Strongway Vs Gorilla cart: Which one is the better choice for your garden?

What is the difference between strongway and gorilla cart? The strongway cart is a heavy-duty cart, while the gorilla cart is better for light-duty. But it’s not the only difference between the two carts.

There will also be a significant difference in speed and load capacity when using both carts. Today, the comparison topic is about strongway vs gorilla cart. With proper research, we created this article so that you can find the appropriate cart for your law.

Strongway Vs Gorilla Cart: How do they differ?

 Concern Strongway cart Gorilla cart
Dimensions67.5 x 37.71 x 29.81 inches40.6″ x 18.3″ x 21.6″
Tire Size26 inches10 inches
Hauling Capacity400lbs400lbs
Number of Wheels24

Best Use

The strongway cart is a heavy-duty garden cart. To test that theory, we used the cart on some rough terrains. Despite the uneven surface, we could move the cart with ease. Indeed, the two large pneumatic wheels work smoothly on gravel roads, just as the manufacturer claims. So, if you have a garden with comparatively uneven terrain, then the strongway cart can perform well there.

While for gorilla carts, they have four wheels around their two sides. It is designed for light-duty situations. During our test, we maneuvered the cart with ease. Yet, when the cart came across a very tough surface, we had trouble pulling it to our specific destination. We recommend you get this cart if your garden has a smoother texture. The coach works excellent on such surfaces.


At a glance, we could say that the gorilla cart is comparatively smaller than the strongway cart. The smaller size brings specific advantages. It’s much more straightforward to pull the cart anywhere. When we pulled the cart around, it was effortless to move it.

Remember that you can adjust the gorilla cart side rails anytime you need. Due to the smaller size, it becomes less of a hassle to transport. The cart is better for those who have a smaller lawn. Keep in mind that the smaller size sometimes restricts the amount of load you can pull.

The strongway cart is larger than the gorilla cart. The larger size makes it hard to draw. Despite that, the size enables it to overcome all types of terrains. We had trouble maneuvering the cart due to its vast size of it. Although, it could handle huge loads without any obstacles. If your garden is big and you need to haul large loads, the strongway dump cart is best.


We measured the dimension of the gorilla cart and found the length is around 34-inch while the breadth is 18-inch. So, the claims of the manufacturer are correct. The material of the bed is steel. The steel is also powder-coated.

It showed damage signs when we continuously conducted heavy-duty work with the gorilla cart. The cart is great for lighter jobs. It does not degrade if you continue with the light-duty activities. But the coach does not hold well under heavy stress.

The strongway has a durable frame that comes from steel. Furthermore, the steel is rust-resistant. There are no chances of any rust formations early on. We tested the strongway cart under heavy stress, which handled it really well. So, the durability aspect of the cart is superior. If you do constant garden work and need a reliable cart that can hold it all together, then the strongway cart is the appropriation option.


174.99 dollars is the cost you need to bear if you want to purchase a strongway cart. Comparing it with the gorilla cart, it’s a bit costly. At this price, it offers you a heavy-duty cart for your garden. Moreover, it has excellent durability. The only downside is its clunky maneuvering. Otherwise, the manufacturer’s price offers you all the features you need in this price range.

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On the contrary, the gorilla cost around $109. The gorilla is best for smaller lawns and simple gardening activities. It is not recommended to use it for more strenuous work, and maneuvering and flexibility are over the level.

So, the price it has provides you with all the crucial elements. The gorilla cart is worth purchasing if you need a smaller cart for light activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Gorilla Carts any good?

Yes, gorilla carts are great. If you are looking for a smaller-sized cart for your garden, then the gorilla cart is perfect. It performs terrific in light works.

Are Gorilla Carts good for the beach?

The gorilla carts can move smoothly on the beach. The sandy texture is no problem for the gorilla cart. As it has four wheels, it can move around beaches with ease.

Can I tow a gorilla cart?

Yes, you can. It comes with a handle that can be used as a towing hitch.


Not everyone’s lawn types are the same. If your lawn is big and has rough and uneven terrains, you should go for the Strongway cart.

Firstly, it’s a large cart that can overcome any type of terrain. Secondly, the cart can handle any kind of load very well. The only problem you will come across is when turning the cart around. It won’t be that flexible. Furthermore, it’s very long-lasting as well.

While the gorilla cart is excellent for smaller lawns. It’s a smaller cart with four wheels. Hence, it can turn around tight corners effortlessly. Also, the cart is more straightforward to pull due to the size. Remember that the cart does not work well in tricky texture gardens. That is why you should get this cart if you do light work.