Do You Have a Bad Ariens Lawn Mower Solenoid? (Troubleshoot)

The humming or clicking noise you hear could indicate a faulty solenoid that is preventing the starter from engaging and turning over the motor.

When the starter motor can turn over the engine without the Ariens solenoid, you know the solenoid is broken.

Battery chargers can be used to check the functionality of a starter solenoid that is attached to the starter.

If you’re going to be tinkering with the starter solenoid, do so carefully. Observe all of the security measures outlined in your Ariens’ user guide.

arien solenoid

Before attempting any diagnosis, repairs, or use of the equipment, be sure you’ve read and fully understood all of the safety precautions included in the owner’s manual. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to conduct the repair safely due to a lack of knowledge, experience, or physical ability, you should get some help from a professional.

The Solenoid on an Ariens Mower: What Is It?

The solenoid of an Ariens lawn mower functions as a power toggle. To activate the starter motor and get the engine started, you must flip a switch that uses an electromagnet.

The starter solenoid is typically attached to the motor that turns it, however this is not necessary for proper operation. On some lawnmowers, the solenoid is located not far from the battery instead of the starter.

Solenoids, Post-Three and Post-Four

The diagram depicts a typical wiring configuration for solenoids with three and four terminals. Keep in mind that not every lawnmower has the same wiring diagram.

Certain Ariens mowers’ wiring diagrams will include extra features like lights and 12-volt ports. The diagrams simply depict the fundamental structure of the wiring.

arien solenoid

What Does a Lawn Mower Solenoid Look Like for an Ariens?

Perhaps the appearance of solenoids will vary. It’s possible that some are circular and others are square. It could have as many as four posts protruding from it. We’ll be affixing solenoids to the starter’s cap.

On one side of the solenoid, you’ll find an attachment for the positive (+) wire coming from the Ariens battery. Locating the solenoid is as simple as following the positive connection from the battery.

All Ariens electric-starting motors feature solenoids.

Why Does the Solenoid in Your Ariens Lawn Mower Stop Working?

In electronics, a solenoid from Ariens is used as a switch. Things that use electricity have a 100% failure rate.

A solenoid contains a copper plate and spring.

When the spring becomes too weak or the copper plate corrodes, the Ariens starter solenoid becomes ineffective.

Problems with the starter, the battery, or the ground might also cause the solenoid to fail.

While attempting to diagnose a solenoid, it helps to have some idea of what signs to look for.

What to Look for in a Faulty Ariens Lawn Mower Solenoid

If you hear a click or a hum when you turn the ignition key on your riding or zero-turn Ariens mower, it could be the solenoid.

If a wire starts to smoke or melt at high temperatures, it could be a sign that your solenoid is malfunctioning.

How to Recognize a Faulty Solenoid on an Ariens Lawnmower

Equipment Required Checklist:

  • Volt-Ohmmeter Screwdriver
  • Continuous Lighting
  • Wire-checking wrenches
  • Pincer pliers (If screwdriver does not work)
  • Charging Battery (Optional)

There are a number of approaches you can take to identify the problem with your lawn mower’s solenoid

1. Ariens Batteries Should Be Fully Charged

Check the voltage of your battery with a voltmeter to ensure it has at least 12.3 volts.

2. Prepare to Turn on Your Ariens Lawnmower

  • In other words, put on the brakes.
  • Put your lawn mower in park and give it a rest.
  • Start the engine by turning the key.

Screwdriver-Bypass the Ariens Starter Solenoid

For starting bypass, lay a long screwdriver over the solenoid and touch the two cables. The battery cable and the starting cable are the two wires you need.

When the screwdriver touches the wires, it could cause a spark. Don’t freak out, as this is rather frequent.

If the engine starts when you have the solenoid disconnected, then it is likely that the solenoid is defective.

Needle nose pliers can also be used to jump the solenoid in the event that a screwdriver is unsuccessful.

There may be a poor ground or a loose wire that has to be fixed before you replace the starter solenoid. It’s possible for these obstructions to cut off power to the solenoid, rendering it inoperable.

Check the Ariens Starter Solenoid

You can check the starter solenoid if it’s attached to it. The solenoid can be tested by disconnecting the starter from the engine and connecting it to a battery charger. Verifying the starter’s solenoid connection in this way is a useful safety measure.

Reconnect the starter to your lawnmower by connecting the negative (-) clamp to the starter case and the positive (+) clamp to the solenoid’s large post and exciter wire. While the starter is out, we only do a fast bench test.

Is There a Way to Get Around the Solenoid on an Ariens Lawn Mower?

By crossing the solenoid with a long screwdriver, you can prevent the battery line from hitting the solenoid and instead connect directly to the starter.You should use caution. It’s typical for the connection to produce a spark. Always ensure that you are protected by donning the proper clothing.

Is the Starting Solenoid in Working Order, but Your Ariens Lawnmower Still Won’t Activate?

Have a look at my article where I explain how to find the problem if your Ariens mower won’t start. Reasons why the engine won’t start include frayed or corroded cables, a dead battery, a faulty safety switch, or any combination of the three.

Have You Still Had Issues with Your Ariens Lawnmower?

After you’ve had a lawnmower for a while, it’s bound to develop some sort of trouble, whether it won’t start, won’t stay running, smokes, leaks gas, cuts poorly, vibrates, or something else entirely.

I’ve compiled this manual to help you save time and money the next time an issue arises with your Ariens lawn mower.

A professional repair job is the safest option if you lack confidence in your ability to diagnose and fix problems on your lawn mower.

By doing so, you reduce the risk of getting hurt or of causing further harm to the lawn mower. Fixing your Ariens lawn mower is a simple matter for your neighborhood dealer or service business.