

Signs your EGO battery is dying:

  • In the past, a completely charged battery would keep its charge for far longer than it does now. Batteries aren’t holding a charge for as long.
  • It’s taking a long time for the battery to charge.
  • As a result, the battery’s temperature is rising rapidly.

If your battery is running low, you can charge it fully using the external battery charger. Just replace it back into the mower.

When an EGO battery stops retaining a charge, it should be swapped out for a new one. You should reuse the old battery. Call2Recycle will help you locate recycling centers near you or provide you with shipping information.

Overheated Battery or Motor Circuit

As a safety feature, the mower will turn off if the Ego battery or mower circuit gets too hot.

SOLUTION: Wait until the lawnmower and battery have cooled down before trying to restart them. To cool down, shift the mower away of the sun’s glare.

Your EGO Mower’s Battery Isn’t Linking Up

It is possible that the battery contacts are not making proper contact with the connections in the battery compartment. Battery installation error is a possible cause for this.

It’s possible that the battery compartment got dirty, preventing the contacts from making contact.

The solution is to take the battery out of its housing. If there is any dirt or debris in the storage area, clean it up using a brush.

Slide the battery into place once it has been aligned with the instructions. When you push the battery release button on most EGO mowers, you’ll hear a click and the button will come into place.

Your EGO Lawn Mower’s Wiring Is Loose, Pinched, or Damaged

Mowers have a lot of wires that carry electricity. As wires get frayed or pinched, a short can emerge.

The mower can cease working if a short occurs. When operating an EGO mower, it is important to avoid touching or moving the wires, as this can cause a short. One such place is in or near the foldable handle, making it convenient for transport and storage.

A short could be found by jiggling the wires. In addition, a multimeter can be used to locate the source of the short.

The use of a wire nut allows for the restoration of pinched connections. When making repairs, it is imperative that the safety key and battery be removed first.

Warning: doing this sort of electrical work on your own can render any and all warranties null and void. To see if your EGO is still covered under warranty, contact the company first.

Broken EGO Mower Safety Switch

The mower could suddenly cease working if any of the safety switches fail. If you use a jumper wire to temporarily disable a switch, you can then test it.

Just switch out the bad one. Never mow if any of the safety switches are broken; doing so puts you and anyone nearby in danger.

Ego Push Mower

  • Use the retractable grip
  • Indicator switch for checking that the side rails are fully out
  • To activate the safety bar, flip the switch. To use the mower, the bar must be retracted inside the handle. If you let go of the bar, the mower will turn off.

Ego Zero Turn Mower

  • Put in park or press the pedal
  • Seat change
  • Charge-port switch

The Ego lawn mower may have extra safety switches, which are described in the owner’s manual.

Blocking the Blade Rotation of Your EGO Mower with Debris

There may be so much grass and other material jammed under the mower deck that the blade cannot turn freely.

Maintaining a decent cut requires routine inspection and scraping of the mower deck, which is also vital to keep the motor from overheating and breaking.

The electric lawn mower may have shut off to safeguard the motor because the grass in the deck was too high for the blade to turn freely.

With the power off and the security key out of the way, check under the deck to make sure there isn’t any debris that needs to be cleaned up. Remove any debris or buildup from the deck by scraping it.

Check that the mower blade is not impeded by anything wrapped around the shaft, and that the blade can spin freely.

EGO Lawnmower’s Dull Blade

Your mower’s motor generally won’t shut off due to a dull blade because it can’t handle the reduced workload. Nevertheless, if you also have a dull blade and a deck full of grass clippings, the situation will be exacerbated, and the motor will have to work harder.

The answer is to take out the mower blade, sharpen it, and put it back in. A replacement blade needs to be purchased if it has gouges, is excessively worn, or has developed cracks.

Using an EGO Lawnmower in Difficult Grass Conditions

The motor on your Ego mower could also burn out if you put too much strain on it. When the grass you’re cutting is excessively tall, moist, or thick, this can happen.

You shouldn’t mow the lawn just after a rainstorm or when it’s still damp from the morning dew. A buildup of water under the deck is bad for the motor.


  • Grass must be trimmed because it has dried out.
  • Grass should be cut twice or three times if it is particularly tall. Method: Set the mower’s cutting height to its maximum position, mow the lawn, and then return the cutting height to its lower starting position for the next pass (s).
  • While cutting through dense or tall grass, go slowly.
  • Separate the grass into more narrow strips.

Your EGO Mower Has a Faulty Motor or Other Parts

There may be a problem with the motor or other parts of your lawnmower. The issue needs to be identified and fixed.

To locate a service center for these products, call EGO customer support at 1-855-346-5656 for mowers or 1-877-346-9876 for zero-turns.