Husqvarna How to Repair the Most Common Issue With Riding Mower Headlights

Are the headlights on your Husqvarna riding lawn mower malfunctioning? If so, you might ponder why you are dealing with it. Fear not; there are numerous causes for this issue, such as a damaged stator, alternator problems, and others. You should be very concerned when you notice that the headlights on your Husqvarna riding lawn mower are not functioning.

If you don’t fully understand the remedies to this type of difficulty, they may be difficult for you to apply. Not to worry! We are available to assist you. Our researchers have done extensive investigation and have discovered the causes and fixes for the broken headlights on Husqvarna riding lawn mowers. So without further ado, let’s examine each of these causes and their remedies in this post.

Husqvarna Troubleshoot Now If the Riding Mower Headlights Are Not Working

One of the most frequent problems with Husqvarna riding lawn mowers is that the headlights frequently fail. This can be a big hassle, especially if you like to mow your lawn in the early morning or late at night. This issue may be brought on by a number of different factors, but the good news is that it is typically simple to resolve.

ReasonsPossible Solutions
Damaged statorReplace the damaged stator
The plug near the hood hinge has come apartChange the plug
A bad or corroded switchReplace the switch
Alternator issuesReplace the alternator
Burned wiringChange the wiring

You can check the below video to learn more about the headlights not working on your Husqvarna riding mower.

You may read more about the difficulties with the headlights on Husqvarna riding lawn mowers in the guide below, along with the causes of these issues and possible solutions.

a faulty stator

This issue has been brought up by some Husqvarna YTH22V46 riding lawn mower owners. Their lawn mowers had only been in use for a little over a year, and they were in absolutely great shape. The lights worked well. They’ve also stated that while the engine was running or not, the light switch had little power and showed no resistance.

This issue still exists even after the ignition switch was replaced. Under the flywheel, there is a stator that might be used to power the headlights. The stator is in charge of producing the electricity needed to run the headlights. Your Husqvarna riding lawn mower’s headlights won’t function if this stator is damaged.

The broken stator needs to be replaced in order to fix the issue. Once the stator has been changed, your headlights ought to function properly once more.

The plug close to the hood hinge has broken.

The Husqvarna riding lawnmower may occasionally not function even though the fuse is in fine condition, according to our studies. In a forum on Fixya, a riding lawnmower owner with a Husqvarna brand complained about this.

“My riding mower’s lights don’t function. When I turn on the light switch and start the engine, nothing happens. There are no blown bulbs. It is an excellent fuse. The wiring seems to be in good shape.

In this instance, start by locating the plug close to the hood hinge. You’ll probably find it on the left side of the hinge, and two wires will be coming out of it. There are two wires: one black and one white. Next, gently twist the white wire counterclockwise and the black wire clockwise with a pair of needle-nose pliers. By doing so, you can strengthen the connection and get the headlights to function once more. If not, you must insert the new plug tightly and replace the one close to the hood hinge.

A faulty or worn out switches

Sometimes a faulty or corroded switch will prevent your Husqvarna riding mower from operating. If the switch is not used for a lengthy period of time, it may occasionally corrode within. The switch often regulates the power to the lights on your mower. Therefore, a faulty or corroded switch will result in the inoperable headlights.

To fix this issue, you must replace the damaged or corroded switch. Although this task is more challenging, it can be completed with a few tools and some perseverance. You must first identify the switches in order to proceed. They frequently appear close to the headlights. When you’ve found them, remove the old switches and install the new ones.

You can probably repair your Husqvarna riding lawn mower so that the headlights work again with a little maintenance.

Alternator Problems

We’ve discovered that your Husqvarna riding mower’s headlights might not function even though the wiring for them is sound. For the Husqvarna YTH22V46 riding lawn mower, it is a typical issue. This issue arises when your alternator is subpar. The headlights are powered by the alternator, thus if the alternator is malfunctioning, neither will the headlights.

The headlights could be powered by the alternator, which also charges the battery. Thus, the malfunctioning headlight on your Husqvarna riding lawn mower will be caused by a damaged alternator.

The first step in the solution is to check to see whether any fuses have blown. Whether so, swap them out to see if the issue is resolved. When the fuses are not to blame, the alternator is almost always where the problem lies. To get it fixed or replaced, you’ll need to take it to a mechanic or Husqvarna dealer. To fix this issue, the bad alternator must be replaced.

Damaged wiring

If you possess a Husqvarna YTH2348 riding lawn mower and discover that your headlights are not functioning, wiring problems are to blame. In such circumstances, the headlight wiring won’t function, especially if the wiring has been scorched. Other Husqvarna riding mower models may also experience this issue.

However, two cables connecting the headlights to the battery power the headlights on your mower. These wires may eventually become worn out or broken, which will cause them to overheat and burn.

Solution: Before assuming that burned wiring is to blame for your mower’s headlights not working, you should inspect the cables. They must be replaced if they are harmed or worn out. Replacement wires are typically available online or at most hardware stores.

After replacing the wires, make careful to periodically inspect them for signs of wear or damage. You can stop this issue from occurring once more in the future by doing this.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Does a Husqvarna riding lawn mower have fuses?

Yes, some Husqvarna riding mowers have fuses. The fuse box is often situated near to the power supply. If your lawnmower doesn’t have a fuse box, look for its location in the owner’s manual.

How can you switch on the lights on a riding lawnmower from Husqvarna?

It’s simple to turn on the lights on your Husqvarna riding lawnmower. Light up your Husqvarna riding lawn mower to achieve this. The light switch should be found first on the control panel. The switch should then be turned to the “On” position. The headlights and taillights will turn on as a result. Check the fuse box to see if the fuse for the lights has blown if they still won’t turn on. The “Brightness” knob on the control panel can be used to change the headlights’ brightness.


We have now reached the conclusion of this troubleshooting manual. Without a question, Husqvarna riding lawn mowers are the most popular lawn mowers available. Riding mowers from Husqvarna are a well-liked option for people looking for a high-quality item that is simple to use. Therefore, if you are the owner of this mower, you could worry if you see that the headlights on your Husqvarna riding mower are not working.

After reading this article, we hope you feel confidence in your ability to troubleshoot Husqvarna riding mower headlight problems on your own. Since professional assistance is expensive, it is preferable to find a solution on your own. You can still let us know in the comment box if you have any more problems or questions.