Spartan Zero-Turn Won’t Go Forward or Backward

If the drive release levers aren’t in the “on” position, the hydraulic pump belt is attire, the tensioner pulley is broken, the idler arm spring is lacking, the hydraulic oil is too hot, or there is air in the hydraulic system, your Spartan zero-turn mower won’t go forward or backward.

Always use caution when tinkering with the hydraulics of your lawnmower. Before making any adjustments or repairs, be sure to unplug the spark plug and take the key out of the ignition.

Be careful when handling hot hydraulic fluid and wait for the transmission to cool down. Always remember to take the necessary precautions as outlined in the Spartan manual.

spartan drive
spartan drive

Before attempting any diagnosis or repairs, or using the equipment, make sure you’ve read and understood all relevant safety information found in the equipment’s operator’s manual. If you are unsure of how to proceed or if you lack the necessary knowledge or experience, or if your health prevents you from doing so, you should seek the assistance of a professional.

Here Are Seven Instances Where a Spartan Lawnmower May Refuse to Advance or Reverse

Spartan Zero-Turn-Drive Release Levers Are Inactive.

Disengaging the hydro levers allows the mower to free-roll, allowing you to push it if necessary. When the mower breaks down in the middle of the yard, having the ability to free-roll it is helpful for getting it onto a trailer or back into the garage.

If the levers are not in the “operating” position, the mower will not move with the driving arms.

If the hydro levers are not in the “on” position, the wheels of a Spartan zero turn won’t move. Hydrostatic neutral levers can be found on Parker wheel motors, typically near the back wheels.

There are two separate motors, one for each wheel, one on the left and one on the right. Ensure the wheel motors’ levers are in the engaged position and pointing in the correct direction before proceeding (as if you were sitting on the seat of the mower).

If they aren’t already, move the levers to the right to operate the mower in either forward or reverse gear.

Damaged, slipping, or broken Spartan zero-turn-pump drive belt

Your zero-functionality turn’s can be impaired by a worn drive belt. Verify that the Spartan drive belt is securely fastened on the appropriate pulleys and has not come loose.

There should be no visible wear on the belt before replacing it.

Bad Tensioner Pulley for Zero-Turn Spartan

There is a risk that either the tensioner pulley or its bearing will fail. Hard plastic is commonly used for tensioner pulleys, but this material can eventually wear out or break.

If a pulley’s bearings are bad or it’s worn out, you should replace it. Always keep the tensioner arm well lubricated to prevent it from seizing up.

A Spartan zero-turn mower’s idler arm spring was missing.

There is tension on the pump drive belt thanks to the idler spring. If your mower’s spring is broken or missing, you’ll need to replace it.

Your Spartan Zero Turn Mower’s Low on Hydraulic Fluid

If you want your Spartan transmission to last as long as possible, you need to change the hydraulic fluid regularly. If the transmission hydraulic fluid is old or low, the mower may not move at all or will run very poorly.

Before starting the mower, make sure the oil is cool and then check the hydraulic fluid level. When checking fluid levels, always wipe the area around the caps first. Since dirt is a common cause of a malfunctioning hydraulic system, it is important to avoid getting any of it into the workings of the machine.

Hydraulic oil should be replenished whenever it drops below the full mark on the dimwits or overspill tanks (depending on your specific Spartan model).

A Spartan zero turn’s hydraulic fluid needs to be changed on a regular basis to ensure peak performance.

For the first 250 hours of use, we recommend Parket HT-1000 transmission oil and regular oil and filter changes. Each of the following oil and filter changes must be performed every 1000 hours.

If you notice your hydraulic oil level is low, you should also inspect for leaks. Help with hydraulic fluid leaks can be obtained by contacting the dealer where you purchased your Spartan zero-turn mower.

A Spartan Zero Turn Mower with Scalding Hydraulic Fluid

Inadequate or contaminated hydraulic oil prevents the zero turn’s hydraulic system from being properly lubricated, leading to increased friction and fluid overheating.

There may be more serious issues going on with your Spartan mower if the hydraulic fluid is hot.

If the hydraulic pump leaks or the mower starts up when cold but shuts down when hot, you should take it to a Spartan dealer.

Air in the Spartan Zero Turn Mower’s Hydraulic System

Due to the presence of air in the hydraulic system, your Spartan zero turn may move slowly, if at all. Bleeding the system removes any remaining air after a hydraulic fluid change.

The hydraulic system can be bled of air on most zero-turns by lifting the rear drive tires off the ground.

To make a U-turn while your zero-turn is already running, simply shift the drive levers forward and then backward. Repeat until the tires are no longer making abnormally loud noises and are moving at typical speeds.

If you need guidance on how to purge air from the hydraulic system of your model, the manual should be your first stop.