Which type of oil should I use for my Kawasaki FX801V—synthetic or conventional?

What motor oil is suggested for a Kawasaki FX801V?

Label from Kawasaki: 10W-40 Syn Your solution is to blend with zinc. But your Kawasaki can use other types of oils as well. Your lawn mower engine can operate smoothly with any SAE 10W-40 viscosity SJ or higher-class oil. But not every one of them is the best for you.

Which Kawasaki FX801V oil will provide you with the best experience is the question that still remains.

What’s the ideal oil type for your Kawasaki FX801V?

The list of six recommended oils for your Kawasaki FX801V series engine is presented here.

BrandViscosity GradeOil Type
Kawasaki10W-30Synthetic blend
Valvoline10W-40Synthetic blend
Amazon Basics10W-30Full synthetic

As you can see, the Kawasaki FX801V is compatible with all four types of oil: conventional, semi-synthetic, full synthetic, and synthetic blend. However, not all may be suitable for usage in your area.

Can you use full synthetic?

The best performance from your Kawasaki lawn mower can be obtained with the totally synthetic oil. The viscosity grade of this oil is its highest quality. Due to its thickness, this oil performs best in both low and high temperatures.

Full synthetic oil, like the Kawasaki FX921V oil type, is appropriate for everyday use with a typical viscosity of 10W-30. You should only use this type of lubricant if your lawn mower is a Husqvarna or a Toro.

Full synthetic oils are somewhat more expensive, but their performance is unaffected. In less heated climates, the engine can perform to its maximum capability with 100% synthetic oil.

Is Synthetic Blend Acceptable?

A lot of people believe that using mixed oil harms the engine. This is not the case, though. In actuality, the synthetic blend is the oil that is advised for engines made for lawn mowers by the Kawasaki FX801V.

In addition to maintaining the engine’s health, synthetic blend oil provides much better fuel efficiency. This implies that a relatively small amount of oil will persist for days. Additionally, it starts the engine simply and produces less smoke.

The best engine performance is obtained when using synthetic blend oils with a viscosity of 10W-40 or 10W-30. This oil facilitates mowing while also preventing blockages and debris buildup. Overall, the heat the engine creates is decreased.

It is often advised to use the synthetic blend for Kawasaki lawn mowers in warm locations for this reason.

How about semi-synthetic materials?

Although semi-synthetic oils are not very common, they are excellent for older motors. The oil makes starting the engine simpler. Even though it has a viscosity of 20W-50, the engine gradually warms up, so this is not much of an issue.

Compared to other possibilities, this sort of oil can be a little more expensive. It is advised against using this oil unless there are additional Kawasaki FX801V issues or your lawnmower is difficult to start.

Oh, and don’t overlook conventional oil!

Oils produced traditionally are highly accessible. Despite not being specifically designed for lawn mower engines, they accomplish the job flawlessly.

You probably already know that gasoline engines frequently use traditional oil, and that’s how it should be. But it still functions just as well with other kinds of engines. In actuality, regular oil is beneficial to remove any kind of contaminants from the lawn mower.

With the Kawasaki FX801V, conventional oil with a viscosity grade of 20W-50 works well. For regions where it’s warmer out, you should aim to choose for these lubricants.

In essence, these are all the oil varieties recommended for use with the Kawasaki FX801V, and as you can see, each is perfect for a distinct task.


What horsepower is a Kawasaki FX801V?

The FX801V engine produces 25.5 HP, per the user manual and the company’s official website. This will suffice for any type of significant mowing task.

Is gasoline injected in the Kawasaki FX801V?

Yes, the engine is injected with Kawasaki FX801V fuel. This is the procedure for refilling.

What kind of oil filter is used by a Kawasaki FX801V?

The oil filter used by the Kawasaki FX801V is AM107423. With the Kawasaki engines, this one work best.

How much oil is used by the Kawasaki FX801V?

Oil consumption for the Kawasaki FX801V is about 2.3L. Actually, this is how much oil it can hold.


The recommended oil types for Kawasaki FX801V include conventional, synthetic blend, semi-synthetic, and full synthetic. However, not all oils are created equal. Each of these varieties must be used appropriately, taking into account the climate and environment in your area.

Additionally, the state of your Kawasaki FX801V is quite important. Use something your old mower can handle if it is a mower. In such engines, never use 100% synthetic oil. substitute a synthetic mix.

If your mower engine is brand new, pure synthetic oil is still superior. Recall these, then make an informed decision. You’ll have a completely functional mower for your lawn if you do it this way.