The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Oil Filter For a Kawasaki FR651V

Are you wanting to purchase an oil filter for your Kawasaki FR651V engine but are unsure of what factors to take into account or which model to choose?

Size is the most crucial factor to take into account when purchasing an oil filter for your Kawasaki FR651V engine. We’ll examine what to look for in an oil filter for your Kawasaki FR651V in this article.

We’ll also mention our top four selections for the Kawasaki FR651V engine, which is fantastic news if you’re looking for the best oil filter, according to our study. Learn more by reading this article.

Oil Filter Recommendation For Kawasaki FR651V

Kawasaki FR651V engines have built-in oil filters to filter out dirt and other impurities from the engine oil. These filters are necessary to maintain the oil’s excellent quality and safeguard the engine from harm.

When it comes to filtering contaminants, however, not all oil filters are made equal. This is why selecting a filter made especially for use is important since oil filters differ from engine to engine. However, do you know what oil filter the Kawasaki FR651V uses?

The recommended oil filter for Kawasaki FR651V 4 cycle engine is Kawasaki OEM Oil Filter with parts number 49065-7007, 490657007.

How often should your oil’s filter be changed? Many Kawasaki FR651V owners have this question. Naturally, the answer is based on how frequently you use your mower and the environment in which you use it. A decent rule of thumb is to replace your filter once every season or after 25 hours of operation, whichever comes first. When you change the oil in your Kawasaki FR651V engine, you are aware that this replacement is essential.

It won’t take long for your lawn mower to start giving you problems if you don’t change the filter. Usually, the engine begins to run rough as the first indicator. Engine damage will eventually result from ignoring the issue. In order to maintain a smooth running mower, you must routinely change the oil filter.

Considerations When Purchasing An Oil Filter For A Kawasaki FR651V Engine

The oil filter for the Kawasaki FR651V is component number 49065-7007. Kawasaki engines with an oil capacity of 2.4 quarts or less are intended to utilize this filter. Before purchasing an oil filter for your Kawasaki FR651V engine, there are a few things you should keep in mind. They are:


You must be aware that the oil filter you select for your Kawasaki FR651V must fit your vehicle if you want to know what oil filter it takes.

Visit the oil filter manufacturer’s website and enter your Kawasaki FR651V oil filter component number to make sure the oil filter you want to buy will fit your car. The engine oil filter model number you must purchase to ensure it suits your vehicle will then be disclosed.

Efficiency of Capture

Through your air filters, dust and sand in the air will enter your engine’s lubricating system and become suspended in the engine oil. At 40 microns, an ordinary economy-grade engine oil filter will have a 95% capture efficiency. Additionally, 95% of particles larger than 40 microns will be eliminated by the engine oil filter on the first pass.

At less than 40 microns, the remaining 5% performs poorly or not at all. These premium oil filters can cost more than $10 and have a 10-micron filtration effectiveness of 95% or higher.

It’s amazing to learn that less than 25 microns of road dust makes up about 80% of it. It’s likely that spending money on a high-quality engine oil filter will be a smart move because tiny particles can cause increased engine wear.


Oil filters can be purchased for a reasonable price. The cost of the engine oil itself will nearly always go up when you change the engine oil in your car. As a result, choosing an oil filter composed of comparable-quality materials makes very little sense.

When we tried to compare the more expensive oil filters, we discovered that the less expensive ones come with internal parts that are less expensive. We were able to conclude from our research that higher prices are associated with oil filters that have better filtration capabilities and are made from higher-quality materials.

Ability To Hold Dirt

An clogged oil filter will open its bypass valve, allowing unfiltered oil to pass, preventing the engine from running out of oil. The oil filter’s ability to keep dirt dictates how long it may be used before being bypassed. Therefore, it is essential if you plan to drain the oil for an extended period of time without replacing the middle filter or if you frequently drive your car in dusty environments.

The oil filters in diesel engines’ systems are typically more significant and have a larger capacity than those in gasoline engines since diesel engines frequently produce more soot. Unfortunately, dirt-holding capacity information is rarely provided by oil filter manufacturers, so you will have to rely on changing the oil filter at recommended intervals.

The Top 4 Oil Filters for Your Kawasaki FR651V Engine

Oil filters from a variety of brands and models can be used with the Kawasaki FR651V engine. Unfortunately, not every oil filter is the same. When it comes to shielding your engine from dirt and debris, it is true that not all oil filters are made equal.

Additionally, there are three types of oil filters: spin-on, cartridge, and disposable. Disposable or reusable variants of oil filters are the most common types seen in automobiles and commercial vehicles. The typical replacement interval for these is every 3,000 miles.

Although less prevalent, cartridge oil filters are frequently employed in heavy-duty applications. Before they require replacement, they could last up to 10,000 kilometers. The least frequent variety, spin-on oil filters have the longest lifespan of up to 15,000 miles.

1. Anxingo ‎49065-7007 Oil Filter

The Anxingo 4906-7007 oil filter is a good choice if you’re looking for an oil filter for your Kawasaki FR651V. The Kawasaki FR651V oil filter frame is compatible with this filter, which is made to fit the FR651V.

Anxingo’s oil filter is dependable because it is made from premium materials. It is a great choice for individuals on a budget because it is also reasonably priced.

For the Kawasaki FR651V and many other Kawasaki engines, it is a great oil filter. This oil filter is renowned for being simple to install. It appears to be a top-notch filter.

2. Harbot 11013-7047 Oil Filter

For individuals seeking for a high-quality oil filter for their Kawasaki FR651V, the Harbot 11013-7047 oil filter is a well-liked option. For those seeking a high-performance filter, this one provides a number of characteristics that make it a great alternative.

For its superior quality, this oil filter is highly regarded. It works with different Kawasaki engines in addition to the FR651V. These, according to a customer, fit my Kubota RTV900. In comparison to Kubota replacements, excellent value. Recommend.

3. Kawasaki 49065-7007 Oil Filter

It is an authentic oil filter from Kawasaki. High-quality components were used to construct this oil filter. To capture and remove dirt and other debris from your oil, this filter is designed. This keeps your engine operating smoothly and clean. It can be used with FR651V engines.

In a nutshell, it is built with components that can withstand growing temperatures caused by combustion. Additionally, this oil filter helps keep your engine oil clean and clear of debris, which will improve the efficiency of your engine.

3. Panari 49065-7007 Oil Filter

This oil filter is renowned for its top-notch performance. It works with FR651V engines.

It aids in stopping the particles from harming your engine by fouling it up. The Panari 49065-7007 Oil Filter also has a high flow rate, which aids in maintaining clean, uncontaminated engine oil.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What type of oil filter can I use with a Kawasaki FR651V?

Most often, a Kawasaki FR651V accepts a spin-on oil filter. This oil filter is simple to replace and prevents pollutants from entering the engine. It is a somewhat small engine that is frequently used in lawn mowers and other outdoor power equipment. A 2 inch tiny, spherical oil filter is used in this engine. To keep the engine operating smoothly, the oil filter must be changed frequently because it is in charge of eliminating contaminants from the engine oil.

Will the FR651V fit the FRAM PH4967 oil filter?

The FR651V oil filter can be used with the FRAM PH4967 oil filter. Both are precisely the same size, allowing the FRAM PH4967 to fit the FR651V.


Engines made by Kawasaki are known for being dependable and powerful. Hopefully, you can decide which kind of oil filter is ideal for your needs now that you are aware of what to look for when purchasing an oil filter for a Kawasaki FR651V. Different filters provide varying levels of protection from debris and fluid viscosity.

However, even the best devices require proper maintenance. This calls for frequent oil changes and the use of the proper oil filter. A few filters that are suggested in this post ought to work well with your Kawasaki FR651V engine.

We really hope that you find this material useful. What kind of oil filter will you buy? Have you made up your mind yet?