This Gas and Oil is Compatible with Poulan Pro Chainsaws (Mixing & Storage)

The use of stale gasoline in your Poulan Pro chainsaw is often the major cause of the troubles you have when attempting to start or operate the chainsaw.

It is essential to choose the appropriate gas and oil in order to reduce the harmful consequences that might be caused by using fuel. You are responsible for knowing how to correctly mix the gasoline and storing it when you have done so.

Chainsaws manufactured by Poulan Pro that use two-cycle engines need a mixture of oil and gas at a ratio of fifty to one.

  • Unleaded gasoline having an octane value of at least 89 and an ethanol percentage that does not exceed 10%.
  • Premium oil for 2-cycle engines that is approved to both ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345 FD standards.

Combine the gas and oil in a place that has enough ventilation and is located away from flammable materials.

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Instructions for Using Gas and Oil in a Two-Cycle Poulan Pro Chainsaw

Chainsaws powered by 2-cycle engines are now available from Poulan Pro. Fuel for these kinds of engines often consists of a combination of oil and gasoline.

If you are using a chainsaw from a different manufacturer, you need to make sure you are familiar with the engine that comes with it. There are motors available for purchase that have 4-cycle engines. It’s possible that these kinds of engines need unleaded gasoline.

If you make the mistake of putting pure gas to a Poulan Pro 2-cycle chainsaw, you will end up destroying it and will most likely have to purchase a new one. To avoid making this error, make sure you read the owner’s manual carefully.

Straight gasoline has an extremely dry burn, and using it in a two-cycle engine will cause it to freeze up and stop working. If there is no oil mixed in with the gas, the engine will not get the lubrication it needs for the moving components on the inside to be unrestricted.

Poulan Pro Chainsaws Run on a Fuel Combination of Gas to Oil Ratio of 50 to 1.

The Poulan Pro chainsaw features a two-cycle engine that has one fill port for gas and oil that should be combined in the ratio of 50:1. This indicates that you need 50 parts gasoline to 1 part oil in order to complete it.

For instance, 2.6 ounces of oil are needed to produce one gallon of gasoline. Be sure to use this chart in order to determine the appropriate ratio of oil to unleaded gas.

Gas to Oil Mix1 Gallon Gas2 Gallon Gas2.5 Gallon Gas
50:12.6 oz Oil5.2 oz Oil6.4 oz Oil
2-Cycle Gas to Oil Mix for Poulan Pro Chainsaws

Which Brand of Gasoline Should I Use in My Poulan Pro Chainsaw?

When selecting the fuel for your chainsaw, you should always be sure to use fresh gas in your Poulan Pro chainsaw. The molecular structure of gasoline begins to deteriorate as it ages, which results in a decrease in the fuel’s capacity to burn.

Gasoline that contains ethanol will absorb moisture from the atmosphere, mix it with the fuel, and then leave behind a varnish in the fuel system. Because of the buildup of gooey deposits, the fuel components will get blocked, which will prevent the carburetor from working properly.

As a consequence of this, there is a risk that your Poulan Pro chainsaw may have trouble starting, will stop working altogether, or will see a reduction in power.

Chainsaws manufactured by Poulan Pro must be fueled with unleaded gasoline that has an octane value of at least 89 and contains no more than 10% ethanol. This gas is available at any typical gas station and may be purchased there. Use this gas with a premium oil designed for two-cycle engines.

Never use gasoline with an ethanol level that is more than 10%, such as E15 or E85 fuel, since this might cause serious health problems. Ethanol may make up anywhere from 15% to 85% of the total volume of these two forms of gasoline. The optimum gasoline has either a low percentage of ethanol or none at all.

Poulan Pro Chainsaw: Which Kind of Oil Should Be Used?

Chainsaws manufactured by Poulan Pro need to be lubricated with a quality 2-cycle oil that has ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345 FD certifications. This 2-cycle engine oil is available from Poulan Pro.

Note : Two-cycle oil for air-cooled engines is not the same as engine oil for automobiles or two-cycle oil used in outboard motors. It is not recommended that you use regular motor oil in your chainsaw.

Poulan Pro Pre-Mixed Fuel for 2-Cycle Engines

A smart choice for gasoline is to use a pre-mixed fuel such as TruFuel 50:1 Pre-Blended Fuel, which already has oil and fuel that does not contain ethanol and is ready to be poured into the tank. When you need it, having gasoline already sitting on the shelf and ready to go is a nice convenience.

Even better, you won’t have to deal with the issues that arise while operating a vehicle that uses gasoline that contains ethanol.

Poulan Pro Chainsaws May Benefit from the Use of a Fuel Stabilizer

Since gas starts to deteriorate as soon as 30 days after it’s been purchased, it’s crucial to just buy as much of it as you can use up within that time frame and not buy more than that.

If you are unable to utilize the gasoline within the allotted period, you should apply a fuel additive such as STA-BIL or Sea Foam Motor Treatment to help keep the fuel stable and minimize the amount of moisture it contains.

I take precautions against the possibility that my gasoline has been sitting about for longer than it should by adding Sea Foam to all of it. When it comes to estimating how much gasoline I will need, it might be difficult to get an accurate reading.

Instructions for Blending Gas in a Poulan Pro Chainsaw

Determine the quantity of fuel mix that has to be prepared. The quantity of 2-cycle oil that should be added to the gas may be found in the chart that is located above.

  • Take the cap off of a gas can that has been authorized. A gas can should be filled with unleaded gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 89 and a maximum ethanol level of 10%.
  • Put in the correct quantity of oil for a two-cycle engine into the gas can (2.6 oz. per gallon of gas).
  • It’s time to change the cap.
  • Shake the gasoline and oil together carefully until they are well combined.
  • To the gasoline tank of the chainsaw, please add.

Always be sure to indicate the kind of gas or gas/oil combination that is contained inside the gas container. Adding the incorrect fuel to a piece of machinery might cause it to malfunction and get damaged. You may be able to recall that you mixed gasoline in a certain fuel can, but there’s a possibility that someone else is unaware of this fact.