Craftsman Weed Eater Won’t Stay Running (Common Causes & Easy Solutions)

Why craftsman weed eater won’t stay running? It happens commonly because of dirty fuel components. Fuel can create a thick sticky residue clog in different parts. There are many other reasons for uneven or stopped running of weed eaters.

This article will guide with proper causes and solutions. Ensure reading from top to end without skipping.

Craftsman Weed Eater Won’t Stay Running

There are several reasons why a craftsman battery weed eater won’t stay running. The most common issues are old fuel, clogged fuel filter & dirty carburetor.

However, other common issues related to it will be discussed below the table.

CausesSolution For Such Problems
Old FuelNew Fuel
Clogged Fuel FilterClean Or Replace
Piston, Muffler & Exhaust Port IssueRemove Carbon Build up
Improper Gas SupplyReplacing Supply Tank
Dirty CarburetorDeep Cleaning Or Replace

Old Fuel

A weed eater or trimmer needs fuel to run on. Just like how our body needs fresh food, weed eaters also need fresh fuel. Old fuel doesn’t properly flow to every part of the engine. It creates friction and stops the functions. So, a craftsman weed eater won’t stay running while using it.

To fix it, remove the old fuel and use the ethanol-free new fuel. Ensure the ratio of gas to oil according to the need. Usually, within 2 or 3 starts, the craftsman weed eater should start running. If it doesn’t start, make sure to contact a professional.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Fuel filters can clog up for sticky carbon residue. Using the wrong fuel ratio or having old fuel for a long time can cause clogged fuel filters. For this clog, fuel can’t pass through the needed place. This stalls the weed eater machine. So, to fix it, deep cleaning of the fuel filter needs to be done. Especially, give emphasis on cleaning all the sticky substances.

If it can’t be cleaned, replace the fuel filter. Lastly, before installing the filter, check for air filters too. A craftsman 25cc weed eater won’t stay running for this reason. Some debris can build up on the air filter because of the old fuel. Removing both can be a bit tricky so try to take professional help.

Piston, Muffler & Exhaust Port

Piston, muffler & exhaust port are three important parts after filters. A craftsman weed eater won’t stay on without them.

Firstly, ensure a gap in the spark plug. Then start looking for carbon build-up above the piston. Mostly it forms crusty dirt over the piston. Try to remove it gently. And replace the piston in case of any worn out.

 Afterward, look for a muffler and exhaust port. They both can also be clogged with debris from carbon. Don’t forget to look at the muffler surface. It can hold debris too. Lastly, look out for clogged or worn-out portions in the exhaust port. It would be really time-consuming if three of the parts are clogged. So it’s recommended to consult a professional.

Improper Gas Supply

Improper gas supply is a huge issue in a weed eater. Without proper gas supply definitely, a craftsman 4 cycle weed eater won’t stay running. The gas supply maintains the engine of the trimmer. Improper gas supply is caused for clogged components and leakage in the gas tank.

Commonly this problem happens due to gas tank leakage. Repairing the tank itself is not possible. So, it is recommended to completely change the tank with a new one.

Dirty Carburetor

At the fuel inlet, there is a carburetor plate. As it is closer to the fuel inlet, it can mostly have formed a clog over time. So, remove the carburetor and look for the dirt build-up. Always clean with a carb cleaner.

Ensure proper cleaning in each part, or else craftsman weed eater won’t stay running. Also, always stay alert while using the carb cleaner. You should wear eye protection as it would cause bad irritation to your eyes. Replace the carburetor if it can’t be cleaned.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my weed eater keep turning off?

Your weed eater keeps turning off due to a faulty fuel line, exhaust, or air intake. But faulty or clogged fuel filters are the most common reason. It happens when fuel is not changed over a long time. Most fuel evaporates, but the rest builds up a thick residue. This residue causes weed eaters to turn off.

What do you do when your weed eater won’t start?

When your weed eater won’t start look for the problem causes. Try using ethanol-free premix fuel as it can be the problem. Also, clean the carburetor or replace it in case of any damage. If still, your weed eater doesn’t start, try to take a professional’s help.

Why does weed eater stall?

A weed eater stalls due to clogged components. Commonly it happens due to clogged spark arrestors. An old weed eater often dirt builds up over time. Also, clogged carburetors can be responsible. In some cases, clogged fuel and air filters are the reasons for stalling.


In short, craftsman weed eaters won’t stay running for several reasons. You should check all the causes before giving up on a solution. Lastly, make sure to take it to a professional in case of trouble.