7 Reasons Why the Bad Boy Zero Turn Won’t Go Forward or Backward

The wheels of your zero-turn mower move slowly or not at all when you move the drive arms. This may be a minor fix, or it may indicate a more serious issue with the transmission.

The Bad Boy’s Idol The zero-turn mower will not travel forward or backward if the transmission is bypassed, the pump drive belt is loose or worn, the tensioner pulley or spring is worn, the hydraulic fluid is hot or old, or there is air in the hydraulic system.

When dealing with the transmission system, exercise caution. Don’t touch anything or change the oil until the system has cooled down. The instructions in the manual should be followed to the letter.

Bad Boy Zero Turn

A Bad Boy Mower Won’t Go Forward or Backward: 7 Causes

Release levers for the Bad Boy Zero Turn Drive are not in the operational position.

There are two neutral bypass levers on the back of your Bad Boy mower. When the engine is turned off, you can disconnect the transmission by pulling these levers.

These bypass levers come in help if the mower breaks down in the middle of the yard and needs to be moved back to the garage or onto a trailer.

If the bypass levers are in the “operating” position, turning the wheels and moving the Bad Boy mower with the drive arms engaged will not happen.

When the transmission bypass levers are in the “operating” position (drawn toward the mower), the mower can be moved forward and backward with the driving arms.

Drive Belt for the Bad Boy Zero Turn Pump is Worn, Loose, or Broken

A worn drive belt can reduce your zero-turn’s efficiency. Check that the drive belt for the Bad Boy is properly installed on the pulleys.

The belt should be changed if it shows any signs of wear. If the belt seems fine, you should inspect the spring and pulley that secure it.

The appropriate belt tension is between 60 and 65 pounds. Adjust the belt’s jam nuts if it’s too slack or too taut.

Negative Bad Boy Zero Turn Tensioner Pulley

Either the tensioner pulley or its bearing can fail. The strong plastic used to make many pump tensioner pulleys also makes them susceptible to breakage and wear.

If a pulley’s bearings are bad or it’s worn out, you should replace it. Don’t let the tensioner arm seize up by forgetting to lubricate it.

Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower Missing or Damaged Idler Arm Spring

The driving belt for the pump is subject to stress from the idler spring. If the spring is broken or missing from your Bad Boy, you should replace it. Tension the springs as necessary.

Your Bad Boy zero-turn lawn mower has Low Hydraulic Fluid Level.

If you want your Bad Boy transmission to last as long as possible, you need to change the hydraulic fluid regularly. If the transmission hydraulic fluid is old or low, the mower may not move at all or will run extremely poorly.

Before starting the mower, make sure the oil is cool and then check the hydraulic fluid level. Check the fluid levels by first wiping the area around the caps.

Since dirt is a common cause of a malfunctioning hydraulic system, it’s important to avoid getting any of it in there.

If your hydraulic oil level is low, fill the reservoirs with more hydraulic oil until the fluid reaches the FULL COLD line. Under the seat, you’ll find not one but two reservoirs.

Changing the hydraulic fluid in your Bad Boy zero-turn regularly will keep its hydraulic system in tip-top form.

Use either 20W-50 oil or Bad Boy hydrostatic oil. The oil and filters should be changed after the first 50 hours of operation. Oil and filter changes should be done at 250 hours.

When your hydraulic oil level drops, check for leaks as well. If you’re having trouble with a hydraulic fluid leak on your Bad Boy zero-turn mower, contact your local Bad Boy dealership.

Your Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower Has Hot Hydraulic Fluid

Inadequate or contaminated hydraulic oil prevents the zero turn’s hydraulic system from being properly lubricated, leading to increased friction and fluid overheating.

An further sign of more serious damage to your Bad Boy mower is hot hydraulic fluid.

If your lawnmower is leaking fluid from the hydraulic pump or starts up when cold but shuts down when heated, you should take it to a Bad Boy dealer.

Air in Your Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower’s Hydraulic System

Your Bad Boy zero turn may move slowly or not at all if air is stuck in the hydraulic system. You need to bleed the air out of the hydraulic system once you’ve changed the fluid.

The hydraulic system can be bled of air by lifting the rear drive tires off the ground. If this is not possible, carry out the steps on the ground in a spacious, uncluttered space.

Turn the key, release the parking brake, and release the bypass valves. The driving levers should be moved carefully forward and then backward about six times.

Do not leave any open bypasses. Turn the drive levers forward and backward roughly six times while holding the throttle wide open. Keep doing this until the tires are no longer making an abnormal amount of noise and moving at typical rates.

After the air has been sucked out, put on the brakes and turn off the engine. Make sure the oil in the expansion tanks is all the way up to the FULL COLD line. If it’s below this line, add oil till it is.

Still Having Issues with Your Bad Boy Zero-Turn Mower?

The more time passes with a lawnmower, the greater the likelihood that it will develop some form of problem, such as failing to start, failing to stay running, smoking, leaking gas, cutting badly, vibrating, or something else entirely.

If your Bad Boy mower ever stops working again, this tutorial will help you fix it quickly and cheaply.

If you are unsure of your abilities to safely diagnose and repair your Bad Boy lawn mower, you might consider taking it to a repair shop.

You’ll prevent yourself from getting hurt and the mower from getting any worse. Visit a local Bad Boy dealer or repair shop if you’re having issues with your lawnmower.