Troubleshooting for GreenWorks Pressure Washer Gun Leaks: Causes and Solutions

Does your GreenWorks pressure washer occasionally begin to leak? You don’t need to buy a new washer right away, so don’t worry. The knob itself is the source of the issue, and fixing it will only take a few minutes.

In older pressure washers, GreenWorks pressure washer gun leaks frequently. The knob where the machine’s hose is attached typically develops leaks. An O-ring that operates valuable tools like a filter, a seal, or a valve is contained inside the knob. When you don’t take good care of these particles, a problem arises.

You can find the leak in the pressure washer gun by doing the following. You will have a guide on how to take care of your pressure washer once you have all the potential solutions to this issue. Therefore, scroll down to find the solution you require.

GreenWorks Pressure Washer Gun Leaking Problem And Solution

The flow of water is halted when the valve becomes rusted, the filter becomes clogged, and the seal becomes damaged. A leak then develops at the knob as a result. To get a sense of the big picture, look at the chart below.

Internal seal gets damagedReplace the seal.
The knob gets loosenedPut a Teflon tape around the knob.
O-ring gets damagedReplace the O-ring.
The filter outfit gets cloggedTake out the filter and clean it.
The valve gets corrodedUse silicon grease to smoothen it.

Internal Seal Gets Damaged

The internal seal gets damaged the majority of the time, which is when the GreenWorks pressure washer gun leaks. It takes place right where the machine’s hose attachment is. There is a knob that holds a valve, an O-ring, a filter washer, or a seal. The water supply is stopped and the leak is caused when the seal is damaged.

Solution:Remove the knob, then remove the seal. Use a caliper to take a measurement. then purchase a new seal that is the exact same size.

The Knob Gets Loosened

Sometimes, after removing the knob, you’ll see that nothing is damaged. But as the knob is turned, the leak will continue to exist. When you use a machine for a long time, it happens.

Solution: Take the knob off. Check to see if any of its parts are defective. Put Teflon tape around the seal or the knob if everything appears to be in order.

The O-ring Gets Damaged

Inside the knob is an O-ring. It is sometimes harmed. The leak is primarily due to old O-rings.

Solution:Remove the O-ring and unplug the knob. Change it out for a new one. If you’re lucky, the market will sell O-rings made specifically for your machine.

The Filter Gets Clogged

You can see a filter washer inside the knob if you take it off. It stops undesirable components from entering your machine. It may become clogged after years of use.

Solution:Remove the knob, then locate the filter washer. It is O-shaped and available in black. It’s obvious at first glance. Make sure this component is clean and free of debris.

The Valve Gets Corroded

Rubber valves are standard on most pressure washers. Rubble valves can be found on a few GreenWorks models as well. When a machine is used frequently without any grease in the knob, the valve corrodes and suddenly leaks.

Solution:To make the valve smoother, use silicon grease. Take out the valve before adding the lubricant. then consistently apply oil to the knob. The valve doesn’t have to be removed each time.

[Note: In the pressure washer, the hose doesn’t leak. The hose attachment is where most of the leaks appear. You may need a wrench every time you detach the attachment.]

How Do I Stop My Pressure Washer From Leaking?

People frequently ponder the mystery of why their own pressure washer leaks without even realizing it. Your machine won’t leak if you take good care of it. How would you go about performing proper maintenance is the question now.

You can take better care of your pressure washer if you have some basic knowledge about them. You must pay close attention to the items we’ve listed below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you fix a leaky pressure washer gun?

You must remove the pressure washer gun from the joint and look for the O-ring if it is leaking. Most likely, the O-ring will be near the gun’s mouth’s edge. On either side of the firearm, there will be two O-rings. Simply remove them and install new ones. Reunite the machine and the gun once more.

Why is my pressure washer leaking at the handle?

The O-ring is frequently to blame for leaks near the handle. This tiny tool is located between the trigger handle and wand, as well as one at the hose’s end. After many years of use, it corrodes and stops the water from flowing, which results in a leak.

Can you change the nozzle on the GreenWorks pressure washer?

Yes. It’s simple to replace the nozzle on the GreenWorks pressure washer. Pull the collar on the pressure washer wand before doing this. Pull the old nozzle out next. Pull the collar once more, then put the new nozzle in. Dragging it once more while leaving the collar on will confirm that it is firmly in place. If it seems appropriate, your work was successful.


The advice given above clarified the cause of the pressure washer gun leakage issue with GreenWorks and demonstrated how to carry out appropriate maintenance. To provide good service, each component needs to be handled with care. Pressure washer made by GreenWorks is no exception.

We hope you will fix any leaks in your pressure washer yourself the next time you notice them. Every step is simple enough for anyone to complete. However, please let us know right away if you have any trouble fixing it. You’ll see a better cure from us.