Which Residential Lawn Tractor Is Better: John Deere S140 or S240?

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It is now more difficult than ever to find a reliable and effective lawn mower. Numerous alternatives exist, each of which claims to provide exceptional value. You are probably a residential-grade lawn tender with an ordinary yard if you have reduced your options down to the S140 and S240. Perhaps the walk-behind mowers aren’t cutting it anymore, and you’d want to get the job done faster, neater, and more comfortably. In any case, closing the transaction would need a thorough comparison.

While both the S140 and S240 lawn tractors serve the same purpose, cutting residential lawns, they vary in important ways. The best option for you would ultimately be determined by your priorities.

In this post, we’ll compare the S140 and the S240, two popular models, to help you choose the best lawn tractor for your needs. Go, then!

outdoorstip John Deere S140outdoorstip John Deere S240

John Deere Tractor Models S140 and S240, a Comparative Review

If you have to decide between two similar lawn tractors, the best strategy is to compare their characteristics, highlight the key differences, and go with the one that provides the greatest solution to your problem. Toss off your concern for beauty and concentrate instead on how quickly you can escape the heat and how tidy the outcomes will be.

Quick Facts:

Engine with 22 HorsepowerEngine with 24.5 Horsepower
K46 fully automatic gearboxHydraulic-pump-driven hydrostatic transmission
Forward speed of 5.5 mph and reversing speed of 3.2 mphA forward speed of 6.5 mph and a backward speed of 3.5 mph
The sole 48-inch cutting deckCutters with a 48- and 42-inch blade
Driven by its rear wheels, it has a set of 20-inch, eight-inch-wide tires at the back and a set of 15-inch.AWD system with rear tires measuring 20 inches and front tires measuring 15 inches
Comfortable pedals and a steering wheel designed for maximum ergonomic benefitComfortable high-back seat, leather-wrapped wheel, and foot-operated cruise control: the works
Costs $3,000 – $3,500Costs $3,500 – $4,000
Guaranteed to work for two years or 120 hoursIncludes a limited warranty of either two years or 120 hours

Conflict for dominance

Mowing equipment relies heavily on its power source. Your lawn tractor’s horsepower determines how much labor it can do before you start to wheeze and pass out.

The S140 has a 22-horsepower motor that can handle standard domestic duties. It’s useful for light landscaping work like towing and hauling. The JD S140 can only tow up to 250 pounds, as stated in the instructions. Instead, I suggest you pull no more than 200 pounds to extend the life of your mower.

The S240, on the other hand, has an engine with 24.5 horsepower, giving it twice as much power as the S140 and allowing it to pull 500 pounds. Towing 450 pounds is safer, but the S240 would get the job done faster and more effectively.

Transmission System Comparison

Power is sent to the mower’s wheels through the transmission system. No amount of power will matter if the transmission is causing the machine to be unusable.

The S140 has a K46 automatic gearbox, which employs gears to regulate the transmission’s speed and smoothness. The S240, however, is powered by a hydrostatic transmission. The wheels of the lawn tractor are turned by hydraulic fluid rather than gears.

Geared transmissions aren’t as smooth as hydrostatic ones. Hydraulic pumps are better than those that use gears because of the latter’s jerkiness and incapacity.

Analysis of Velocity

Having a quick mower makes short work of cutting the grass. There’s nothing like feeling the wind in your face as you zoom around the yard to make you forget how boring mowing can be.

The top speed of the John Deere S140 is 5.5 mph, and it can go backward at a rate of 3.2 mph. This would work great for a standard-sized yard. The grass will not be properly mowed if you hurry across it, so take your time and mow neatly.

The S240 has a forward maximum speed of 6.5 mph and a maximum reverse speed of 3.5 mph. As a result, you can complete the task at hand considerably more quickly and effectively. Depending on your grass, you may be able to experience a crisp reduction in peak speed thanks to the gearbox system.

Downsizing the Deck

How big your yard is or how much storage space you have will influence how big your cutting deck will be. The good news is that the deck size is standard across both makes and models of lawn tractors. However, the S240 comes with a 48- to 42-inch deck, whereas the S140 only has a 48-inch deck.

The S240 offers provide a possibility for variation and a lot more efficient cut quality.

Slope Endurance

When it comes to traction, factors like tire size and wheel drive become important. The kind of drive aids in propelling the lawn tractor and maintaining its stability throughout the experience, but the tires must be broad enough to roll over stubs and grip on slopes correctly.

The rear-wheel-drive John Deere S140 rides on 20x8x8 tires at the back and 15x6x6 rubber up front. This size is perfect for a task that just involves a few tilts and some slick ground, but it’s not ideal for a sloping surface. The S240 has a rear-wheel drive setup with 20x10x8 tires and a front-wheel drive setup with 15x6x6 tires. Even though there isn’t much of a difference in tire size between the S140 and S240, the S240’s four-wheel drive gives it a greater chance of keeping its occupants safe on inclines and wet surfaces.

Effortless Use

Having a hurting back every time you mow the grass is something no one wants. We don’t want to risk breaking any bones in our haste to get in and out of the yard. The level of user comfort while mowing may make or break the experience.

The John Deere S140 has an ergonomic seat and steering wheel, as well as a convenient cup holder and foot pedal. The John Deere S240, on the other hand, has a premium steering wheel, a cup holder, and cruise control so the driver can keep going without having to keep their foot on the gas.

Cost Notations

John Deere S140s may be purchased for about $3,000, while S240s can be purchased for $3,500 to $4,000. Depending on the store you make your purchase from, there may be minor variations. Make sure you purchase from a reliable dealer who will be easy to get in touch with should you ever need to make use of the machine’s warranty.

Machine Warranties

There is a two-year or 120-hour limited warranty on John Deere S140 and S240 models that covers manufacturing faults, replacement, and workmanship. Depending on where you buy a lawn tractor, the warranty may be different, so it’s important to talk to a reputable dealer about this. When you really need your warranty, the last thing you need is for anything as easy as a misunderstanding to throw you into a loop. When looking to buy a lawn tractor, more information is usually appreciated.

Tips for Deciding Between the S140 and S240 Lawn Tractors

When you consider that each model has its own set of advantages, it might be difficult to choose. The greatest option for you, however, may be inferred from your specific circumstances. First and foremost, your mowing needs will determine which model is ideal for you.

How Big A Lawn You Have

Both the S140 and the S240 are suitable for domestic use and can cut grass on lawns up to three acres in size. However, the S240 makes short work of lawns larger than 1 acre. The S140 is a good choice if your yard is between one and two acres in size and has a decent amount of features. If your lawn is more than 2 acres, the ideal lawn tractor is the S240. The time and energy you would have spent mowing your expansive yard with the S140 mower will be saved.

Specifics About Your Garden

You’ll need a stronger transmission to go up and down the hills, ditches, obstructions, and bumps in your yard. The S240 is your riding mower of choice because of its hydrostatic transmission and larger tires. If, on the other hand, you think of your lawn as a rather dramatic or quite basic plain, the S140 will save you some cash.

Think about the dimensions of your yard as well. Whether or not your desired lawn tractor has specific acreage mowing features, you should still take it into account while making your purchase.

Work to Be Done in the Yard

If you want to use an S140 or S240 for commercial mowing, you may expect to replace it every five years at the very least. The amount of work involved is proportional to the size of your yard, the number of characteristics it has, and the number of activities you want to carry out there. The S140 is the vehicle for you if all you need is a simple mower or trailer.

But if you also mow logs and tools across the grass, you’ll be pleased with the S240. To avoid damaging the mower’s hydraulic pumps, which would be quite expensive to repair or replace, never tow more than the manufacturer recommends.


For senior citizens who still take pleasure in mowing the grass sometimes, comfort is of the utmost importance. Choose the S240, which has armrests and cruise control, if you want to take it easy while you mow the grass.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but the S140 and S240 aren’t exactly the plushest rides around. There would still be some jerks and yanks, but S240 is the most comfortable option. This is due to the fact that the S140’s gear gearbox causes rougher rides than the hydrostatic system does.

Concerning S140 and S240, Frequently Asked Questions
Can we expect the S240 to outlast the S140?

The S240 is constructed with stronger mechanics than the S140, therefore it is expected to survive longer. However, the results might vary greatly depending on the user. If you push your mower above its recommended limit, it will break down sooner.

In terms of grass mulching, are the S140 and S240 capable?

Although the S140 and S240 can mulch grass to some extent, I am not happy with the results. They don’t have enough muscle to effectively mulch grass. The S140 may be used for mulching, but only if you buy the mulching kit (available on Amazon). While the S240 is equipped with a mulching kit as standard equipment.

Is there a lot of upkeep for the S140 and S240?

The S140 and S240 may survive for years with just routine machine maintenance. Nothing fancy, just the regular inspections, oil changes, cleaning, lubricating, and filter-changing. The basic mulching deck, however, may need a little more effort to clean thoroughly on the S240, so keep that in mind if you’re comparing the two models.