Chart of Settings for Scotts Wizz Spreader: Variables per Product

How do you adjust the Scotts Wizz spreader? It’s the rate at which the spreader applies the product when working with different materials.

It’s important to adjust the spreader to the correct setting before using it on any given product. Today, we’ll talk about how to adjust your Scotts Wizz spreader for various goods including grass seeds, lime, and fertilizer.

Scotts Wizz SpreaderHow to Adjust Your Scotts Wizz Spreader for Grass, Lime, and Fertilizer

Each type of item you sell requires a unique configuration. It is vital that you adhere to the manufacturer-recommended settings. Problems on your lawn may arise if you don’t use the correct settings. In addition, both your merchandise and money will be for naught.

First, read the Scotts Wizz handheld spreader instructions. Several essential pieces of advice that will be useful in your work are included. The correct application of the spreader is also covered. It’s possible to have a unique spreading experience with this handheld model.

Adjusting the Seed Settings on a Scotts Wizz Spreader

Sun and Shade5 ¼
Tall Fescue7

You’ve decided to use a Scotts Wizz to reseed your Sun and Shade mixture. Then, you should make use of the five 14 settings. You may achieve the finest results even on a 2500 ST lawn by using the five 14. Adjust the settings with the orange dial. Then, be mindful when using the spreader in your garden. But if you want to use it on a newer lawn, you need only run it over the area twice with the current settings.

In order to fertilize tall fescue, set the Scotts spreader to 7 pounds per 1,000 square feet. Keep a steady pace while you walk and spread using the hand spreader. When reseeding, this location is ideal. However, tall fescue requires two passes with the identical settings before it can be used in a new garden. If you don’t want to alter it, spreading it is a breeze.

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Configuring a Scotts Wizz Spreader for Lime

Limestone Pellets4

It is crucial to adjust the spreader properly while working with limestone pellets. Reason being that if the improper setting is used, the ground’s pH level will be severely disrupted, rendering the area uninhabitable for plants. Lower settings are used for handed spreaders as opposed to drop and broadcast spreaders. Both the 4 and 4.5 settings on the Scotts Wizz spreader are appropriate for spreading lime. If you are just getting started, you should go over it twice with the same settings. But for routine upkeep, setting 4 should be repeated once.

Scotts Wizz Spreader Fertilizer Instructions

Weed and Feed4
Crabgrass Preventer3 ¾

When applying weed feed fertilizer, set the Scotts Wizz spreader to setting 4. In addition, maintain a consistent tempo as you use the spreader. The four feet per second speed limit is what we advise. In addition, avoid pulling the spreader’s release lever. Do not get your spread wet, either. The battery will surely die.

The Crabgrass suppressant is most effective when set to the middle setting (3/4) of its three available positions. Applying the three 3/4 settings will give you the best lawn possible. Be sure to remove all remnants of previously used materials from the spreader. Don’t go crazy with the controls, or you risk running out of fertilizer before you’ve got the garden completely sprayed.

How to Adjust Your Scotts Wizz Spreader for Grass Seed

Lawn Food Max4 ¼
Lawn Food Plus Weed Control4
Lawn Food Southern3 ¾

If you want to give your grass the best possible lawn food treatment, put the dial to 4 14. Don’t waste money by applying too much of the product. In addition, turn the dial down to 4 when applying lawn fertilizer and weed control. Don’t forget to throw away any leftovers from the preceding product. For southern lawn food, turn the dial to the third and third-third positions. In order to get the greatest results, you need to use these exact settings.

A minimum of five feet is recommended for interior passes to maximize coverage. Never use a product unless you have read and understood all of the instructions on the label. You should also know that insecticides will not work in the handheld spreader. This is why we ask that you not use the Wizz spreader to apply any kind of insecticide.

Optional Scotts Wizz Spreader Settings for Other Items

Mow it less5
Salt and Ice meter4-6

When using additional items, like the mow it less, you must switch to setting 5. But if you’re using it on a brand-new lawn, it’s fine to reuse the same setting both times. The salt and ice meter, once again, has three selectable levels. The answer is conditional on the quantity of product used. You can utilize anywhere from 4 to 6 of them depending on the situation.

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How do I know what the Scotts Wizz spreader’s ideal setting is?

If you are using a Scotts Wizz spreader for the limestone pellets, adjust it to setting four.

The Scotts Wizz spreader—how do you use it?

At the outset, you must tailor your product’s preparations to the specifics of your intended market. Then, turn the dial to the appropriate settings for your intended use of the product.


It’s important to follow the right procedures whenever you use a portable spreader. In addition, it’s crucial that you employ the precise settings recommended by the product’s manual. The Scotts Wizz spreader is a straightforward example. Above you’ll find a link to a PDF with the recommended settings for the Scotts Wizz spreader used with various products.

Be sure to read the spreader’s instructions in full and adhere to each and every set’s directives before beginning. Furthermore, since it is a handheld spreader, it is best suited for smaller lawn areas.