A Bad Boy Zero Turn Loses Power for These 11 Reasons

Damaged or stale fuel restricts the flow of fuel, a poorly performing or overworked engine, and a lack of fresh air all contribute to the loss of power and stalling of a Bad Boy zero-turn mower’s engine.

Power issues can be caused by a number of factors, including a clogged fuel filter, a clogged air filter, a filthy spark plug, an incorrect oil level, a dirty cooling system, a clogged mower deck, or even outdated gas.

Please observe all of the warnings and instructions included in your Bad Boy’s user guide. Before attempting any repairs, take precautions such as removing the ignition key and spark plug boots.

A Bad Boy Zero Turn Loses Power for These 11 Reasons

11 Reasons Why Your Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower Isn’t Getting Enough Power

The Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower Runs on Old Gas

Today, ethanol is found in the majority of gasoline. Your Bad Boy zero-turn may have issues if you use this alternative fuel in its little engine.

It is important to keep the fuel system dry, as ethanol pulls moisture from the air. The ethanol and water combination is not only harmful to mower components, but also leaves behind varnish that reduces fuel flow and hence reduces engine power.

Therefore, you should only stock up on as much fuel as you can use within 30 days, otherwise it will begin to deteriorate. Put an additive into the gas tank to extend the gas’s shelf life and decrease the amount of moisture in the gas tank.

The ANSWER is to transfer the contaminated fuel to a separate container. Get some new gas in your tank. Bad Boy lawn mowers that run on gasoline require unleaded petrol with an octane value of 87 or higher and no more than 10% ethanol.

Use of fuel with a greater ethanol percentage is discouraged due to the negative effects of ethanol on small engines. Read my other pieces to find out which gasoline is best for your Gravely zero-turn mower and how to stabilize your fuel with an additive.

Your Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower’s Filthy Carburetor

When fuel and air are combined, the carburetor controls how much of each gets burned. Runoff chemicals can clog fuel passages, preventing the engine from receiving the ideal gas-to-air ratio.

When this occurs, your mower’s loss of power could be due to the carburetor becoming clogged. If fuel is not reaching the cylinder, the carburetor should be cleaned.

Verify fuel is reaching the carburetor before you dismantle it for cleaning. Following the removal of the air filter, carburetor cleaner should be sprayed into the intake.

Getting the engine going again to see if it performs better might help. After a period of strong performance, the engine may lose power or die unless the carburetor is cleaned. The article provides detailed advice on how to maintain your zero-turn mower’s carburetor.

The Fuel Filter Is Clogged on Your Bad Boy Zero Turn

The gasoline filter can become clogged with grime and other residues from using stale fuel. So that the engine gets the gas it needs to operate at peak efficiency, it will be unable to restrict the flow of fuel to the fuel injectors.

Your Bad Boy zero-turn may experience a loss of power and sluggish performance as a result of this fuel restriction.

FIX: Install a brand new inline fuel filter in place of the old one. The recommended maintenance interval for this filter is once per year.

Your Bad Boy Zero Turn’s Fuel Line Is Clogged.

An further cause of diminished fuel flow is debris in the fuel line. Start the engine and turn off the fuel using the shut-off valve at the bottom of the fuel tank, or crimp the fuel line to see if there are any obstructions.

Reduce or halt fuel delivery. To begin, cut off the fuel line at the point farthest from the tank and store it in a separate container. Turn on the water to see if anything is stuck. It may be necessary to inspect other parts of the gasoline line.

Remove the affected part of gasoline line and spray it with carburetor cleaner if you discover a clog. The sluggishness ought to be alleviated now.

The next step is to clear the line of the impediment by blowing compressed air through it. If you can’t get the obstruction out, or if the gasoline line is dry and fractured, you should get a new one.

Fuel filters can become clogged, so make sure you check them and replace them if necessary.

Air Filter for Bad Boy is Clogged

If your engine isn’t getting enough air, it won’t be able to perform as well. This can be caused by a clogged air filter.

The filter serves to prevent engine damage caused by dirt and other debris that might be drawn into the air intake system. Filters need to be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis to prevent buildup of dirt that would otherwise prevent airflow.

The filter must be checked. As far as maintenance goes, I advise having the air filter changed once a year and washing it numerous times over the mowing season.

The filter on your Bad Boy mower needs to be updated or cleaned more frequently than usual if you use it for business purposes or mow more frequently than the normal homeowner.

THE SOLUTION: Have your air filter checked and cleaned. Replace the filter if it is severely soiled or broken.

Cleaning the Paper Element of a Bad Boy Zero-Turn Air Filter

  • Take off the filter from the housing for the filter.
  • It’s a good idea to use a dry cloth to remove any lingering dust or dirt from the housing. If you want to keep the air filter clean, you can’t let dust particles fall into the intake.
  • The air filter can be cleaned by tapping it against a hard surface in order to dislodge as much dust and debris as possible.
  • Raise the filter to the light.
  • If the paper element of your filter is not destroyed and light can pass through it, you can reuse it. If the air filter is dirty, then you need get a new one.

Powerless Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower Caused by Faulty Spark Plug

Interruption of the spark caused by a dirty spark plug is a common cause of power loss in zero-turn mowers. Carbon buildup, wear, and damage to the spark plug should all be checked.

If you locate a spark plug that is dirty or damaged, the best solution is to get a new one and install it in the mower.

If the spark plug is not particularly dirty or worn, you can try cleaning it with a wire brush and reusing it.

Spark plug wires and electrode gaps must be properly attached per manufacturer guidelines for the engine.

Your Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mower’s Engine Has Low Oil

You will notice a decrease in power output from your Bad Boy zero turn if there isn’t enough engine oil in the crankcase. When there isn’t enough oil to act as a lubricant, friction increases.

The engine overheats and loses power as a result of this friction.

Parts of the engine can melt if the warning signs of a low level aren’t noticed in time because of the rising heat. This may necessitate expensive engine maintenance or even replacement.

Before each mowing, make it a habit to check the oil level. This doesn’t take long but can prevent major engine failure by detecting even minor oil leaks.

Never risk engine failure by not using enough oil. Overheating and other performance issues can result from failing to do so.

When your engine is low on oil, you can fix the problem by topping up the oil to the level specified in the owner’s manual.

If your zero-turn mower’s engine still isn’t working after replacing the oil, you should get it inspected by a professional small engine repair to determine the extent of the internal damage.

Bad Boy Zero-turn Mower’s Engine Has Too Much Oil

The engine will start to smoke if you put too much oil in the crankcase. Excess oil in the engine can cause pressure to build up and force oil into the cylinder through the valves.

This causes the oil in the cylinder to burn with a bluish white haze.

If you keep on driving your Bad Boy with too much oil, you will eventually destroy the seals, hydrolock the engine, and bend the piston rod. If your engine has too much oil, you can fix the problem by draining some of it.

Since your engine need clean air to function, this heavy cloud of smoke could clog your air filter, preventing it from doing its job. You should clean or replace your spark plugs and air filter as needed.

The Bad Boy Engine’s Cooling System Is Inadequate

Avoid having your engine overheat and lose power by keeping it cold. Get rid of the grass clippings, dirt, and debris that have accumulated around your engine to ensure proper airflow.

Solution: Clean out the clutter that has accrued under the engine cover.

The Zero Turn’s Dirty Engine Cooling Fins

When it comes to keeping the engine at a safe operating temperature, nothing beats the cooling fins. Keeping the area around your engine clean will prevent your engine from overheating and losing power, and the same holds true for your cooling fins.

When the fins collect debris like grass clippings and mud, they can’t propel as much air to the engine.

Remove any obstructions from around the cooling fins and replace any damaged ones to restore appropriate operation.

The Bad Boy Lawn Mower Engine Was Overworked

Overloading your engine causes it to have to work harder, which can result in a loss of power. There may be a loss of power while starting the blades on your Bad Boy mower.

The Current Ground Speed is Too High for Mowing.If you mow your lawn at a breakneck pace, you could be putting unnecessary strain on your Bad Boy zero-turn mower. Put in some extra time to mow the lawn the way you want to. For instance, mowing a thick lawn requires more effort from the engine than a thin lawn.

When cutting thick grass, SLOW DOWN your zero-turn mower. Take it easy on the accelerator when mowing uphill. Uphill mowing puts more strain on the vehicle’s motor.

Using a Bad Boy Mower on Grass That Is Wet or OvergrownMowing wet or tall grass puts a significant strain on your mower’s engine compared to cutting grass that is a more manageable length. Cut the grass only if it’s completely dry.

This alleviates stress on the engine and prevents grass clippings from accumulating under the mower deck.

The ANSWER: Mow frequently so your grass doesn’t get unmanageably tall. Mowing tall grass requires that you raise the deck of your mower to its highest setting for the initial pass, and then lower it for the subsequent passes.

If as all possible, postpone your mow until conditions improve. If you must mow this sort of grass, do so at a slower zero-turn pace so as not to overwork the grass.

Overgrown Grass on the Deck of Your Bad Boy Lawn TractorYou need to keep the deck of your mower clean for the blades to turn smoothly. When debris like grass clippings and dirt get stuck in the mower deck, the engine has to work harder to push the blades through the obstruction with each round. When cutting, the Bad Boy engine can lose some of its oomph.

It is recommended that you scrape your deck frequently to remove any buildup of debris. Mowing when it’s wet will only cause grass to accumulate under your deck.

Having extra junk under the cutting deck makes your mower’s engine work harder, which drains power and ultimately results in a less-than-ideal cut quality from your Bad Boy mower.

Dull Bad Boy Zero-Turn Mower BladesMowing with dull mower blades and a clogged mower deck just exacerbates the lack of power you’re already experiencing.

Examine your blades to see whether they need to be sharpened or replaced. The inspection and honing of blades is covered in further detail here.

Still Having Issues with Your Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower?

When you’ve had a lawnmower for a while, it’s bound to develop some sort of trouble, whether it won’t start, won’t stay running, smokes, leaks gas, cuts poorly, vibrates, or something else entirely.

I’ve compiled this guide to assist you save time and money the next time your Bad Boy mower breaks down.

Common Bad Boy Lawn Mower Issues & Fixes is where you’ll discover this manual.

Hire a professional to fix your Bad Boy lawn mower if you don’t feel confident diagnosing and fixing it yourself.

This will assist keep you safe and keep the mower from getting any worse. For assistance, contact a Bad Boy dealer or repair facility in your area.