Earthway Vs Scotts Spreaders: Which Beats the Battle?

What is the difference between Earthway and Scotts spreaders? One of the significant differences between them is that the Earthway comes much more affordable price range than Scotts. However, still Scotts wins the race mostly.

Again, the performance difference does not make one better than the other. Because based on your need, yard size, and budget, you will have different preferences. So, in this Earthway vs Scotts Spreaders comparison article, stick with us to know which one can fulfill your requirements.

Earthway Vs Scotts Spreaders Comparison Chart

Key FeaturesEarthwayScotts
Build QualityHeavy stainless steelCompact and lightweight
Best UseMainly for large yardsSmall yards
SettingsDifficult to setEasy to set
Earthway Vs Scotts Spreaders Table Comparison

Both Earthway and the Scotts are reliable and famous names of lawn spreaders. But they are different in a few areas as discussed below:

Build Design

The build-design of the Eearthway spreaders makes them look quite elegant. And the Scotts spreaders’ build quality focuses on making them compact in size. 

The Scotts spreaders are lightweight because they mainly use lightweight but durable plastic for their body. But the Earthway is heavier as its spreaders have stainless steel in the body or handle. 

Most of the spreaders by Scotts come configured with fold-down handles. So, you can easily store them in any congested place as well. And the Earthway spreaders have a tray that makes managing the free-flowing materials easier.

Also, Earthway features such a unique design to its body so that you can turn it into a towable spreader.  

Features Differences

The Scotts feature redesigned hopper and agitator so that you can get consistent coverage of seeds or fertilizers on the lawn. Its different models can hold from 5,000 square feet to 15,000 square feet of lawn care products. So, for a small to medium-sized lawn or yard, it is a good choice to go with.

Good to mention, the Edgeguard technology of the Scotts is a blessing to save your flower beds or sidewalks from chemical treatments or fertilizers. Because this technology does not let the spreader spread components on the right side. 

The Earthway offers smooth and consistent spreading with its even-spread system. You can adjust the handle according to your height with Earthway. And operating it on uneven terrain is also not difficult because of its advanced spreaders frame. 

Comparison In Spreader Settings 

As for the earthway vs scotts spreader settings, they are quite similar. But setting up the Scotts is comparatively easier than that of the earthway spreader settings.

The Scotts setting mainly depends on the different types of seed or fertilizers you use. So, if you are using a seed mix for drought-tolerant grass, set 7.5 for overseeding.  

For keeping your lawn or garden plant or grass green in extreme heat, you need to set the rotary spreader to 5.5 and the drop spreader to 8.25 for overseeding. Scotts has an orange dial, you need to turn that clockwise for higher settings above 11 and turn anti-clockwise to reach lower settings like 3 to 5.

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On the other hand, Earthway has a metal control lever or a close and open shutter to move it to set it to the settings rate you want. If you are using 10 to 25 grams of grass seed you need to set the rod handle or shutter from 13 to 17 settings rate.

Also, for different particle sizes of the seed, soil, or fertilizer, you need to set different settings by following the manual or instructions on the seed bag.      

You can head to the official website of the Earthway to download the Settings manually for your specific model. And as for the Scotts, they have a Spreader Settings tool on their website only to help you with the Settings. 

Price Contrast

Scotts spreaders are not only comfortable to use or adjust but they are really affordable compared to the Earthway spreaders. The minimum price range starts from $23 at the Scotts and it can get as expensive as $300. On the other hand, Earhtway spreaders start from $65, and its heavy-duty spreaders will cost you around $500.

The Scotts offer a money-back guarantee. And they claim that if you do not like using the spreaders within 30 days of your purchase directly from the Scott Company, you will get a full refund. You just need to show proof of your purchase.

But Earthway will only give you a one-year warranty. And they will not repair or replace the parts or give any warranty service if you have damaged the parts during an incorrect application.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do the spreader settings mean?

The spreader setting is nothing but the rate for applying seeds or fertilizers to your yard. Simply, for different kinds of seeds/materials and different sizes of yards, there is a specific rate of application and coverage. The settings should be in the manual or product bags.

Are earthway spreaders good?

Yes, they are good. Especially for heavy-duty performance. And for commercial use, you can count on them. Their build quality and technology are also durable to function properly for years.

How do you set the Earthway spreader?

You need to move the Earthway lever or rod handle to set it. It has a settings rate mentioned beside its handle. From there, you need to identify where to push or pull the handle by following the manual.

How do you clean Earthway spreader?

To clean an Earthway spreader you need to use a high-pressure air nozzle. With it remove all the leftover components or fertilizers from the tub. After the hopper is empty you can wash the spreader with water and let it dry.

What setting should I set my Scotts spreader?

You need to set your Scotts spreader on different Settings based on the seeds, spreader type, or yard size. For example, set it to 18 for forming or organizing a new lawn with their rotary spreader.
If it is a drop spreader, go for 9.5 and 18 for overseeding and new seeding respectively. Keep the manual with you to determine the specific settings.  

Final Verdict

If you ask, who wins the Earthway vs Scotts Spreaders comparison, we’d say there is no definite answer to that, why? Because what might be best for others might not be a suitable option for you.

So, if you own a small yard and you do not need to maintain it frequently, go for a compact-sized Scotts spreader.

But if you want a spreader that can operate properly even after heavy use, the Earthway spreader is your savior. Also, for commercial use, they are most reliable. And for a low on the budget user, the Scotts spreaders are a blessing.