Ariens Apex VS Gravely ZT HD- Which Is Your Next Lawnmower Brand?

Lawn mowing might look easy but you need proper strategy and yes, a proper machine! Both Ariens and Gravely are classified as high-end residential lawnmowers in terms of proper machines. The main difference is the former is for residential purposes, whereas the latter is for commercial purposes.

So in this tight battle of Ariens Apex VS Gravely ZT HD, which one would win? If you are curious, consider reading this article. It will give you a detailed explanation and a comparison to make your choice and purchase the suitable one.

Ariens Apex VS Gravely ZT HD

Comparison FactorsAriens ApexGravely ZT HD
Deck options3 sizes4 sizes
Usage purposeBest for Residential useBest for Commercial use
DurabilityLess durable as they are not professionally equippedAs they are mainly for commercial purposes, they are super durable.
WeightLightweight and easy accessHeavily weighted
CostThey are comparatively cheaperThey are expensive
WarrantyAriens has a four-year or 500hr residential warranty.Gravely also has a four-year warranty as it is a part of Ariens.

Deck Features

Ariens got three deck options- a 48,52 and a 60 inches. The deck options are not plenty, but it is more than enough for regular use. And it will do its job efficiently, so the limited options wouldn’t worry you much.

Whereas gravely includes four options- 44,48,52, and 60 inches. You also get to choose from a variety of colors.

Usage purpose

Ariens is undoubtedly the best option for residential purposes. Being perfect for your home lawns, it is also lightweight and comfortable. Moreover, it is fast, and the quality is mind-blowing!

On the other hand, Gravely is perfect for commercial use. The professional landscapers always recommend Gravely as it adds extra features to its powerful motor. That makes the lawnmowing flawless more than anything. For example- Gravely includes 180-degree maneuverability that lets you take a 180-degree turn for flawless mowing.


In terms of durability, Ariens zero turn might fall behind a bit. Because it is not so strong and the mower parts get faulty or break down after a few uses. If not maneuvered carefully, it might get into trouble more often. But such things happen rarely, and it is effortless to control and access.

Since Gravely is mainly for commercial purposes, it obviously is super durable. With a  powerful superior motor engine, everything else comes packed, and it is surely longer lasting than the rest in the market.


Ariens users love this brand, and one of the reasons is its lightweight. Since the weight doesn’t bother much, it is easy to move around. And for regular use, you don’t want to take hassle with a heavy weighted machine. Plus, The access panel is nice where you easily get at everything on the deck. Besides, it is also easy to clean. There is a deck height adjuster with a transport lock in it.

Talking about Gravely, it is a bit heavily weighted compared to Ariens. That could be due to its added professional features. And the majestic motor itself carries extra weight. Besides, the pumps of the mower are large, and there are also large spindles made up of cast iron. The decks are thicker as well. That makes it a little heavier, on the whole.


Ariens serves residential use mostly. Also, being lightweight, the price comes in an affordable range. If you are not willing to spend a lot or have a limited budget, you can try Ariens without a doubt.

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On the contrary, Gravely is for commercial purposes. It might put some pressure on your pocket but totally worth it.

Warranty and Customer Satisfaction

Gravely gives you a 4-year warranty period and amazing customer service. Either the team offers you a three-year restricted guarantee, or you might switch to a one-year market warranty. They also offer you frame assurance and even a deck free for a lifetime!

Ariens is also offering the same warranty period as Gravely itself is an updated part of Ariens. Because of its superior build quality and best customer satisfaction, its users have never given up on using it. They are durable, have pumps, and different deck sizes. Additionally, they come with the utmost customer support, which makes them unique!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This part includes some Frequently Asked Questions. If you are more curious or still in a dilemma, consider reading this section carefully.

Which is better Ariens or gravely?

Well, both are high-end landscapers. Ariens is better for residential purposes whereas Gravely is better for commercial purposes.

Is Ariens and gravely the same company?

Apparently, Yes! Gravely is a part of Ariens. An updated version, you can tell. Got different models extensively used commercially.

Are Ariens mowers made by Gravely?

Not really! In fact, Gravely belongs to Ariens only. They were manufactured in different states earlier. However, recently both brands started getting manufactured in Brillion.

Final Thoughts

To conclude if you are looking for a lawnmower for your home; that harms your pocket less and is easy to access and control, you should go for Ariens.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a durable lawnmower that can be used randomly and includes additional features for commercial purposes, Gravely would be the perfect one for you!