How to Recognize a Faulty Starter Solenoid? (Troubleshoot)

Try as you might, turning the key in the ignition of your zero-turn vehicle does not cause it to begin moving. There is nothing but a click or hum. There’s a possibility that your starter solenoid is malfunctioning and not turning the engine over.

When the starter motor can turn over the engine without the solenoid, you know you have a Bad Boy starter solenoid.

If you suspect that the starter solenoid is bad, you can use a battery charger to perform a quick test.

When working with the starter solenoid, exercise extreme caution. It is imperative that you observe all of the security measures outlined in your Bad Boy’s manual.

How to Recognize a Faulty Starter Solenoid? (Troubleshoot)

The Solenoid on a Bad Boy Mower: What Does It Do?

The solenoid on a Bad Boy mower functions as a power toggle. The starter motor is activated by pressing a button on an electromagnet switch.

Although it is common practice to attach the starter solenoid to the starter motor, this is not strictly necessary for proper operation. The solenoids for certain lawn mowers are located in more conventional positions, closer to the battery than the starting.

Solenoids, Post-3 and Post-4

You can see here a common wiring diagram for solenoids with three and four terminals. It’s important to keep in mind that not every lawn mower has the same wiring diagram.

On some Bad Boy mowers, the wiring diagrams will include details for extras like lights and 12-volt ports. The diagrams simply depict the fundamental structure of the wiring.

How to Recognize a Faulty Starter Solenoid? (Troubleshoot)

What Makes a Bad Boy Lawn Mower Solenoid?

The appearance of solenoids can vary. It’s possible that round and square shapes exist. Perhaps three or four posts protrude from it. Solenoids are going to be fastened to the starter’s cap.

Bad Boy battery’s positive (+) line connects to one side of the solenoid. The solenoid may be quickly located by following the positive cable from the battery.

All electric starters on Bad Boy outboards use solenoids.

Why Does a Bad Boy Lawn Mower Solenoid Fail?

The electrical component known as a Bad Boy solenoid. Sometimes, electricity just stops working.

The solenoid contains a copper plate and spring.

If the spring in your Bad Boy starter solenoid becomes too weak or the copper plate corrodes, your solenoid will stop working.

Having a weak starter, a dead battery, or a poor ground can all cause the solenoid to fail.

While attempting to diagnose a solenoid, it helps to have some idea of what signs to look for.

Signs Your Lawnmower’s Bad Boy Solenoid Is Going Bad

If there is a click or hum when you turn the key to start your Bad Boy zero-turn mower, the solenoid may be broken.

A wire that becomes too hot and smokes or melts is another sign your solenoid is malfunctioning.

Guidelines for Diagnosing a Bad Boy Lawn Mower Solenoid

Prepare a Checklist of Necessary Equipment:

  • Volt-Ohmmeter
  • Screwdriver
  • Continuity of Light
  • Test wrenches for slack wiring
  • Pincer pliers (If screwdriver does not work)
  • Charger for Batteries (Optional)

There are several options available for determining the problem with your lawn mower’s solenoid.

Ensure that your Bad Boy battery is fully charged

Check the voltage of your battery with a voltmeter to make sure it’s at least 12.3 volts.

In our post 5 Factors That Are Draining the Life of Your Lawn Mower Batteries, we go into greater detail about how to test your battery.

Prepare Your Bad Boy Mower:

  • Put on the brakes and park
  • Ensure that the lawn mower is in neutral
  • Put the switch to the “on” position.

 Screwdriver-Bypass the Bad Boy Starter Solenoid

To avoid using the starter, lay a long screwdriver over the solenoid and touch the two cables. The battery cable and the starting cable are the two wires you need.

When the screwdriver touches the wires, it could cause a spark. Don’t freak out, as this is rather frequent.

The solenoid is likely broken if the engine starts when you have it bypassed.

Needle nose pliers can be used to bypass the solenoid if the screwdriver doesn’t do the trick.

Check for a poor ground or wires that are loose before replacing the starter solenoid. Every one of these things has the potential to cut off power to the solenoid, rendering it inoperable.

Check the Bad Boy Starter Solenoid

Tests can be performed on starters with attached solenoids. To check the solenoid, take the starting out of the engine and plug it into a battery charger. This is a useful method for checking the starter’s solenoid connection.

After taking the starter out of your lawnmower, you should connect the negative (-) clamp to the starter’s housing and the positive (+) clamp to the solenoid’s large post and exciter wire. Because the starter is out, we’re just going to do a brief bench test.

Can a Bad Boy Lawn Mower Starting Solenoid Be Bypassed?

By inserting a long screwdriver across the solenoid, you can prevent the cable from the battery from making contact with the solenoid and instead directly power the starting.

Use caution. It is natural for the connection to produce a spark. Never risk your safety by not donning the proper equipment.

No Cranking or Turning Over, Even While the Starting Solenoid Is Ok

If the starter solenoid is fine but the problem persists, try inspecting the battery, connections, starter switch, and safety switches.

If your Bad Boy zero-turn mower just won’t start, read my article to learn what to check first.

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You’ll save yourself from harm and the mower from further destruction by doing this. If you’re having trouble with your lawnmower, head on over to your neighborhood Bad Boy dealer or repair shop.