Toro Push Mower Not Starting (Recycler 22)

Your manual push lawn mower won’t start. One of these machines may be a Recycler, TimeMaster, or even a Guaranteed to Start variety. It’s quite probable that you will eventually have a starting difficulty, regardless of the type of push mower you buy or the type of engine used on the mower.

Having trouble starting your Toro push mower? A dirty carburetor, clogged air filter, dirty spark plug, faulty fuel cap, or outdated fuel are potential culprits.

I’ll explain further potential causes of your lawnmower breakdown below. Remove the spark plug and follow all other safety procedures before beginning any repairs.

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Before diagnosing, repairing, or operating, be sure you’ve read and understood all of the safety recommendations in the equipment’s operator’s manual.If you don’t feel confident in your ability to make the repair or if you lack the necessary expertise or experience, you should get some help from a professional.

Start Here If Your Toro Push Mower Won’t Start

Mowers typically use internal combustion engines, which necessitate the injection of gasoline and air into the cylinder. The mixture is squeezed and set ablaze with a spark.

Before you start checking for startup issues, make sure these four items are correct:

  1. The gasoline shutoff valve is open, so gas can freely escape the tank.
  2. There is plenty of new gas in the tank.
  3. If you want to start the mower, you have to pull the bail lever in.
  4. To start a cold engine, you must have the choke fully closed. (Remember that modern vehicles typically feature an automated choke. The choke cannot be opened or closed since there is no choke lever.

Look for a Fuel Issue

Many fuel-related problems, such as malfunctioning parts or buildup of blockages, can be traced back to stale gas.

If your mower has a gasoline shut-off valve, you should turn it to the open position before looking for a fuel problem. When putting the push mower away or transporting it, this valve is typically closed.

  • Here’s how to narrow down the source of the problem to the fuel system on your Toro:
  • Take the air filter out of its housing by detaching the lid.
  • The air intake should be sprayed with carburetor cleaning. Starter fluid should not be used. Starter fluid has caused too much damage for me to risk using it.
  • Try twisting the ignition key or pulling the manual recoil starter to get your mower going.
    There is an issue with the fuel system if the mower tries to start or actually starts.
  • Clogged fuel lines, a filthy carburetor, and a clogged fuel filter are the three most prevalent causes of poor fuel performance.
  • If the mower doesn’t even try to start, the spark plug is probably the culprit.

Look for Ventilation Problem

In order to get your engine going, you need air. A chilly engine requires a rich starting mixture. As a result, the ratio of fuel to air in the cylinder increases.

The choke regulates airflow. A choke lever allows you to either let more air in or close the plate that restricts the flow of air.

Modern push mowers have a thermostat-controlled automatic choke.

  • If you suspect the air supply system is at fault, try this:
  • Take the air filter out of its housing by detaching the lid.
  • The air filter should be checked for condition. When an air filter becomes blocked, airflow is diminished. If the filter is severely dusty or damaged, clean it or replace it.
  • Check the choke plate while the air filter is out.

Choke-by-hand prototype

  • Choke plate should be closed once you move the lever to the on position.
  • Choke plate should be open; to do so, move the choke lever to the off position (quick throttle position on some models).

Choke-on-demand system

  • As the engine is cold, the choke plate should be closed, and as it heats up, it should be opened.
  • Examine the choke cable and linkage if the choke isn’t opening and closing properly. Carburetor cleaning can be used to loosen a jammed choke by lubricating the linkages and the choke shaft. If your model makes use of them, replace a malfunctioning choke cable.

Inspect for a Sparking Issue

Combustion requires the emission of a spark at just the correct moment. If a spark plug is unclean or broken, it may not produce a spark. Problems with the ignition system, such as a faulty ignition coil (armature) or a loose spark plug wire, might also cause this to fail.

  • This test will help you determine the source of your sparking problem.
  • Take the protective covering off the spark plug wire.
  • Get a spark plug tester and plug it into the plug’s ignition wire.
  • Connect the spark plug tester’s other end to the spark plug while it is still in the spark plug.
  • Use the electric starter or pull the starter cord to see if you can get the engine started.
  • If the tester is producing a spark, a glow will appear in the see-through part.
  • If there is no glow, then the spark plug or the ignition coil is malfunctioning. The battery, wiring, and starter solenoid make up the ignition system, which could be malfunctioning if you have an electric start model.

15 Common Causes of a Non-Starting Toro Push Lawnmower

No Energy Source

The truth is well known to you. If there isn’t enough petrol in the tank, you won’t be able to start your mower. I just bring it up in case you neglected to check the fuel level before seeking elsewhere for the source of the problem.

The gas tank on a push mower is probably too tiny to last very long. It’s possible that a fuel leak is the cause of your car’s unexpectedly rapid depletion of gas.

The answer is to use gasoline with an octane rating of 87 or above and an ethanol level of no more than 10% in your gas-powered 4-cycle push mower. Learn more about the fuel options for your two- and four-stroke push mowers here.

Used or Stale Gas

As early as 30 days after purchase, gas might start to degrade and lose its effectiveness. The fuel system, including the fuel lines, fuel filter, and carburetor, can become clogged with the gummy residue left behind by ethanol and moisture in the fuel.

Add a fuel stabilizer if you won’t be using the fuel within 30 days. Put this in addition to the gas you use in your fuel tank and the gas you have in reserve.

The ANSWER is to get rid of the stale gas. It’s time to fill up the tank with new gas.To clean and stabilize the fuel in your vehicle, use a fuel additive. Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a product I’ve used with success. Here I explain why I like to use Sea Foam.

Faulty Gas Cap

If there is no vent in the gasoline cap, the tank will create a vacuum that will prevent petrol from entering the fuel lines. Clogging of the vent by old fuel can prevent air from entering the cap.

You can determine if your cap is the source of your starting issue by starting and operating your mower without the cap and then with it on.

The gasoline cap’s vent might just need to be cleaned out. If you are unable to clear the obstruction, a new cap should be used.

Defective Spark Plug or Connection

It’s possible that your lawnmower’s starting and running problems are due to a faulty spark plug. If the tip of a spark plug is particularly dark, it means that it is unclean and either needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Broken porcelain insulators or burned electrodes on spark plugs are also causes for replacement. Start each mowing season with a new spark plug to reduce the number of issues caused by the old one.

Incorrect gapping or loose spark plug connections might also prevent an engine from starting.

Inspect your spark plug for carbon buildup or fractured porcelain insulators by removing it from the engine.Get new spark plugs and install them. Check that the spark plug wires are properly attached and that the distance between the spark plugs is as the manufacturer specifies.

Blocked Ventilation System

A Toro push mower can’t function without unpolluted air. The engine will be protected from dirt and particles thanks to the air filter. Damage to the engine might be costly if dirt gets inside.

Never, ever use your mower without the air filter installed, not even temporarily while you hunt down a replacement.

An inoperable mower is the result of a clogged air filter that prevents air from entering the engine. The air filter should be inspected and cleaned on a consistent basis. You can avoid a costly engine repair by regularly inspecting, cleaning, and replacing this cheap component.

Remove the air filter from the air filter housing carefully to avoid releasing any dust into the intake system. A clean cloth should be used to remove any dirt that has accumulated inside the housing. To clean your air filter, use the appropriate method below.

Cleanse a PAPER push mower air filter

  • To remove extra dust from the filter, tap it against a hard surface.
  • Examine the paper element of the filter by holding it up to a light.
  • If you can still see light through the paper, the filter is good to use again. If you need to, a new air filter should be installed.
  • Put the air filter in place and replace the lid.

Cleanse a FOAM push mower air filter

  • Before you cleanse your filter, you should see if you can use it again. You should get a new filter if your current one has any dark stains or if it seems dry and brittle.
  • If your filter is in good shape, you can clean it by hand with some light soap and water.
  • The filter should be washed and dried flat. Putting it in direct sunlight outside will hasten the procedure.
  • If you’re using a brand-new foam filter or if the old one is dry, you can lightly soak it with foam filter oil. It should not be drenched with oil.
  • Replace the cover after you’ve installed the filter.

The Fuel Filter Is Blocked

The fuel filter sieves the fuel coming out of the fuel tank to catch any debris before it can clog the fuel system or the engine. Clogged gasoline filters prevent fuel from reaching your engine and should be replaced.

The gasoline filter should be changed if it becomes clogged. An inline fuel filter can be found between the fuel lines of some mowers.

A fuel filter may be concealed in the fuel tank’s base if you can’t find it there.

To prevent fuel from leaking, you’ll need to use a fuel siphon pump or other means to empty the tank. To get to the thin fuel filter, you’ll need to first disconnect the fuel line from the fuel tank’s bottom.

Fuel Line Blockage

Dirt and the sticky residue left by old gasoline can clog the fuel line of a push mower. The fuel supply to the carburetor and engine is cut off. Find out how to recognize a clogged fuel line by reading this article.

SOLUTION: Take out the fuel line, spray some carburetor cleaning into the tube, then blow compressed air into the line to clean it. Repetition is required. If the blockage in the gasoline line cannot be cleared, a new fuel line must be installed.

An Unclean Carburetor

A carburetor on your mower controls the ratio of fuel to air that is sucked into the cylinder during combustion.

Ethanol and other additions to gasoline can make your carburetor sticky. This substance clogs the tiny passages of your carburetor, reducing the amount of fuel you may use.

A solution is to clean the carburetor on your push mower if you have some mechanical aptitude. If not, have the repairs done by a professional service center in your area.

If the carburetor is visibly damaged, you may want to consider replacing it. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning or replacing the carburetor, have a small engine repair shop do it for you.

Toro Safety Switch Fault

When the operator is not around, the engine will shut off automatically. The motor will shut off if the bail lever is released.

The bail lever must to be engaged for the Toro mower to start, however a defective switch may not detect this. For information on any other safety switches that may be included on your lawnmower model, please consult the handbook.

To determine if a safety switch is malfunctioning, it can be temporarily disabled. For your own protection, never run the mower without the safety switch in place.Make sure that your machinery has functioning safety switches at all times. Switch out the broken one.

Poor Recoil (Manual Start)

Activate by hand Recoil is used to initiate the starting process on Toro push mowers. It’s possible for the recoil to break on your mower, rendering it inoperable.

You can try unwinding the rope from your recoil and re-tying it if it stops working. A pulley, spring, or clips could be damaged and require replacement.

If you locate damaged components, you should calculate the cost of replacing those components in addition to the recoil assembly. Your recoil might be more cost-effectively replaced.

Electric Start Problems: Dead Battery or Loose Connections

Mowers that use an electric starter need a battery or other power source to function. Check the connections between the battery terminals and the cables.

You can remove corrosion from your terminals by soaking them in a solution of baking soda and water (2 cups water to 3 heaping tablespoons baking soda). After making sure the connection is secure, proceed to the battery test.

ANSWER: Use a multimeter to check the battery. Battery replacement for Toro mower.

Ignition Switch Problems

A malfunctioning ignition switch could be hiding in your grass. If pressing your car’s ignition switch results in no action, you should inspect the switch using a multimeter.

If the ignition switch is faulty, you ought to substitute it.

Broken Electric Starter Solenoid

The electromagnetic “on/off” switch of a lawnmower solenoid activates the starter motor to crank the engine.

Check the solenoid if you hear a click or hum when you turn the key in the ignition. If a wire connecting your solenoid to your Toro starts to smoke or melt, this could be another sign that your solenoid is malfunctioning.

Here’s how to put your lawnmower’s solenoid through its paces for a thorough check. If your starter or solenoid fails you will need to get a new one.

Electric Start Fuse Blown

The fuse serves as a safeguard for the electrical circuit. If your Toro push mower won’t start, check the fuse. The battery is where you’ll find the fuse.

REMEDY: The fuse must be changed.

Incorrect Method of Initialization and Operation

In order to prevent accidents, your Toro will not start unless you follow the correct starting instructions. Activating the bail lever and modifying the choke may be required.

Different types of lawn mowers have different starting techniques.

To avoid activating the safety measures that disable your push mower or prevent it from starting, check the manual to see if you are using it appropriately.