Husqvarna String Trimmers (2-cycle & 4-cycle) Runs on This Gas and Oil

Two-cycle engines are common in Husqvarna string trimmers. Aside from 2-cycle and 3-cycle options, Husqvarna also offers 4-cycle models.

Avoid engine damage and other fuel-related problems by learning about your Husqvarna’s engine and using the correct fuel.

Husqvarna 2-cycle string trimmers call for a 50:1 gas-to-oil ratio. Use unleaded petrol with an octane value of 89 or above and no more than 10% ethanol. Before putting gas into the tank, premium 2-cycle engine oil must be added.

Husqvarna’s 4-cycle string trimmers will include dual fuel tanks. One for regular unleaded gas with an octane value of 89 or higher and no more than 10% ethanol. The other is designated for use with SAE 10W-40 motor oil.

Check your Husqvarna string trimmer’s manual if you’re not sure what kind of engine it has.

Husqvarna String Trimmer

Before diagnosing, repairing, or operating, be sure you’ve read and understood all of the safety recommendations in the equipment’s operator’s manual. If you are unsure of how to proceed, lack the necessary expertise, or are unable to execute the repair properly, you should seek the advice of a professional.

Husqvarna String Trimmer Leaks Due to Old or Bad Gas

When issues arise with your Husqvarna string trimmer, the culprit is generally antiquated or incorrect fuel. It can prevent the trimmer from starting, causing it to lose power, stall, or die.

As little as 30 days after purchase, gas might start to degrade and become less effective. The trimmer’s tiny engine doesn’t fare well with the addition of ethanol to regular gas.

Since ethanol has a hygroscopic nature, it will draw water vapor into the fuel system. The varnish and sticky deposits left behind by this moisture and ethanol mixture might limit fuel flow and lead to premature component failures.

When burned, this mixture will separate from the gas and could cause the engine to run excessively hot.

Never use gas with an ethanol percentage more than 10% due to the problems it causes.

Fresh fuel and fuel stabilizer should be used.

For this reason, you should always buy fresh gas and use it up within 30 days of purchase. If you want your gas to last a bit longer, try adding a gasoline stabilizer like Sea Foam Motor Treatment, which helps remove moisture from the fuel.

A fuel stabilizer is a component of several 2-cycle engine oils. Unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise, you shouldn’t count on it to keep your gasoline stable for more than 30 days.

The consequences of stale fuel cannot be undone by fuel stabilizers. Stabilizers should be added to new gas.

Husqvarna String Trimmers that Use Ethanol-Free Fuel:

You could use fuel without ethanol if you want to protect your Husqvarna engine from damage. These fuels are widely available, both online and in hardware stores.

Husqvarna’s 2-cycle XP Pre-Mix comes with the fuel and oil already mixed at a ratio of 50:1. To power your 4-cycle Husqvarna string trimmer, you may purchase 4-cycle fuel in convenient canisters.

These fuels can be kept on hand for easy access whenever they are required. These are, however, the priciest ways to power a trimmer.

Fuel & Oil for a Husqvarna String Trimmer with Two Cylinders

Husqvarna String Trimmer Runs on 2-Cycle Gas and Oil

Husqvarna string trimmers that use gas as fuel must have 2-cycle premium oil supplied to the gas tank. Don’t ruin your 2-cycle string trimmer by putting undiluted gas in it.

Because of this, the motor will seize and stop working. Reason being, gas reserves are getting low. The engine’s internal components can’t move around without the oil that’s been mixed with the fuel.

If you start your string trimmer after putting pure gas in it, you will probably need to get a new one. There’s no hope of saving the engine now.

The gas-to-oil ratio for your Husqvarna 2-cycle string trimmer should be 50:1. This equates to a mixture of 50 percent gas and 1 percent oil. Have a look at the table I made for blending.

Use regular unleaded gas with an octane value of 89 or higher and no more than 10% ethanol to make this blend. Put in some ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345 FD approved 2-cycle premium oil.

Two-cycle string trimmer fuel and oil ratio:

  • Prepare the correct amount of fuel mix by consulting the table below.
  • Take the top off a legal gas container. Fill a gas can with unleaded fuel (at least 89 octane and no more than 10% ethanol).
  • Fill the gas can with 2-cycle oil according to the recommended ounces of oil.
  • Put the cap back on.
  • The fuel and oil should be gently shaken together to combine them.
  • Put into the gas tank of the Husqvarna string trimmer.

It’s fine to use the synthetic XP 2-stroke motor oil that came with your vehicle. This Kawasaki two-cycle hybrid is another option. Both the 5.2 oz. and 6.4 oz. bottles require a 50:1 mixture with 2 gallons of gas.

2-Cycle Husqvarna Gas-to-Oil Blend

Gas to Oil Blend1 Gal Gas2 Gal Gas2.5 Gal Gas
50:12.6 oz Oil5.2 oz Oil6.4 oz Oil

Ethanol-Free Premixed Fuel for 2-Cycle Engines

Using an ethanol-free gasoline blend is a wonderful way to lessen fuel-related issues and maximize engine longevity. You can immediately fill the fuel tank of your Husqvarna string trimmer with this ethanol-free oil and fuel blend.

A Husqvarna 50:1 premixed can of fuel is available at most hardware stores and can also be purchased online.

Mixture of Gasoline and Oil for a 4-Cycle Husqvarna String Trimmer

Husky 4-Cycle String Trimmer Gas

Although 2-cycle Husqvarna string trimmers have been available for quite some time, 4-cycle models are now readily available. There is no need to blend fuel and oil because these engines have dedicated terminals for each.

Unleaded gasoline having an octane value of 89 or higher and 10% ethanol content or less is recommended for use in 4-cycle Husqvarna string trimmers.

To prevent gasoline from deteriorating too rapidly and to lessen the accumulation of moisture and gumminess in the fuel system, a fuel stabilizer such as Sea Foam or STA-BIL should be added.

Although using gasoline with a minimal amount of ethanol is permissible, it is not ideal.

You may find ethanol-free fuel at the pump at some gas stations or in canisters at your local hardware shop or online to use in your Husqvarna string trimmer.

The cost of gasoline without ethanol additives is higher. Buying in canisters is not only more practical, but it could also be a better option if you want to avoid the problems that can arise from using outdated ethanol-based gas in a string trimmer.

Oil for a Husqvarna 4 Cycle String Trimmer

Both the engine oil and the fuel are refilled through different ports on 4-cycle engines. For a 4-cycle motor, NEVER combine oil and fuel. Always use 4-cycle oil in your string trimmer, and never 2-cycle oil.

To prevent the engine parts from seizing, oil must be used. Overheating caused by too little or the improper kind of oil can render your string trimmer inoperable and even destroy the motor.

Husqvarna suggests using SAE 10W-40 for your engine.

4-Cycle Husqvarna Engine Oil Viscosity

ManufacturerEngine Oil

In Conclusion

Your Husqvarna string trimmer’s performance can be impacted by the type of fuel you use. Corrosion and fuel limits can occur when fuel is allowed to age. If you own a Husqvarna string trimmer, selecting the right fuel is as easy as following these steps:

  • Don’t ever use old gas.
  • Verify that the ethanol content of the gas is no higher than 10%.
  • Determine whether your Husqvarna is powered by a two- or four-stroke engine.
  • For 2-cycle engines, combine gas and oil before putting it in the fuel tank.
  • To power a 4-cycle engine, you need only gasoline.
  • If you want your gas to last longer without going bad, you should add a fuel stabilizer to it.
  • Keep gas away from moisture and flammable materials.