4 Causes of Ryobi Backpack Blower Not Starting in Hot Conditions

Why won’t the Ryobi backpack blower start when it’s hot? Excess heat generation interferes with motor operation. Finally, the entire power generation system fails.

Other issues that could exacerbate the situation include ignition coil failure, a severe blockage on the centrifugal pump of the blower, and a clogged carburetor.

A new backpack blower will set you back a lot of money. For the time being, let’s ignore the prospect of purchasing a new model and instead concentrate on resolving the current issue.

Ryobi Backpack Blower Won’t Start When Hot

Ryobi’s hyped backpack blower featured a large 42cc engine. As a result, it is clear that the device requires a properly functioning air filter to keep the entire device cool.

What a bad omen for your cleaning day! First, let’s look at why your Ryobi backpack blower won’t start after warming up.

ReasonsBest Possible Solution
Completely clogged carburetorReplace the clogged carburetor with a new one or clean it.
Faulty spark plugReplace the damaged spark plug.
Malfunctioning ignition coilReplace the ignition coil with a new one.
Clogged spark arrestorClean the spark arrestor.

Problem-1: Completely Clogged Carburetor

The carburetor is the backpack blower’s lifeline. However, it is easily clogged by dust, dirt, and leftover fuel. That is the start of your nightmare! A clogged carburetor renders the engine inoperable. As a result, every time you aim for cleaning, the blower dies.


Try restarting the backpack blower.

If the carburetor needs to be adjusted, you can readjust it to get it working again.

Problem 2: Faulty Spark Plug

Routine inspection of the spark plug is critical for detecting any damage early. The electrode of a spark plug is notorious for accumulating carbon. But how can a layperson with no technical knowledge isolate the issue?

It’s really simple! There is a device known as a spark plug tester. If the spark plug is turned on, it will produce a spark. Otherwise, the spark plug is damaged and it is past time to replace it.

Problem 3: Malfunctioning Ignition Coil

Why is the Ryobibackpackblower difficult to start? Are you having trouble determining the cause? Then, examine the state of your ignition coil. Is it working properly?

The ignition coil is primarily responsible for producing a spark that aids in the ignition of the engine gas. Simply put, it aids in combustion. When the coil fails, the engine misfires and the blower is turned off.

Problem-4: Clogged Spark Arrestor

A clogged spark arrestor is another cause of your backpack blower not starting. It is primarily in charge of trapping hot molecules from combustion. When the arrestor fails to function, the engine overheats and the blower fails to start.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my Ryobi leaf blower not start?

When the carburetor is clogged, the Ryobi leaf blower will not start. The engine will have insufficient fuel and airflow. As a result, the engine will not start.

Why does my Ryobi leaf blower keep shutting off?

The Ryobi leaf blower keeps shutting down due to debris and carbon buildup in the fuel filter.

How do you fix a backpack leaf blower that won’t start?

To begin, clean the clogged carburetor or fuel filter. If it still won’t start, check for a damaged spark plug and replace it.

Final Verdict

It’s difficult to imagine gardening without the Ryobi backpack blower. It simplifies the task and uses less time and energy. However, the Ryobi backpack blower will not always start when it is hot. What could the cause be?

Identifying the exact problem may be difficult, but it is not impossible. You can even accomplish this by employing some hacks and protocols. You should first suspect a clogged carburetor and fuel filter. A faulty spark plug could also keep the blower from starting.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the simple steps outlined above to get your blower working again.