Johnny Bucket Jr Vs John Deere Tractor Shovel: Key Differences Standing Out!

What is the difference between Johnny Bucket Jr Vs John Deere Tractor Shovel? Although, at first glance, the johnny bucket jr and john deere tractor shovel may seem similar to many gardeners, they have a significant difference, lying in their size.

But what if we tell you that they pose some more differences other than just the size. Yeah, while conducting research regarding the johnny bucket jr vs john deere tractor shovel, we found they are different in terms of lifting capacity, down pressure, and other functions.  

So, if you wanna know detail about these differences to make your purchasing decision easier, we recommend haveing a thorough read. That said, let’s get straight into it.

Johnny Bucket Jr Vs John Deere Tractor Shovel

Before describing some more differences between these two pieces of tractor equipment, let’s take a quick look at their mentioned-below comparison chart.

Key PointsJohnny Bucket JrJohn Deere Tractor Shovel
Size:Width: 42”, Depth: 14”Width: 54”, Depth: 12”
Lifting Capacity:200 lbs.150 lbs.
Down Pressure:200 lbs.150 lbs.
Scrapping Function:Yes No

Now, let’s dig into some significant differences, and for that, we will also compare the johnny Bucket jr and the John Deere 54” tractor shovel

Major Differences In Size

We found the first difference by looking at these two gardening gears is their size. The John Deere bucket shovel comes with a width of 54-inch and a depth of 12-inch, enabling it to load and transport an immense amount of materials. 

On the other hand, the johnny bucket jr features a width of 42-inch and a depth of about 14-inch, giving you comparatively less storage for stashing a lot of soil, gravel, or any other items. 

Performance Difference 

While working with these two tractor items, we have found a massive difference between them regarding lifting capacity, down pressure, and back dragging capability. Below, we have shared the data. 

Lifting Capacity- Another Contrast

The Johnny bucket jr boasts 200 lbs. of lifting capacity while the john deere tractor shovel only has 150 lbs. of lifting ability. Hence, if you want to move a tremendous amount of mulch or spread plenty of gravel on your lawn, you can go with the JBjr. 

Down Pressure Brings Another Debate

The down pressure of a tractor bucket or shovel helps gardeners a lot. It gives the ability to engage with the ground more aggressively and perform ground grading or other jobs comfortably.

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Considering this fact, the Johnny bucket jr gives you 200 lbs. of down power to facilitate your gardening journey. In contrast, the John Deere tractor shovel comes with 150 lbs. of down pressure. So, here we see, JBjr beats again. 

What About Back Dragging

Now let’s talk about the function that makes Johnny

Bucket jr a winner: the back dragging, aka scraping feature. With this feature, you can effortlessly clear snow, dirt, debris, or anything else from your driveways. 

But the John Deere shovel won’t allow you to do so as the scrapping feature is absent in this equipment. 

Which One Offer More Ease Of Use

Last but not least, the johnny bucket jr supports easy usage. You can accomplish tasks like leveling, pushing, and scraping by just toggling a button, while with the john deere tractor shovel, you need to pull the rod manually to keep everything out of your pathways. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does A Johnny Bucket JR cost?

Depending on the model, most bucket jrs’ prices range from $1249.55 to $1840.00. So, you can see, these tractor buckets come at quite a high price, but they also offer unmatched functionalities and performance.

How Much Can A Johnny Bucket JR Lift?

According to the manufacturer, the highest-grade johnny bucket jr can lift up to 200 lbs. But it is expected that soon, manufacturers will bring innovation and come up with tractor buckets that can lift even more pounds of weight.

What Is A John Deere 316?

The John Deere 316 is a simplified version of its 318 models. It houses the same 16hp Onan B43E tractor engine but without any power steering and multiple hydraulics spools. That’s why this tractor is comparatively lightweight and can move faster. But it can’t deliver the same power as the 318 models.

Final Verdict

So, these are some of the most prominent differences that catch our eyes during the test. We tested these two gardening gear on a myriad of lawns, pushed nearly a thousand pounds of garden dust and debris, and cleared many tree branches. 

After conducting such a tedious test, we can say that both pieces of equipment performed exceptionally well in every job we accomplished. But the johnny bucket jr became the centerpiece with its functions. 

Hence, it’s clear which one is the winner, but it doesn’t mean that the john deere tractor shovel falls in the lowest category; it’s also a good one to go with. However, that’s all for this article, titled johnny bucket jr vs john deere tractor shovel. We hope you learned something new today.