John Deere S120 Vs S130: Looks Similar Still Different!

What is the difference between John Deere S120 and S130? For uniqueness, different lawn tractors have myriad differences in appearances and functionalities, and so do these John Deere S120 and S130. They seem indifferent, yet the main difference lies in their dimension and price.

However, there are some more differences other than those aforementioned dissimilarities. And we will tell you what other differences make them non-identical in this article titled John Deere S120 vs 130.

After reading this content thoroughly, we hope you can easily differentiate them and pick your best-suited one for accomplishing lawn maintenance jobs with utmost comfort. Hence, let’s read.

John Deere S120 Vs S130: Choose The Winner & Mow Your Lawn With Excellent Stripes

Although these lawn tractors boast the same engine, chassis, and mulching system and offer the greatest performance, they have some differences. 

So, let’s dig out the difference between john deere s120 and s130 in this article but before that, have a close look at the comparison chart mentioned below. 

Key PointsJohn Deere S120John Deere 130
Mower Drive System:Manual PTO Electric PTO
Front Bumper:Not IncludedIncluded
Rear Tire Size:20×8-820×10-8
Dimension:Height: 44”, Length: 69.7”Height: 45”, Length: 74.2”
Weight:444 lbs.462 lbs.

Mower Drive System

While examining the mower drive system, we found that the John Deere s120 comes with manual power take-off, and the s130 is equipped with electric power take-off. Both functions have advantages and demerits. Let’s first check them out.

Front Bumper Differences Are Identical

Although the front bumper of any tractor isn’t as mandatory as cars, being a responsible mower, your tractor should feature one sturdy front bumper. 

That being said, both s120 and s130 tractors offer you styled front bumpers, but you need to purchase a bumper separately if you choose the s120. On the other hand, s130 comes with a front bumper. 

Rear Tires Play The Significant Contrast Role

The rear tires of any vehicle play a significant role in providing you with the acceleration you need to drive fast and smoothly. And the same fact goes for the tractors; thus, keeping that in mind, john deere engineered these two tractors with large rear tires. 

But the manufacturer gave the s130 model a bit larger rear tires, which dimensions are 20×10-8. In contrast, the s120 tractor comes with 20×8-8 tires, and this is a slight tire difference we found between these two tractor models.  

Dimension & Weight Are Different Of Course!

Speaking of the dimensions of these two tractor models, we have noticed that the john deere s120 has a height of about 44-inch while the s130’s height is 45-inch. Besides that, their overall lengths are 69.7-inch and 74.2-inch respectively. 

Lastly, the s120 weighs around 444 lbs. And the s130’s weight is about 462 lbs. These are some significant differences we found while inspecting their dimensions and weights. 

Price Contrast

The last difference between these two tractors that catches our eyes is their prices. We have seen that the john deere s120 is comparatively more affordable than s130. And the difference between their prices is around 100 bucks only. 

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That’s all the differences we could dig out while comparing these two industry-leading tractors side by side. Now, let’s answer some most-asked questions regarding john deere’s tractors in the next section below. 

Benefits & Disadvantages

The major advantage of manual PTO is that it always works unless your tractor’s engine fails and the demerits of this drive system are that its speed varies with the engine’s RPM; plus, you need to operate it manually. 

In contrast, the s130’s drive system is fully electrical and delivers constant speed, and operating it is entirely hassle-free. The downsides of electric PTO are that it requires some challenging adjustments, and this drive system tends to be pricey.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Difference Between John Deere S100 And S120?

The major differences for s100 and s120 John Deere are their engines, seats, dimensions, weights, and prices. The s100 boasts a 17.5 HP single-cylinder engine, while the s120 comes with a 22hp v-twin engine to handle mowing, mulching, and even bagging jobs with ease. 
Alongside that, the s120 features one seat with an open back, while the s100 only offers one single seat. These two tractor models’ dimensions, weight, and prices also vary distinctly. 

How Much Weight Can A John Deere S130 Pull?

Most lawn tractors’ overall weight determines their pulling capacity. And usually, the capacity tends to be 50% to 100% of the tractor’s weight. That said, the john deere s130 weighs around 443 lbs, and it allows you to tow and pull up to 443 pounds of weight.

Who Makes John Deere S120 engine?

The John Deere S120’s engine is manufactured by Briggs & Stratton Corporation, an American company specializing in producing high-end gasoline engines. This company uses a 2-cylinder, v-twin engine with 723cc displacement for john deere’s s120 tractor.

Who Is the Winner?

After comparing these two tractors based on some significant differences, we found that the s130 will stay a bit ahead of the s120 tractor. Although both lawn tractors boast almost the same functions and deliver the exact performance, the s130 provides you with extra facilities for your money. 

So, if you have no budget issues, you can opt for the john deere s130 tractor. Otherwise, the s120 will be an ideal option to go with. This tractor version will also easily deal with lawn maintenance and gardening chores. 

That’s all for this content, titled john deere s120 vs s130; we hope we could provide you with a clear insight regarding the differences between these prominent tractors.