Solved: 10 Why Your Toro Electric Battery Mower Won’t Start!

If you want a mower that doesn’t need frequent servicing like oil changes, an electric mower is a fantastic option. The fact that it requires less upkeep doesn’t make it problem-free, either.

Not having enough power, a faulty electrical connection, overusing the motor, or improper use are all potential causes of a Toro electric battery mower that won’t turn on.

Debris under the mower deck, a defective safety switch, loose or damaged cables, or a dead battery could all contribute to this problem.

Remember to wear protective equipment when working with live wires and sharp blades before attempting any repairs on your cordless Toro mower. Take out the battery and the lock button.

If your mower is still inside the Toro warranty term, you should contact Toro before making any repairs.

Toro Electric Battery Mower

Before diagnosing, repairing, or operating, be sure you’ve read and understood all of the safety recommendations in the equipment’s operator’s manual.

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to perform the repair safely due to a lack of experience, training, or health, you should get some help from a specialist.

Problems That May Prevent a Toro Electric Mower From Starting

Lack of Battery Power for a Toro Electric Lawnmower

Your Toro mower won’t turn over if the battery isn’t fully charged. Bad battery connections, improper battery installation, and a dying battery are just a few of the numerous potential causes of low power.

Be sure the battery you are using is one that works with your electric mower. If you use the improper size battery, in addition to causing electrical issues, the vehicle may not start.

The Toro Electric Mower’s Battery Was Not Fitted Properly

Verify that your battery is properly inserted into the battery port. Check that it fits snugly and makes solid contact.

To prevent dust and debris from falling into the battery compartment, wipe down the lid with a clean cloth before opening it.

Make sure the battery is installed properly by removing it and reinstalling it. The power pack should fit snugly into the rails and click into position. Closing the lid must be a safe and easy process.

Toro Battery Charger or Wall Outlet Hookup Issues

It is necessary to remove the battery from most Toro electric lawn mowers and place it in a separate charging station. Your battery requires a dedicated charging station.

Make sure the battery charger is completely plugged into the wall socket and all other electrical cords. Plug it into a regular 120-volt electrical outlet. Verify that there is enough juice in the plug.

Your Toro cord’s plug must be compatible with your outlet’s plug. Stop short of tampering with the plug. A three-prong plug can only go into a three-prong outlet.

Keep the battery charger away from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures, and make sure to clean the vents.

Toro Electric Mower Is Overheating Due to Its Battery

Your lawnmower won’t start if the Toro battery becomes too hot. Purge the filters from your lawnmower. Stop for a while and let the battery cool down before trying to start it up again.

Toro Electric Lawn Mower’s Battery Died

It’s hardly surprising that a dead battery would prevent a Toro lawn mower from starting, given that they rely on batteries for electricity. While charging a Toro battery, an external battery charger is required.

The majority of modern battery chargers feature an LED light that illuminates when the battery is fully charged. On numerous Toro battery chargers, I’ve detailed the most frequent reasons for the failure of the lighting system. For information on the meaning of the lights on your charger, consult the manual that came with your unit.

  • Charge indicator becomes green when battery is being charged.
  • Constant green indicates a fully charged battery.
  • If the battery light is flashing red, it may be faulty.
  • A constant red light indicates that the battery temperature is either too low or too high. The charger should be relocated to a cooler place.

If the battery loses charge quickly after being completely charged, it is failing and needs to be replaced.

When a battery stops being able to keep a charge, it means it is dying. When your battery starts getting extremely hot, it’s another clue it’s dying.

If your battery starts losing power, charging slowly, or overheating, it’s time to obtain a new one.

When batteries get old, get too hot, or start to fail mechanically, failure sets in.

Wrong Way to Start a Toro Electric Mower

Whether this is your first time using a rechargeable lawn mower, or even if you’ve had one before but never read the handbook, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the safety features and advice Toro has included.

In order to prevent your young children from mistakenly starting your mower by depressing the safety handle, Toro has installed a safety button or safety key. If you don’t start your mower the right way, it won’t work.

Method for Starting a Toro Push Mower or Self-Propelled Mower:

  • Double check that the battery is properly installed and the safety switch is engaged.
  • To activate the motor, draw the bail (safety bar) toward the handle and depress the safety switch.
  • Push the safety release button to open.
  • After you release the safety switch, the mower will turn off.

Toro Electric Mower with Defective Safety Switch

Your mower might not start if any of the safety switches don’t work. With a multimeter or a jumper wire, you may individually test each switch.

Just switch out the bad one. Never use your lawnmower if any of the safety switches are broken; doing so puts everyone in danger.

The Toro Self-Propelled Mower and Push Mower Changing Mechanisms

  • Turn on/off toggle for the bail lever/security bar. To use the mower, the bar must be withdrawn into the handle. The mower will turn off when the bar is released.
  • Turn on/off button with a momentary switch.

If your Toro lawn mower has any extra safety switches, they will be described in the manual.

Toro Electric Mower Wires Come Loose or Become Pinched

Quite a few wires will be flowing along the handle and through the body of your Toro mower. If a wire becomes frayed or pinched, a short may emerge.

Occasionally, a simple jiggle of a wire will reveal a short that is preventing the mower from turning on. The use of a multimeter is also helpful in locating a short.

If you fold the handle in to store it, that’s where you’ll most likely pinch the wire. While folding and unfolding the handle, take care to keep the wires on the exterior of the device.

You can use a wire nut to fix a pinched wire if you discover one. Disconnect the power source and disable the safety feature before beginning maintenance.

If your mower is still under warranty, Toro should be contacted before any repairs are made.

All Toro warranties are null and invalid if the mower’s wiring is repaired or modified in any way outside of a Toro-authorized service location.

Toro Electric Mower’s Blade Rotation Is Limited By Debris

Too much grass or other debris might get caught beneath the deck of your Toro lawn mower and cause it to jam.

Before doing any kind of repair on the deck, you must always remove the battery and the start button.

If your electric lawn mower is reluctant to start, a buildup of grass in the deck may be preventing the blade from turning.

When your Toro mower is too heavy, it may refuse to start or stop cutting the grass. When the grass is thick, tall, or damp, and you try to cut it all at once, this can happen.

If your Toro mower is having this issue, try increasing the cutting height and decreasing your speed. Do not attempt to trim wet grass.

Broken Parts on a Toro Electric Lawn Mower

If you’ve gotten this far and still can’t figure out what’s wrong with your mower, you should take it to a Toro-approved repair shop. You may have ruined your lawnmower’s motor or other expensive components.

A professional mechanic will be able to run diagnostics and figure out what’s causing your car to not start. If you need help with your Toro product, you can find a Toro service dealer near you.

The Toro Electric Battery Lawn Mower Should Not Be Used In Wet Conditions

If your lawnmower becomes wet, it could short out and refuse to start. If you want to know more about what happens when you use an electric mower in the rain, check visit To what extent can you use an electric mower when it’s raining?