Here Are The Solutions If Your Bosch Pressure Washer Keeps Cutting Out!

Are you perplexed as to why your Bosch pressure washer keeps crashing? The majority of pressure washers exhibit these symptoms after extended use, so the issue isn’t specific to Bosch models.

There are many potential causes for your pressure washer to keep cutting out, including a faulty valve, a leak in the hose, a loose hose connection, a leak in the power supply, etc.

Whatever it may be, we’ll talk about the most typical causes of a pressure washer that keeps cutting out in this article.

Take A Quick Look At The Reasons And Solutions

Problems Solutions
Faulty power connectionMake sure the connections are good and the wires are also in good condition.
Hose leak, blockage, or narrow diameterRepair the leak / Open the block / Use large diameter hose
Air blockBleeding the pressure washer
Water pump leakTightening and sealing the pump or getting the pump replaced
Overheated motorRemove the cable from the electrical socket and cool it down.

This guide is essential if you’re worried about your Bosch pressure washer frequently cutting in and out and want to stop it. There are many causes for this, as we have already mentioned, but we will focus on some of the most prevalent ones.

Faulty Power Connection 

The majority of the time, a bad power connection is what causes the pressure washer to shut off. Now, there are numerous potential causes for a bad power connection, including a loose connection, a bad wire, using a cable with a lower AMP rating, etc.

It is common to get carried away when using a pressure washer and overextend the power cable, which can interrupt the power. A slight pull on the cable plug can turn off the power supply; the plug doesn’t have to be completely removed from the electrical socket.

Most manufacturers advise using an extension cable no longer than 10 to 13 meters because a longer length may occasionally cause the machine to lose power.

Additionally, you must confirm that the cables you use have the recommended AMP rating. A pressure washer that has a lower AMP rating may abruptly shut off.

Any pressure washer, regardless of brand—Bosch, Panasonic, or Dewalt—can experience this type of issue.

Air Block in the System 

This occurs when the pressure washer hasn’t been used for a while. Long-term sitting causes air to enter pressure washer systems, which, despite seeming like a minor problem, can permanently harm the machine.

The washer cutting out is the most typical sign that there is an air block in the machine. You need to bleed the machine in order to fix it.

Taking the air out of the system is the process of bleeding. Here’s how to do it:

Additionally, if the unloader valve is stuck, the pressure washer may shut off while it is in use.

Hose Leak

Make sure there are no leaks by thoroughly testing the garden hose that is attached to a water faucet. The motor will cycle if the hose leaks because it won’t be able to pump out enough water, which could result in pressure cutting out.

Check to see if the hose isn’t also blocked. We’re not referring to a hose that is completely blocked and obvious.

The waterway in the hose becomes partially blocked over time by dirt and grime, which prevents the washer motor from pumping the required volume of water.

Faulty Water Pump 

Low water pressure may be caused by the water pump itself leaking oil or water. To find out, you should tighten all of the bolts and properly seal the pump so that it stops leaking. It’s time to visit the mechanic shop if you still notice that it is dripping water or oil.

If the pressure washer is still covered by warranty, speak with the manufacturer.

Overheated Motor

Long-term use of an electric pressure washer outside in the sun can cause the motor to overheat. Additionally, as the pump warms up, it has to work harder to draw water, which leads to the pressure washer cutting out.

Avoid operating a pressure washer for an extended period of time in the sun because the intense heat could burn the motor. Remove the plug from the power outlet, put the machine in a shaded area, and let it cool down if you smell anything burning or notice that the motor is heated up.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why does my pressure washer keep cutting in and out?

If the motor is underperforming, the water supply is low, the motor is dripping, the hose is leaking, etc., the pressure washer may keep cutting in or out.

How do I stop my pressure washer from pulsing?

The most likely cause of your pressure washer pulsing is an air block in the system. You’ll need to bleed the system to remove the air. Please take a look at the video where we demonstrate the bleeding process.

How do I stop my pressure washer pump from overheating?

Avoid operating the pressure washer for an extended period of time in the sun. Avoid exceeding the pressure washer’s capabilities.

Why is the Bosch pressure washer not turning on?

Make sure the cable that connects to the power outlet is in good condition. Verify that the motor isn’t dripping water or oil. Make sure the motor isn’t burned out or overheated as well. These are the most frequent causes of Bosch pressure washer failure.


In case your Bosch pressure washer keeps cutting out, look at the aforementioned factors. As we’ve previously stated, there are many causes for pressure washers to stop working, and while these are some of the most frequent causes, there are many more.