8 Causes of a Poulan Pro Chainsaw Smoking: FIXED!

The smoke coming from your chainsaw is cause for concern because it is usually not a good sign when any piece of equipment begins smoking. Stop the chainsaw immediately if you see smoke so that you can prevent further damage to the parts inside.

Too much bar and chain friction, too much oil in the fuel mixture, water in the fuel system, or a blocked air filter can cause a Poulan Pro chainsaw to smoke.

Poulan Pro Chainsaw is Smoking:

  1. Chain that is dull or has been improperly sharpened
  2. The chain is too tight.
  3. Oil tank for bar and chain
  4. Incorrect bar and chain oil
  5. Oiler clogged
  6. Air filter clog
  7. There is too much oil in the fuel mixture.
  8. The presence of water in the fuel mixture

Chainsaws are extremely harmful tools. Use extreme caution when servicing and handling the chainsaw.

Removing the spark plug wire and making sure everything has stopped moving are two examples of these safety measures. To learn more about how to use your Poulan Pro safely, please refer to the manual that came with your equipment.

Poulan Pro chainsaw is smoking
Poulan Pro chainsaw is smoking

Follow all of the safety instructions in the equipment’s operator’s manual before you try to diagnose, fix, or use it. Talk to a professional if you don’t know how to do the repair safely or don’t have the skills or knowledge to do it.

Poulan Pro Chainsaw Bar & Chain Smoking

When the Poulan Pro chainsaw begins to smoke during cutting, check for obstructions that are increasing the friction between the bar and chain.

A worn chain, one that isn’t properly lubricated, or one that is stuck on the bar could all be to blame.

Chain on a Poulan Pro Chainsaw That Is Dull or Not Sharpened Right

If the chain on your Poulan Pro chainsaw is dull, it will start smoking. Since applying more force is required to cut wood with a dull chain or a chain that hasn’t been sharpened properly, this is why.

Because of the intense pressure, sparks and smoke will be produced as the metals rub against one another.

Check for these signs that the chain is worn out:

  • To make a cut, you must apply more pressure to the bar.
  • When making a cut, fine sawdust is produced.
  • The chain may have chips or be damaged.
  • Rakers and worn teeth.

A chain’s sharpness is within your own control. You should probably have a professional sharpen your chains if you don’t know what you’re doing. Not properly sharpening a chain can pose a significant risk to anyone using it.

Lack of Bar and Chain Oil in a Poulan Pro Chainsaw

When your chainsaw isn’t getting enough oil to the bar and chain, friction will increase. This may be the result of a clogged oiler or a tank that has run dry of oil.

There could be smoke coming from the bar and chain if they overheat from the friction. A bar and chain will wear out rapidly if not properly lubricated.

Refill the oil container for the bar and chain if it is nearly out of oil.

Run your chainsaw at about half to three-quarters throttle to make sure there is enough oil on the bar. Hold the bar less than a foot off the ground and observe for a line of oil to drip off it.

Check that the bar is in good shape and the oil channel is not clogged if lubrication is poor. If the guide bar is broken or worn, you should replace it and clean the oil channel.

Adjust the automatic oiler so that there is a steady stream of oil. There is a regulating screw for the oiler so that you can alter the amount of oil that is released.

Always remember to add some bar and chain oil whenever you refuel your Poulan Pro. However, if the oil you’re using in the saw is too watered down, you may find yourself checking and refueling it more frequently.

The Incorrect Bar and Chain Oil for a Poulan Pro Chainsaw

When the bar and chain oil you’re using is too thin, it can damage the bar and chain and increase friction, which can cause smoke to come from the bar. If the oil is too thin, it won’t be able to cling to the bar and chain and will instead be flung away.

Always use a high-quality bar and chain oil, such as this one from Poulan Pro or one of a similar quality.

Chain on Poulan Pro Chainsaw is Too Tight

As you use the chain, it will get looser, so you’ll need to check it often and tighten it. But if you tighten the chain too much, it won’t be able to spin freely around the bar, which will cause more friction and smoke.

To change the tension of the chain on a Poulan Pro chainsaw:

  • Remove the wire from the spark plug.
  • Take the chain brake off.
  • Loosen the nuts that hold the clutch and chain brake cover on the bar.
  • Keep the bar’s nose up.
  • To loosen the chain, turn the tensioning screw counterclockwise, and to tighten it, turn it clockwise.
  • Once you have the right tension, tighten the nuts that hold the bar nose in place while still holding the bar nose up.

You want the chain to be tight around the bar, but it should still be easy to move. You don’t want it to be so loose that it hangs from the guide bar.

Engine & Exhaust Smoke from The Poulan Pro Chainsaw

When your chainsaw smokes while it is running, you need to check for problems with airflow, such as a clogged air filter or a problem with the way the fuel is mixed.

Chainsaw Poulan Pro Air Filter Clogged

Using a chainsaw is a dirty job. Wood shavings and sawdust are flung into the air.

The air filter on your chainsaw will prevent dust and debris from entering the motor. The filter prevents debris like dirt and sawdust from entering the throat of the carburetor, which could otherwise cause the engine to malfunction or fail prematurely.

Check the air filter before each use and replace it once a year if you only use the chainsaw occasionally. If you use the saw frequently, the filter should be checked regularly and replaced if it becomes too dirty or damaged to function properly.

Insufficient maintenance, such as checking and cleaning the filter on a regular basis, can lead to airflow restrictions and reduced efficiency.

It’ll have a smoky, overly-rich running condition. Lack of air could cause the engine to fail.

Too Much Oil In a Poulan Pro Chainsaw’s Fuel Mixture

Gas and oil must be mixed in a Poulan Pro chainsaw at a ratio of 40:1. If you use more oil than this, the engine may start to smoke.

When you figure out that the smoke is coming from the wrong gas-to-oil mix, you can remove the fuel and put in new fuel with the right mix. Here, you can learn more about how to use the right fuel mix in a Poulan Pro chainsaw.

Most of the time, this won’t hurt you in the long run. If there is too much carbon in the exhaust from too much oil, the car may not run well.

A Poulan Pro Chainsaw Has Water In The Fuel System.

White smoke is an indication that water has made its way into the fuel. Both the engine and the fuel system are susceptible to corrosion from water.

Empty the fuel tank and refill it with a new mixture of unleaded gasoline and 2-cycle engine oil, such as Poulan Pro 50:1 2-cycle engine oil. This is preferable to attempting to find a way to conserve fuel and remove water.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a good fuel additive for this purpose because it helps eliminate moisture and clean the fuel system. The treated fuel needs to circulate through the system, so start the saw