4 Steps You Must Take To Bypass The Toro Brake Control Module!

How can the toro brake control module be overridden?

Fenders should first be removed using a 3/8 socket. You may find the plug next to the lever after removing the shell. Remove the plug from both sides, then make a “loop” out of excess wires. Finally, remove the “park brake” by climbing underneath the apparatus.

Still having trouble understanding? Cool, we won’t just leave you with this quick instruction. Yes, we will go over each step so you can complete this process on your own. So let’s get going!

A Step-by-Step Guide To Bypassing The Toro Brake Control Module

To begin with, you must learn how to correctly check the issue. To do that, turn the key in the ignition. A sound will then be heard. It demonstrates how active the engine is. Pull the lever after that. There should be another sound, though. However, if you are not hearing anything, the brake is probably the problem. That is why you are unable to launch the Toro Timecutter.

We shall learn how to quickly avoid the toro brake control for this reason. It is a better method for solving brake control module problems in the short run.

Your outlay for the park brakes will be about $100. For a product that doesn’t last all that long, this is a really pricey offer.

Tools You Will Need:

Here is the detailed procedure for you.

Step-1: The parking brake location

First, we’ll do rid of the system’s “park brake.” In order to do that, we must first open the frame and find the “black box.” It manages this unit’s braking system. Not only that, but this device also serves as the passageway for all safety equipment. We had to caution you about losing safety features following this treatment because of this.

Let’s get down to business. Try to remove the “black box” by going underneath the lawnmower. Look to see if it connects.

Step-2: Remove the Fenders

Take out the fenders and grab your toolkit. Remove the cap first. You’ll see a small rope holding it down there. Simply hold on tightly and pull it straight.

Be sure you hold onto the rope rather than the cap. Otherwise, you can unintentionally remove the rope from the cap. Now that that is done, simply lift out the fender. It will be somewhat weighty.

Step-3: Turn off the brake

Climb down and remove the plug next to the lever. This clog has the effect of preventing the liver from functioning properly. It sends a “brake disengagement” signal. Therefore, the plug is conveniently located where you can see the microswitch.

Go back to the toolbox now and take out some pieces of wire. Make a loop out of it, then insert it inside the cord. It’ll function as a “jumper.” For both sides of the plug, we will follow the same procedure. For further protection, you can cover the loop with electrical tape. The plug should then be secured to itself or moved out of the way.

You must choose the correct wire based on the colors if the model you’re using is a little older. We’ll search for the “green” and “black” ones in this area.

Cut the edges now till you can see the inner copper wire. Wrap the two wires once you can see them. Wrapping the joint with tape is an option. It is entirely optional. You only use those switches for that.

Step-4: Remove the brake system

You must now descend one again and remove the actual brake mechanism. We’ve already effectively avoided that. Simply identify the bolt that secures the brake and loosen it. You can then remove the little clips and washers after doing that.

The “black box” will then effortlessly fall into your hands. You can resume your work now that there is no longer a “brake” to pass through. You can start the mower again and pull the lever to make sure. Well done if it makes a sound. You just made a $100 save.

Questions And Answers (FAQs)

How Do You Disengage The Parking Brake On A Toro Timecutter?

Simply remove the “green” and “black” wires to release the parking brake. Both of them were edged. After that, join them together. As a result, you can find a solution.

On A Toro Zero Turn, Where Are The Bypass Levers Located?

To remove the fenders from the mower’s two sides, use a 3/8 socket. The cup and rope should then be carefully removed. Once the shell has been removed, the bypass lever and “park brake” plug can be found.

Can You Manually Push A Zero Turn Mower?

In the event that the zero turn mower stops going, you can push it manually. To do that, turn around and look behind you for the “black sticker.” The pin must be pushed within. Then, switch it on, and you should be good to go!


No matter how many times you change the brake, the same thing always happens. Additionally, nobody has the freedom to always buy a $100 brake!

For this reason, we tried to demonstrate the most straightforward approach to bypassing the toro brake control system. It is not the safest approach available, but it is unquestionably the most affordable. As long as you keep an eye out for any potential hazards or mishaps, you can get away with it.