Scotts Tall Fescue Vs Sun and Shade: Which One Is The Best for Your Lawn?

What is the difference between scotts tall fescue and sun and shade mix? While tall fescue takes 6-14 days to grow. The sun and shade mix merely takes 5- 10 days. Yet, there are other differences between them.

So, the grass seed will have a different look to it depending on the mix. We have created a detailed comparison of scotts tall fescue vs sun and shade. So, it becomes much easier for you to understand which one is the better one for your lawn.

Scotts Tall Fescue Vs Sun and Shade: A Detailed Comparison

 Concern Scotts Tall Fescue Scotts Sun and Shade
Growth time6-14 days5-10 days
TextureMedium coarse bladeFine bladed
WaterSmart Plus featureYesYes
Appropriate Temperature60°F to 80°F55°F to 95°F
Mowing length2-3inches2-3 inches
Scotts Tall Fescue Vs Sun and Shade

Growth Habit

The manufacturer claims that the tall fescue takes 6 to 14 days to start growing. To confirm that, we took time to develop the tall fescue seeds. We began noticing sprouts coming out from day 7. On day 11, the lawn was filled with new shoots. So, the growth time is indeed accurate as the manufactured claimed. Remember, the process is prolonged. Typically, the tall fescue takes more time to grow, but the result is worth the waiting.

On the contrary, the sun and shade started showing sprouts four days after planting them. We already started to see a reasonable node length from day 6. Compared to the tall fescue, the sun and shade mix has a faster growth time. It’s great for those who want a quicker option to grow grass. The result may not provide the same effect as the tall fescue, but it still offers a good look to your lawn.

Temperature Tolerance

The sun and shade mix has perfect heat and cold tolerance. We planted the sun and shade during the fall at our first test. Fall is the best time to plant grass seeds, and the temperature then is a bit low. When we planted the seeds it was around  21.1 degrees celsius. Yet, the grass germinated without any problems. We ran another test during the summer. The grass seemed to withstand the heat without showing any signs of damage. So, if you live in areas with high temperature, the sun and shade is the appropriate choice.

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In the case of tall fescue mix, it grows best between 15 to 25 degrees celsius. Remember that it’s best not to plant when the temperature is below 15, or the frost might ruin the grass. We discovered that the tall fescue showed damage when it was around 29 degrees. Furthermore, the color of the grass became tainted. In the case of extreme heat, the sun and shade have a better tolerance than the tall fescue.

Appropriate Applications

The tall fescue takes time to mature into beautiful green grass. On a fresh lawn, the grass grows out really well. Again, when we tested it for overseeding, it did not transition smoothly with the old grasses. It works alright, but it does not provide the best overseeding quality. If you plan to grow new grass on your lawn, go for the tall fescue.

Let’s talk about the sun and shade mix. It has a good temperature tolerance and takes less time to grow. Yet, there is a catch. When we tried to develop the sun and shade on a new lawn, it did not have the best results as the tall fescue. But when we used the mix for overseeding, it provided a good result. It transitioned well with the previously planted grasses. So, if you want to fix patches on your lawn, then the sun and shade mix is the best option.


The sun and shade can survive the most extreme conditions. It’s great for those who live in hotter climates. As you know, your lawn may have all sorts of stuff like crabgrass, dandelions, and other similar weeds. The grass mix works pretty well against these weeds. As a result, it is very durable against such weeds and similar objects harmful to your lawn.

Similarly, the tall fescue has a pretty good tolerance for such weeds. On our examination, we saw that the grass doesn’t get affected despite dandelions or crabgrass. Like the sun and shade, the fescue is also really good against these elements


One lbs sun and shade combination costs around $5. Firstly, the grass seed has the best heat tolerance. After that, it grows out quickly. The cross is also an excellent choice for overseeding. The only downside of the mixture is it’s really not the best for new lawns. Yet, the price it has provides you with all the necessary elements you require.

Similarly, one lbs tall fescue costs around $7. If we put the tall fescue and the sun and shade side to side, the tall fescue is a bit expensive.

Now, the tall fescue is excellent for new lawns. Furthermore, it provides you with a beautiful result. Although, the duration of the germination is more than the sun and shade. We would say it does give you all the things you require for the price it has.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between turf-type tall fescue and tall fescue?

Turf-type tall fescues will be best for industries and homes. They are more coarse and soft. On the other hand, the tall fescue is not as crude as turf types, and they are thicker. Moreover, tall fescue has a better heat tolerance and survives better and droughts.

Which tall fescue is best?

There are various tall fescue grasses. Among them, the Scotts tall fescue is the best. It has the best texture, and it provides your lawn with a lush look. For these particular features, the Scotts remain the best.

What seed is in Scotts sun and shade mix?

There are some specific types of seeds inside the sun and shade mix. The combination is made of fescue, bluegrass, and ryegrass. So, these are the seeds mixed in the Scotts sun and shade mix.


If you want a fresh start with your lawn,  you should choose the tall fescue. The tall fescue gives your yard a green and lush look to it. Keep in mind that you have to wait a bit for it to mature. Also, if you live in a sweltering climate, the grass can withstand it, but it will start receiving taints at a specific time.

The sun and shade are a great choice if you want to fix parts of your lawns. Simply, if you’re going to overseed, this one is the best. And, if you live in an area with higher temperatures. It is because it has good tolerance toward heat.