14 Causes Of A Spartan Zero-turn Mower’s Intermittent Operation

Zero-turn mower purchases are significant investments, but you should be content with your choice. A Spartan mower gives you a beautiful cut and saves you time. But when it simply stops running, it might be annoying.

Due to a plugged fuel filter, clogged ignition coil, faulty fuel pump, filthy carburetor, plugged air filter, faulty spark plug, inadequate motor oil level, faulty gas cap, plugged mower deck, or substandard gasoline, a Spartan lawn mower may start before dying.

Find out more about the other things that can stop a Spartan mower from running by reading on. Before making any repairs, remove the starter key and ignition system wire.

Spartan Zero Turn Mower

Why A Spartan Lawn Mower Starts Then Stops Working:

  • Old or poor gas
  • Fuel filter clog
  • Obstructed fuel line
  • Faulty fuel motor
  • Unclean carburetor
  • Plug in the air filter
  • Clogged cooling fins and a dirty cooling unit
  • A surplus of engine oil
  • Low level of motor oil
  • Faulty spark plug
  • Improper ignition coil
  • Faulty choke setting
  • Faulty gas valve
  • Trimmer deck with plugs

Find & Fix: Your Spartan Zero Turn Starts, Stalls, And Dies!

A Spartan Mower Will Start And Then Stop If The Fuel Is Bad Or Old

Fuel system corrosion is brought on by ethanol’s ability to draw moisture from the air to the fuel system. When this combination evaporates, it may leave behind gooey deposits that may lead to clogging and hinder the flow of fuel to the engine.

Your Spartan mower cannot operate properly if its fuel delivery system is clogged. Due to its extraordinarily high operating temperature, this concoction can also harm an engine when it splits out from gas.

Ensure that the zero-turn lawn mower you are using is fuelled by fresh unleaded fuel. Use no fuel that contains more than 10% ethanol due to the harm it causes to your lawnmower. Click here to learn more about choosing the proper gas for your zero turn.

If your mower’s fuel tank has old fuel, drain it using a fuel siphon into a container that has been certified. Put the proper gasoline in your fuel tank, along with a fuel stabilizer.

In every fuel tank, I add Sea Foam Motor Repair. In addition to cleaning the fuel system, it stabilizes the gasoline and lowers moisture. Your zero-turn can use this secure petroleum-based product. Click here to learn more about sea foam’s advantages.

A Clogged Fuel Filter Will Result In A Spartan Mower Starting Before Dying

On a Spartan lawnmower, the fuel lines are separated by an inline fuel filter. Its function is to strain fuel in order to prevent dirt and other contaminants from entering the fuel pump.

If the gasoline filter isn’t replaced frequently, it may fill up with dirt and become clogged, making it impossible for enough fuel to pass through. The mower can start to operate slowly before dying.

Change a fuel filter that is clogged. Make absolutely sure the arrow pointing in the direction of the fuel flow is aimed in the general direction of the filter when it is installed.

A Spartan Mower Will Start Then Stop Due to Clogged Fuel Lines

An object that can become lodged in the gasoline lines is sometimes left behind by old fuel. This causes an obstruction in the lines, preventing a significant amount of fuel from moving through them. Without fuel, the engine will shut off.

Utilize the fuel shutoff valve for beginning and ending the supply of fuel while testing the flow through each portion of the fuel line to inspect your fuel lines for obstructions. Remove the gas line from the mower if you discover a blocked fuel line and switch off the gasoline supply.

To clear the obstruction, inject carburetor cleaner into the fuel line. After that, blow through the line, compressed air to clear the obstruction. Replace the fuel line on your lawnmower and turn on your fuel source if you are not able to remove the obstruction to open the gas line.

A Defective Fuel Pump Will Result In A Spartan Mower Starting Then Dying

Spartan zero-turn mowers typically employ submersible pumps as their fuel pumps. Fuel is sent to the carburetor under pressure created by the engine block. Pumps can wear out over time or start deteriorate from fuel.

Check the flow of fuel through the fuel line to make sure the fuel pump is receiving fuel before concluding you have a bad fuel pump. This may have been done in the step before.

Check the fuel flow leaving the fuel pump next. Disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor and turn off the fuel flow. Start your zero-turn after starting your fuel flow and putting the line into a container.

When your pump is operating, keep an eye out for a continuous with a pulsing fuel flow coming out of the line. Replace the fuel system if a good flow cannot be achieved.

Get a pressure reading from a fuel pressure sensor if the electronic fuel injection system on your Spartan system. The fuel pressure standard can be found in your operator’s manual.

If the pressures are less than the specifications demanded by the engine supplier, replace the fuel system.

A Spartan Lawn Mower Will Start, Then Crash Due To A Dirty Carburetor

The carburetor controls how much gas and air are permitted to enter the cylinder and ignite a combustion. Your Spartan carburetor’s parts can clog up and stop releasing the necessary quantity of fuel, causing your engine to operate slowly or even shut off.

Perform these quick examinations to discover whether your carburetor is the source of the issue before you unscrew it and clean it:

  • Verify that fuel is flowing to the carburetor. Upon checking the gasoline usage leaving your fuel pump, you ought to have evidence of this.
  • Your air filter should be taken out of the housing.
  • Start your lawnmower after spraying carburetor cleaner onto the air intake.
  • Upon the Spartan zero turn beginning, running smoothly, and then breaks down, the carburetor can be the source of the issue.

In order to unscrew likewise, clean the carburetor, remove it. For instructions on how to clean a carburetor, see this article. If you decide to have someone else handle this task for you, bring your mower to a small engine repair company.

A Clogged Air Filter Will Result In A Spartan Mower Starting Before Dying

The same way that the engine needs enough gasoline It also needs the following things in order to launch and function properly enough air. Your Spartan mower may have poor airflow due to a clogged air filter.

Without an air filter, dirt and lawn clippings that are thrown into the air may be drawn into the zero-turn, wearing down the engine. It’s critical to keep the mower’s air filter clean at all times.

If you operate your mower the way the typical homeowner does, I advise changing the air filter once a year. It is essential to replace your mower more frequently if you use it frequently or for business purposes.

The upkeep of your air filter doesn’t end there. Each time you use the mower, you must examine it and clean it as necessary. This process only takes a few minutes.

The engine may overheat if you skip this step and become blocked.

To inspect and wash your paper air filter, adhere to these instructions:

The air filter on a Spartan lawn mower

  • The housing for your paper air filter element should be removed.
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to remove any leftover dirt from the housing. Do not let dirt enter the air intake.
  • For as much dirt to come out of the filter, tap it on a solid floor. Avoid using pressured air since it will harm the paper.
  • Hold your filter in front of a source of light. If the paper element of your filter is broken or does not allow light to pass through it, get a new one. If so, feel free to repurpose it.
  • Put in your air filter, then secure the filter housing cover once more.

A Spartan Mower That Has Clogged Engine Cooling Fins Will Start Before Dying

Your Spartan mower may stop working if the engine overheats after running for a period. Coolant pump fins that are clogged are one of the things that might lead to overheating.

For the fins to effectively move air around the cylinder head and engine block and keep them cool, they must be kept clean and clear of debris. Your cooling fins should be cleaned of any debris and any damaged fins should be replaced.

Debris the area surrounding your engine cover and engine block. To aid with airflow, ensure that your heat shield is placed properly.

A Spartan Mower’s Low Engine Oil Level Will Make It Start Then Die

Every time you use your Spartan zero-turn mower, it’s crucial to check the engine oil level. This step is often omitted by mower owners. The oil dipstick makes it simple and quick to check the engine fluid levels.

You may avoid having to pay for an expensive repair by detecting a low engine level before it damages the engine. Running your zero-turn mower with a low engine level might lead to overheating and mower stoppage.

Lack of engine oil causes friction between the internal engine elements, which raises the temperature in the cylinder. The engine oil and other components may start to burn due to this extreme heat.

You can try to add additional oil to the engine to raise the level and get your mower to start when you encounter an issue with it closing as a result of low engine oil.

The straightforward solution of adding additional engine oil won’t usually work if your mower stopped working due to not enough lubrication.

Most likely, serious engine damage resulted. To determine how much damage was done, it is preferable to have a skilled small engine specialist examine your lawnmower.

A Spartan Lawn Mower Will Start, Then Die If The Engine Has Too Much Oil In It

Not only can excessive engine oil is the cause of zero turn to shut off, but low engine oil can potentially kill your engine. Pressure will rise in the crankcase as a result of too much oil. Discover more about the consequences of using excessive oil here.

If you discover that your engine oil level is excessively high after examining it, remove a small amount of oil. An oil evacuator or turkey popper can be used to extract oil from of the drain cap, oil filter, or oil fill location.

Up until the level is fixed, keep taking engine oil out and adding it back in.

A Spartan Mower Will Start Before Dying If The Spark Plug Is Dirty Or The Connections Are Loose

Your Spartan lawn mower may stop working if the spark plug is fouled. This issue can also be brought on by a misaligned electrode gap or a loose ignition system wire.

If your starter motor is dirty, take it out and clean it with a stiff brush. Install a replacement spark plug if it turns out to be highly damaged or very dark in color.

Ensure that the spark plug is properly gapped in accordance with the recommendations of the engine supplier, and that the spark plug wires are tightly fastened.

A Damaged Ignition Coil Will Result In A Spartan Mower Starting Then Dying

When the mower gets heated, the ignition coil’s winding may separate and short out. This prevents the spark plugs from receiving the voltage necessary to produce a spark. Your Spartan mower can stop working as a result after operating for some time.

Detect a defective ignition coil by using an ohmmeter to look for continuity issues. If an ignition coil fracture is discovered, replace it.

A Spartan Mower Will Start Then Die If The Choke Is In The Wrong Position

A choke is necessary for your Spartan in order to limit airflow and let more gasoline enter the combustion chamber. To start the engine while it is cold, you need this.

Your lawnmower will stop working if the choke is left on after the engine has warmed up. Once the engine has warmed up, the choke must be set to the available spot. Make absolutely sure the choke lever is positioned correctly.

A Spartan Lawn Mower Will Start Before Dying If The Gas Cap Is Bad

A Spartan lawnmower’s fuel tank needs to be able to vent. Without a vent, the tank will produce a vacuum that prevents fuel from escaping into the fuel lines, which will cause the mower to shut off.

If the mower shuts off and won’t resume until the gas cap is opened to let air into the fuel tank, you might have a bad gas cap.

A Spartan Mower Will Start Then Die If The Mower Deck Is Plugged

Your engine may have to work hard, get hot, and shut off if your Spartan mower deck is plugged. Your mower’s engine is put under additional stress when grass builds up beneath the deck, making it difficult for the mower to cut through the debris. Mower blades that are dull can make the issue worse.

Maintain the blades of your mower and scrape the deck on a regular basis. A clean deck will not only prevent your engine from being overworked, but it will also give you a better cut. The deck lifts and cuts your lawn by using the blades and the space underneath deck to produce air flow.

Keep in mind to exercise extra caution when working with pointed objects and underneath the mower deck. Follow all extra safety instructions in your Spartan operator’s manual, take the ignition switch out, unplug the spark plug wire, and shield your hands

Why Isn’t The Battery In My Spartan Lawn Mower Charging?

Make sure your Spartan mower is running at a high engine speed. Don’t let your lawnmower sit idle for too long. To charge your battery, you need the engine’s power.

If your battery needs to be charged on a regular basis despite the fact that the battery and wiring are secure and in good condition, the charging mechanism may be malfunctioning.

Solution: I outline various actions you may do in this article to examine the state of your battery and charging system. Replace your battery if, after running these tests, you discover that it is defective.

I strongly advise having a skilled mechanic identify and fix any issues with the charging mechanism when you discover them.

If you don’t understand the charging system, parts can be thrown at it in the hopes that they will fix the problem because there are so many components that can go wrong with the charging system.

Because most businesses have a policy that says electrical items cannot be returned, electrical components can get pricey and are most likely not returnable.

Your Spartan Zero-turn Mower Is Still Giving You Problems, Right?

It would be good to have a mower that is trouble-free. They don’t exist, though. If you own a Spartan mower for a long enough time, issues will eventually arise.

The difficulties with starting, burning, dying, vibrating, and cutting are the most prevalent.

I created a helpful guide to aid you in rapidly recognizing objects that can damage your Spartan. Visit Common Spartan Lawn Mower Problems & Solutions to find this manual.

It is recommended to have a professional handle the repairs if you are unclear how to safely carry out diagnostics and repairs.

You can prevent getting hurt or causing more harm to the mower by doing this. You can find assistance from your nearby Spartan lawn mower dealer or lawn mower repair shop.

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