Fixes for 9 Common Problems That Cause a RYOBI Chainsaw to Lose Power

After putting your chainsaw through its paces, you notice that it does not work as smoothly as it did when you first purchased it. It is beginning to slow down, which indicates that it will not offer you with the strength you need to complete the task that has to be done.

If the engine of a RYOBI chainsaw is not supplied with the oxygen, fuel, and spark that are required for combustion, the chainsaw will have a reduced amount of power.

This might be the result of a dirty carburetor, blocked fuel lines, a dirty spark plug, a plugged air filter, a clogged spark arrestor, a plugged fuel filter, or a clogged fuel filter. Other possible causes include a dirty spark plug, a plugged air filter, and a clogged spark arrestor. There is a possibility that the carburetor has to have its settings altered as well.

Before undertaking any kind of repairs, you need to make sure that you have completed all of the prerequisite safety steps, such as removing the wire from the spark plug and waiting for anything that moves to come to a complete stop.

Causes of a RYOBI Chainsaw’s Decreased Performance:

  • Plugged air filter
  • Clogged spark arrestor
  • Plugged fuel filter
  • Clogged or punctured fuel line
  • Old fuel
  • An unclean carburetor
  • Carburetor needs an adjustment
  • Dirty spark plug
  • Chain brake engaged

Before diagnosing, repairing, or operating your equipment, be sure to follow all of the safety guidelines that are included in the operator’s handbook. In the event that you do not possess the necessary knowledge, abilities, or physical state to make the repair in a secure manner, you should seek the assistance of a trained expert.

This Is the Reason Behind Your RYOBI Chainsaw’s Declining Power

RYOBI Chainsaw with the Air Filter Connected and Running

Your chainsaw’s air filter is a component that must be serviced regularly as part of its maintenance. It is the job of the filter to prevent debris such as dirt and sawdust from being drawn into the engine, where they might cause wear and damage.

Cleaning up after using your chainsaw in these situations is difficult. The accumulation of dirt on the filter might cause it to get clogged if it is not cleaned on a regular basis, which would prevent an adequate amount of air from passing through it.

A reduction in the amount of air that is supplied to the engine will result in a loss of power. When you see this happening, you should examine the filter. It should be cleaned or replaced if required. Under no circumstances should you use your chainsaw without the air filter. If you do this, you might end up causing major damage to the engine.

To clean the FLEECE air filter on a RYOBI chainsaw, do the following:

  • While you are cleaning the air filter housing and removing the filter, be sure that the choke is closed so that dirt does not enter the carburetor choke.
  • Take off the lid of the air filter.
  • Remove any debris and sawdust from the area surrounding the air filter before cleaning it.
  • Take the air filter out of the device.
  • To clean the filter, first knock the dirt out of it, then use compressed air to blast air from the inside out. DO NOT use the usage of a brush.
  • In the event that the filter is really grimy, wash it in a solution of a gentle dish detergent and water, and then rinse it from the inside outward until the water is clear.
  • Give the filter enough time to dry up entirely in the air. Heat should NEVER be applied to the filter since doing so might permanently destroy it. OIL SHOULD NOT BE APPLIED TO THE FILTER.
  • Replace the soiled filter with the clean one.
  • Invest in and set up a replacement air filter in the event that the one currently being used is severely soiled or destroyed.
  • Replace the cover and reattach it.

Chainsaw manufactured by RYOBI suffering from a Blocked Spark Arrestor

The majority of RYOBI chainsaws are equipped with a spark arrestor screen as a standard safety feature. The screen is connected to the muffler and serves the purpose of preventing hot exhaust material from blasting out of the muffler.

When the screen gets clogged with carbon buildup, you may suffer a loss of power in which the RYOBI chainsaw will not operate at maximum RPMs. This may happen when the screen becomes blocked. This is due to the fact that the engine is unable to exhaust a sufficient amount of gas.

It is important to examine and clean this screen on a regular basis to avoid accumulation. To do this, first remove the wire from the spark plug, then wait for the muffler to cool down completely.

Remove the spark arrestor screen with extreme caution. Use a brush made of metal to scrub it clean. In the event that you discover any tears or holes in the screen, you should switch it out with a brand new spark arrestor screen.

As soon as you have finished installing a new or clean spark arrestor, you should reattach the engine exhaust cover and the engine cover. If you are finished with all of the necessary repairs and maintenance, you should reattach the wire to the spark plug.

Utilizing stale gas in your RYOBI Chainsaw

When the engine of your RYOBI isn’t receiving the proper amount of gasoline, you will notice that it begins to lose power. This might be the result of a clogged gasoline filter, a clogged fuel line, or a filthy carburetor, all of which can impede the flow of fuel.

It’s possible that the carburetor merely has to have its settings adjusted in order to correct the quantity of gasoline that is mixed in with the air.

First things first, make sure the fuel supply is current by inspecting it. If it is an older vehicle, you should fill it up with new gasoline. Here you can find further information about the fuel that is compatible with your RYOBI chainsaw.

Chainsaw with a Clogged Fuel Filter made by RYOBI

A minuscule component in the form of a cylinder is fastened to the gasoline line in order to prevent dirt and other particles from entering the fuel system. This gasoline filter is located inside of the fuel tank of the vehicle.

It is possible for the gasoline filter to get clogged if it is not changed out on a regular basis or if you use fuel that is very unclean. This prevents an adequate quantity of fuel from passing through the filter.

A RYOBI chainsaw will see a drop in power if its supply of gasoline is interrupted. A clogged air filter should be swapped out for a fresh one.

Chainsaw with a Clogged or Punctured Fuel Line, Manufactured by RYOBI

There is a good chance that old gasoline that has been lingering in the chainsaw will leave behind varnish and sticky deposits that will block the fuel line. This might potentially impede the flow of gasoline.

If you discover that there is a clog in the fuel line, you will need to remove the fuel line and clean it using carburetor cleaner in order to get rid of the blockage. In order to remove the obstruction, spray the carburetor cleaner into the line. After that, pass a stream of pressurized air across it in order to clear the obstruction.

Spraying the cleaner and clearing the line with compressed air should be repeated until the obstruction in the line has been removed. If you notice that the line is dry or cracked, you should replace it with a new one.

Another thing you should check for is a gasoline line that has been ruptured. It’s possible for air to get into the fuel system if one of the lines becomes ruptured. When there is no longer the appropriate ratio of fuel to air in the cylinder, adding more air to the cylinder might cause your RYOBI to lose power.

Chainsaw carburetor needs cleaning on a RYOBI model

The carburetor of your RYOBI chainsaw is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate amount of air and fuel are combined throughout the starting process and during the chainsaw’s operation. It is possible for the chainsaw’s passages to get clogged, and the chainsaw’s smaller components may cease to work properly, both of which may result in the chainsaw being inoperable.

An old fuel mixture is one of the primary causes of a RYOBI carburetor failing to function properly. It’s possible that you may get your carburetor to operate again by giving it a good cleaning or by rebuilding it. In the event that this does not work, the carburetor will need to be replaced.

A RYOBI Chainsaw’s Carburetor Requires Some Kind of Adjustment

If you want to vary the RPMs both while the engine is running at idle and when it is at full power, the carburetor may need to be modified. Adjustments like this are made using the carburetor’s adjustment screws, which may be found on the device.

The screws have the letters “L” and “H” labeled on them to indicate low and high speeds, respectively. After letting the chainsaw run at its normal speed, adjust the “L” low-speed screw by turning it in both the clockwise and counterclockwise directions until you locate the “sweet spot” where the chainsaw runs quickly yet smoothly.

Next, make the necessary adjustments to the “H” high-speed in order to get a decent, smooth RPM when the throttle is fully open. If you over-adjust the vehicle’s settings and let the RPMs climb too high, you will end up damaging the engine.

There are restrictions placed by RYOBI on the kind of changes that may be made to the carburetor. You should take your chainsaw to the RYOBI dealer in your area if you are experiencing issues with the carburetor.

It is possible that a specialized tool is needed in order for your dealer to perform the necessary modifications to the carburetor.

Chainsaw made by RYOBI has a soiled spark plug in it.

It is necessary to have spark in order to ignite the gasoline and air combination in the cylinder in order to generate combustion and keep the chainsaw running. The RYOBI chainsaw will become difficult to use and less powerful if it is not receiving a constant spark.

A spark plug is a component that requires regular maintenance. It has to be changed out on a regular basis. If it is used occasionally, you should consider changing it once a year at the very least.

However, if you use your chainsaw often, the plug may need to be replaced once every three months in order to guarantee that it is functioning properly.

Over time, the spark plug will get filthy, which will result in an inconsistent spark as well as a reduction in power. Take off the spark plug so that you can examine the tip. You may use a wire brush to clean it if it is unclean but not very dark in color. If it is dirty but not very dark in color, try using a wire brush.

If you examine the spark plug and see that it has a very black color, fractured porcelain, or a burned electrode, you will need to replace it with a new one.

It is important to confirm that the distance between the spark plugs is proper before inserting new ones. Install the plug, and make sure the wire for the spark plug is attached firmly. It’s possible for the chainsaw to bog down and lose power if the gap isn’t set correctly or if one of the wires is loose.

On a RYOBI Chainsaw, the Chain Brake is Currently Being Engaged

The chain brake is a handle made of plastic that is attached in front of the usual handle of the chainsaw so that it may stop the chain from moving. This is a safety mechanism that has been placed so that the user will be protected in the event that the saw kicks back.

If you activate the chain brake on your chainsaw, its performance will suffer and it will lose power. Please ensure that the chain brake is set to the “off” position before continuing.