Hunter Mp Rotator Vs Rainbird Rotary: Which One To Buy?

What is the difference between Hunter MP Rotator and Rainbird rotary? The most meaningful comparison is that the hunter mp rotator has a longer run time while sacrificing its flowing speed. On the other hand, the rainbird rotary has a higher flow rate but a shorter run time.

To make it simple for you, hover through the differences between hunter mp rotator vs rainbird rotary. We analyze here some essential factors for the nozzles and break down the pertinent details you need.

Hunter Mp Rotator Vs Rainbird Rotary: Comparison At A Glance

ConcernHunter MP RotatorRainbird Rotary
Spacing2.5m to 10.7m2.4m to 7.3m
Recommended Pressure2.8 bar3.1 bar
Flow rate0.8 l/min0.94 l/min
Precipitation rate11 mm/hr0.61 In/h
Double Pop featureYesNo
Hunter Mp Rotator And Rainbird Rotary Comparison Table

Let’s have a side by side comparison based on some key points-


When we tested the rain bird rotary, it had a higher flow rate than the hunter mp. The pressure range begins at 30 psi which can be changed to 55 psi. Cleaning your backyards will cost you less time as the rainbird provides a higher flow rate. If you look up the Rain Bird rotary nozzle chart, you can see its higher pressure rate.

The pressure rate of the hunter rotator is the same as the rainbird. We conducted a test and checked out the Hunter MP rotator chart for its pressure rate; surprisingly, we found no dissimilarities with the rainbird rotary. Yet, the water flow is slower. The reason is due to its exceptional water-saving functionality. It reduces water wastage by up to 30%.


The hunter mp rotator is famous for its efficiency. We checked it out and found out the nozzle does a uniform distribution around its area. It has various streams which allow it to target the landscape areas proportionately.

While the rainbird rotary works fast due to its higher flow rate, you need to fix the angle of the sprayer head. So, there you might need to babysit it for a while, but it’s perfect for some specific tips. Furthermore, if you have strange backyard angles, the rainbird rotary has a better efficiency in these sorts of angles.


The hunter mp rotary can cover a decent amount of area. Moreover, if you follow a specific spacing technique, you can use its higher range functionality. We used it to check its maximum range and found out it can cover up to 10.7m, just as the manufacturer claims. So, if you have a more extensive lawn, it will work quite efficiently.

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On the contrary, the rainbird rotary ranges from 2.4 m that can reach up to 7.3m. Comparing it with the mp rotator, it covers a bit lesser range. Despite the smaller range it can cover, it does a great job at small backyards. The rainbird rotary is perfect as it can cover the smaller space with a lesser run time.

Precipitation Rate

Hunter mp rotary has a relatively low precipitation rate. The specifically low precipitation rate allows the irrigation to be more efficient. Besides, the standard mp rotator can apply water at 10 mm/hr. After running the nozzle for a while, we analyzed the soil and found out it could rinse the roots up to 20cm.

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The output for the rainbird rotary is higher than the hunter mp. In the case of precipitation for comparing rain bird rotary vs hunter mp rotator, the rainbird rotary has a higher precipitation rate than the hunter mp.

So, irrigation does not take much time. Remember that this creates a very slight chance of causing minor erosion in your lawn.


Firstly, the Rainbird rotary is an excellent value for its price. Manufacturers claim that It’s 37% lower than the hunter mp rotators. But does it provide the same performance as the hunter? For a lesser price tag, it delivers you all the essential features you need. Not only it’s affordable, the nozzle is also very efficient.

Here, the hunter mp carries a slightly higher price than the rainbird. The slight bump in the price will offer the features lacking in the rainbird rotary.

Starting from better durability, you will get double-pop functionality. The extra expense is actually worth it for the quality it offers you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Is Better Rainbird Or Hunter?

The answer lies in the size of your lawn. If you have a vast lawn the hunter is a better choice for you. Again, if the size of your lawn is smaller then the rainbird is the appropriate choice for you.

Are Hunter and Rainbird Compatible?

Yes, the hunter and rainbirds are. They follow a standard nozzle design. For this particular reason, they are compatible. The nozzles carry a specific format that allows them to be compatible.

How Many MP Rotators Per Zone?

As the MP rotators can cover a higher range, you won’t need as many rotators per zone. Yet, you have to hold accountability for the type of zone. You won’t need more than 3 or 5 per zone.

Which Sprinkler System Head Is For Your Lawn?

If you have a smaller lawn; the Rainbird rotary is appropriate. On the contrary, if your yard is more spacious, you should go for the Hunter mp. In between the choosing of rain bird rotary vs hunter mp rotator, the best one for your lawn is it fits you law size, range requirement & purpose.

The Hunter mp rotator is excellent for your lawn if you care about saving water and reducing erosion. However, it will take lots of time to get the work done. However, the Rainbird rotary works faster due to its faster spinning mechanism. Choose the rainbird if you are just looking to clean your lawn quickly.