Pop Up Emitter Vs Grate- Which Drainage Is Best For You!

What is the difference between Pop Up and Grate Emitter? The main difference is that the Pop-up emitter helps to release the water or any liquid to a safe and desired location. On the contrary, the grate system is made with some horizontal grate, creating a barrier for solid waste.

When you want a proper drainage system, a pop-up emitter and grate both have excellent functions. But as the rising battle, pop-up emitter vs grate, we will now end this clash with a friendly winner.

From this article, you will be able to compare the pop-up emitter and great to understand which one you should buy at when.

So stay with us till the end.

Pop Up Emitter Vs Grate- Comparison Table

Key FactorPop-up EmitterGrate
Build Design4 inches elbow-shaped pipeGrates can be square or circle in shape
Installation DifferenceEasier to installQuite a systematic installation than pop up emitter
Temperature ToleranceCan not tolerate freezing temperatureThe function of the grate also decreases with the decrease in temperature
BenefitDischarge water at the desired place from your yardSeparate liquid waste and solid waste
PriceLower cost than grateA little bit higher than pop up emitter

What does pop up drain mean? Pop up drain is a kind of drain system that helps carry water from the house foundation to the outside, where you want to dispose of the water.

And the grate is also involved with the drainage system. It plays a role as a guardian of the drainage network. When you place a grate on the top of a drain, it protects the drain pipe from solid waste blocking as it works as a separator.

Build Design Of Both Drainage Equipment

You know what? When we compare two things. At first, we started comparing the looks. That’s why our very first point is build design.

In the table, we told the basic look difference. You will get more design information here.

Pop up emitter is an elbow-shaped 4 inches pipe with a dimension of 6.75 × 6.75 × 6 inches. Its material is high-density polyethylene with a weight of 336 gm.

If you look at the drainage grate, you can see it looks like a sieve. It comes in different shapes. For example; squares and circles are very common. The dimension is 11.88×1.13×11.88 inches with 432 grams of weight.

Installation Difference Of Both Drainage Equipment

The installation process is also different. Installation of the pop-up emitter is quite easy. You just need to set the pop-up emitter with your drain pipe. Do not forget to stop the flow of water at the time of installation.

Installation of the grate is not as easy as a pop-up emitter installation. You can see 4 screws on the 4 corners. Make the frame on the top of your drainage pipe. Then join the grate with the frame by tightening the screws.

Temperature Tolerance Of Both Drainage Equipment

Temperature is a big issue in the drainage system because the water turns into ice below the freezing point.

In winter, the pop-up emitter can not tolerate the temperature below the freezing point. The pop-up emitter stops disposing of your drainage material.

As the grate remains on the top of the pipe, it can function better than the pop-up emitter. You can increase the function by using any cleaner stick to remove the water.

Benefits Comparison Of Both Drainage Equipment

Both the drainage equipment have considerable benefits. Here we start with the pop-up emitter. Pop-up emitter is easy to install, not expensive, and can blend into landscaping.

Drainage grates also have some excellent benefits. The product is a value for money, easy to clean up, and protects your drain pipe from blocking with heavy materials.

Price Differentiation Of Both Drainage Equipment

If we differentiate the pop-up emitter and grate on the basis of price. We must say a pop-up emitter is less expensive than a grate.

But grate is a value for money product. You can pay that much money for the product because it is durable and maintains your drainage system from blocking.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a pop-up drainage emitter?

To know the pop-up drainage emitter, you have to know what is a pop-up drain. Pop up drain is a system that is used for dispensing water from your house to the outside with the help of pipes.
 Now, a pop-up emitter is an elbow-shaped pipe that is used in a pop-up drain system.

How much slope for pop-up emitter?

Without a slope, water can not go from one side to another. But steep slopes are not required. You should use a 2% slope for a pop-up emitter.

What does a pop-up drain emitter do?

A pop-up drain emitter carries water or water-like liquid from your house or office to the outside where you want to dispose of the water.


On the topic of pop up emitter vs grate, both two drainage equipment is essential for making a good drainage system.

We hope now you can identify when and where you should use a pop-up emitter. Similarly, you know the use and importance of grate. So choose one of them or both according to your requirement.