What Are The Stihl Ms 291 Problems And How To Solve?

Stihl Ms 291 Problems

Do you want to know about the Stihl ms 291 problems? The most faced one can be not starting issue. And some others can appear as well, depending on various reasons.

This context will show you what problems you will face, how you can address them, and how to recover the problems.

However, if you can find out the problem, it becomes easier to solve it, so the first thing is identifying the problems and then going towards the solutions. Let’s commence.

Stihl MS 291 Problems

When we are talking about the MS 291 model problems, we should keep in mind that it’s a machinery product, and we must face some problems regarding the product.

We can address the problem and why it is happening to the chainsaw, then we can sort it out. So let’s know about the problems at a quick view.

ProblemsThe Reasons
Not startingClogged fuel tank
Stuck chainsawNot reaching the Gas
Compressing problemInappropriate Mixed Gas
OverheatingDull chain

Not Starting Problem

 Most users are facing a common problem is Stihl ms 291 starting problems. They addressed reasons are like clogged fuel tanks or fuel lines. Most of the time, it happens because of being dirty the fuel tank for a particular time.

You can identify the reason if you see that you are starting the chainsaw repeatedly and your chainsaw is not turning On.

Check the fuel tank. If it is dirty, clean it by screwing it out and then repair it. Make sure, before screwing out, take a picture to become sure while you are reinstalling the components.

Stuck Chainsaw

Some users experienced that; sometimes, their Stihl Ms 291 got stuck while they were cutting a tree. And all were they found that the chainsaw didn’t get the Gas.

Well, it can be to you. Don’t worry, that happened because of the loose fuel hose. If the hose gets loose, tighten it and reach the Gas or fuel. Sometimes it causes Stihl easy start problems when you try to apply the easy start option.

Compression Problem

There is an ideal measurement to mix the Gas. That is, the 2.6 oz oil is mandatory per 1 gallon of Gas. The chainsaw may face compression problems if you cannot mix the oil and Gas at the ideal ratio.

Moreover, the fuel has an expiry date on the tank. So, if you keep the fuel on the tank for more than 60 days, it can be the reason for that. So, use 2 cycles of oil with clean Gas in a clean tank.

Besides, because of gas problems, the chainsaw can emit smoke. So beware about the ratio of the mixing of fuel, then you will recover the problem. 


While using the chain saw, if you see it gets hot and hot, it can be because of the dull chain. If you don’t sharpen the chain, it can’t work well enough. And consequently, it will become hot. Moreover, it can be because of scorching the piston from being overheated for a long time.

However, come to the solution, if you see the chainsaw is getting hot, make sure you sharpen the chain. If you can’t do so, hire someone to help you out. And, to avoid this from happening at all, sharpen the chain after a few working days. It will keep you going smoothly.

So, these are the most common issues facing the users of Stihl Ms 291. There are other problems you can face. Such as becoming the carburetor dirty, resulting in not starting the chainsaw. Sometimes it can happen due to the loss of the power of the engine. So, how to deal with the problems will depend on the reasons.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many horsepowers is a Stihl 291?

Stihl is such a saw that it is enriched with power capacity. Its engine power is 3.76 bhp with a fuel capacity of 500 CC or 19.9 oz. Moreover, Stihl gets the power mainly from Gas.

Why is my Stihl Chainsaw not starting?

There are many reasons for not starting the Stihl Chainsaw. Such as, if your fuel tank gets clogged or dirty, the chainsaw may not start. Moreover, if the fuel hose gets loose, then it won’t get the fuel, and consequently, the saw will not start. The dirty carburetor is another reason not to start the saw.

What would cause a Stihl chainsaw not to start?

As we mentioned before, dirty fuel tanks, loose fuel hoses, and dirty carburetors are the reasons not to start the chainsaw. However, there are more reasons behind not starting the chainsaw. And that is dirty fuel filters and lines, as they can’t filter the air.

How do you start a Stihl 291 chainsaw?

There is a specific way to start the chainsaw. Firstly, keep the right toe on the saws opening on the rear handle. Hold the handle with your left hand. Then, the right hand will grip the starter handle on the rope. Then the chainsaw will start.


To conclude, the Stihl Ms 291 problems are most likely not to start the chainsaw. And the problem happens for various reasons.

We tried to demonstrate all the possibilities of the causes. So, try to find out according to the guideline and apply the solving ways.

However, if you can’t clean or screw out some components described before, get help from the dealers or professionals. Otherwise, your buy won’t become worth it. After all, we wish to have a good journey with the Stihl Ms 291 chainsaw and experience good service.