Inadequate or Uneven Cutting from Worx Electric Mower (9 Reasons)

When a mower stops producing a clean cut, it’s time to check for broken or worn components.

Damaged wheels, dull, bent, or worn mower blades, the incorrect mower deck height, rapid ground speed, or a clogged mower deck can all lead to a poor cut with a WORX electric mower.

The wrong installation of the blade on your WORX mower is just one of the factors discussed below that could result in a poor cut quality.

Before attempting any troubleshooting, make sure the mower is turned off, the battery is removed, and that all moving parts have stopped.

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Before attempting any sort of diagnosis, repair, or operation on the equipment, make sure you have read and fully understand all of the safety instructions that have been included in the operator’s manual. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to make the repair safely, whether due to a lack of experience or understanding or because of your current health status, you should get some help from a specialist.

WORX Electric Mower Cuts Unevenly

WORX Electric Mower Wheel Repair

If your WORX mower is giving you an uneven cut, the first thing you should do is check for a damaged wheel.

It’s possible for a broken wheel to make the mower sit unevenly. As a result, one side of your mower’s deck will be lower to the ground than the other. If this occurs, the resulting trim will be lopsided.

One of the most common reasons for a push mower not sitting flat is because one or more of the wheels has fallen loose or been damaged. Make sure the wheels are checked out. Retighten all loose screws and swap out any wheels that are damaged.

Worx Electric Mower Blade is Old and Dull

The WORX mower blade is up next for inspection. The grass won’t be easily trimmed with a dull blade. The grass will be torn to shreds by a dull blade.

A few days after you mow, you’ll see that your grass has turned brown. Due to being battered and ripped by a dull blade, the grass’s tips turn brown.

When you encounter a lawn where the tips have turned brown, be sure to grab a few and examine the tips closely. Could there be tiny tears in there? Doing so indicates the WORX mower blade needs to be sharpened or replaced.

If the blade on your lawnmower is in decent shape, you can remove it and sharpen it using a file.

It’s time for a new mower blade when the old one is too worn, has gouges or nicks, has rounded ends, or has a sail that’s thinner in the middle than the outside.

In case you didn’t know, the high side of the blade (called the “blade sail”) generates airflow under the deck, which aids in producing a clean cut.

Check the WORX mower’s blade balance

Ensure sure there is no more or less weight on one end of the blade than the other. When sand gets dragged into the mower deck from below, it can cause uneven wear on the blade, which can throw the blade off of balance.

Unevenness in a blade can also occur during the sharpening process. The blade becomes imbalanced when more material is removed from one end than the other.

Use a blade balancer to make sure your blades are balanced. The cost of a balancer is low. It’s money well spent because a misaligned blade can wreck your WORX lawnmower.

One more way to ensure a well-balanced blade is to hang it from a nail that has been affixed to the wall, but whose head protrudes from the surface by about an inch or so.

To make the blade sit flush, you’ll need to file away metal from the lower end.

WORX Electric Mower Blade is Curved and Unusable

When your WORX mower’s blade collides with a hard object like a rock, stump, or toy, the blade can bend and ruin your cut.

If you want to keep the blade in good condition, it’s a good idea to walk the lawn before you start mowing to make sure there is nothing in the path.

Uneven cutting will result from a bent blade. Vibrations in the mower may also result. As the presence of a bent blade may not always be visible, it is preferable to replace it whenever possible.

Take out the batteries and park your mower on a level place (s). Do not attempt to access the area under the mower deck until you have ensured that all moving parts have stopped.

  • Examine the WORX Lawnmower Blade for Bends Just by Taking the Knife Away
  • Take the cutting edge off and place it on top of a brand new WORX mower blade. Checking for a crooked blade in this way is the most reliable method. A minor kink can result in a nasty cut.

DO NOT try to utilize a mower blade that has been bent. As a result, the metal’s integrity is undermined and its strength is reduced.

A piece of the weak spot could come loose and fly off of your mower deck if you’re moving fast enough. One or more nearby humans, animals, or property could be harmed as a result.

WORX Electric Mower with Incorrectly Installed Mower Blade

Using the wrong blade or installing it improperly might cause serious harm to your WORX mower. Assemble the fan with the sail up to ensure proper installation of the blade.

Sails are the blade’s elevated edges, which catch the wind and fling the grass. A damaged blade motor can result from installing the blade with the sail pointing downward.

The blade will beat and shred the grass instead of cutting it evenly. The blade and/or engine could be damaged if it runs into any raised areas on the ground.

There may be a stamp on your WORX mower blade indicating which side should be up and which should be down.

WORX Electric Mower Blade Is Loose

The mower won’t be able to cut the grass if the blade can’t revolve because it isn’t properly fastened. You should tighten the blade bolt in accordance with the specifications indicated in the user handbook.

Adjusting the WORX Electric Mower’s Cutting Height

If the deck of your mower is adjusted too low, it may not be able to cut through all of the grass at once.

To avoid putting unnecessary strain on the motor, raise the mower deck height before beginning to cut dense, tall grass.

Double or even quadruple your lawn cutting sessions when the grass is long and thick. To do this, make the initial cut with the mower deck at its highest setting. Deck height must be lowered with each successive cut until the desired length is reached.

WORX Electric Lawn Mower Deck Clogged with Grass and Debris

If the grass gets stuck in your WORX mower’s deck, you won’t get a good cut. This is because the blade will not be able to generate the necessary airflow under your deck to make a good, precise cut.

Both the mower deck and the blade are engineered to generate suction, which lifts the grass out of the way as the blade passes, resulting in a clean, even cut.

When the blade of your mower has to push through a buildup of grass clippings under the deck, your motor has to work harder, which might cause it to wear out more quickly.

Use a deck scraper or wire brush on a regular basis to remove grass and dirt buildup from the mower deck. Never attempt to trim wet grass. Grass that has been recently watered will clump and become stuck on the mower deck.

The WORX Electric Mower’s High Top Speed Is Dangerous to the Earth

Get a clean cut by adjusting your ground speed to the conditions under which you are cutting.

Your WORX mower will give you a terrible or uneven cut if you don’t adjust the speeds appropriately and travel too quickly through your lawn, as it may merely be pushing over some of the grass instead of cutting it.

Cutting through thick, long, or wet grass can be taxing for your lawn mower. Your mower will be able to handle more work if you slow down.

Your motor might also cut out due to overloading, not only a bad cut.

A Patchwork Lawn

Examine the state of your grass. A WORX mower will not level out an uneven lawn. Your once-even lawn may now be riddled with ruts and lumps.

Due to rodents building tunnels through the yard, I have to roll my lawn every spring when the snow melts to flatten the lawn. When I don’t do this, the mower bounces all over the place and produces an uneven cut.

In order to maintain your lawn looking nice and level, you should inspect it to determine if any work is needed to be done on it.