[+Video] Step By Step Process to Dewalt Trimmer Head Upgrade

Dewalt 60V trimmer head upgrade

How can you upgrade the Dewalt trimmer head? No worries. This is not rocket science at all. You can upgrade the Dewalt trimmer head from the comfort of your home. First, you need to carefully remove the older head by following some steps before installing the new one.

But wait, there’s more. We are not through yet about the Dewalt trimmer head upgrade. Therefore, we want to break down the upgrading method step-by-step for you. Besides, we won’t mind recommending the best Dewalt trimmer head.

Let us lift the veil for you!

Dewalt Trimmer Head Upgrade

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You shouldn’t make any delay in upgrading your trimmer head if you notice major performance issues. On the other hand, who wants to waste their time using the bad trimmer on lawns or gardens? Do you?

The process of upgrading is simple and the same whether it is about Dewalt 60V trimmer head upgrade or other series. But before starting your Dewalt string trimmer head upgrade, you should have some tools. It will be better if you have, such as-

Step 1: Turn Off the Trimmer Completely

This is more like a safety measure. You need to turn off your trimmer entirely at the beginning. Yes, we are right. So, what you should do is turn off the ignition switch. Besides, try to make sure the spark plug is not connected. 

Step 2: Set Up Your Trimmer

Positioning the trimmer is essential. It will provide you with much comfort while replacing Dewalt string trimmer head. However, you may need to do a bit of hard work. So, try to fix the trimmer where it won’t move. The best position is to place the trimmer on a table, pointing the trimmer head in front of you.

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Step 3: Remove the Trimmer’s head

Read this point carefully. Now, it’s time to remove the older trimmer head. Let’s say you wear hand gloves and turn off the trimmer completely. What’s next? Very crucial step. You must take the screwdriver to lock the shaft or stop spinning the trimmer head.


You will find a little notch on the left side of the trimmer head. However, it may not be the right side of your stand opposite of what you mentioned above. However, this won’t be a serious issue. First, you must put the screwdriver into the notch to lock the trimmer head.

Once the trimmer head is locked, you need to turn it clockwise. It may need a bit of effort if you don’t have strong muscles. Just kidding!

If you have a wrench at home, you can turn the trimmer head with this. Otherwise, turning the head with both of your hands will be OK.

Step 4: Clean the Area Around the Adapter Bolt

Once you remove the trimmer head, you will see an adapter bolt. It is good to clean around the bolt area for better installing the new trimmer head. Besides, your upgraded trimmer head may face trouble while spinning if the spot remains dirty. While doing this, if you remove the screwdriver inside the notch, you must place it again while inserting the new head.

Step 5: Install the New Trimmer Head

Here’s the deal. You need to install the best trimmer head in this case. However, if you ask for the best replacement head for Dewalt string trimmer, we have something special to recommend to you. Therefore, we won’t hesitate to recommend DEWALT DWO1DT995 Quick Feed Trimmer Head and Line.

To insert the new trimmer head, you need to do the opposite of what you did to remove the older head. You will find the whole just underneath the head. Now it’s time to put the new head on the adapter bolt. Once you have done this, turn the head clockwise. It may need enough force. Use the wrench if you need it.

Besides, you must ensure that the two sides of the string come outside the trimmer head. Get the screwdriver back, and you are all set. 

Step 5: Check the Trimmer

Last but not least, you have to check the trimmer after upgrading the one. We hope it will work perfectly.

So, to give it a go, the steps will remain the same if you ask how to remove Dewalt 20v trimmer head. It makes no difference what model of Dewalt trimmer you have; follow the above steps.

This Video Can Add Some Ease to Your Upgradation!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Replace the Trimmer Head?

Why not? You can replace your trimmer head at any time. Sometimes, it becomes urgent to change or replace the old trimmer head. But you should know how to replace it correctly. Besides, when you tend to replace a trimmer head, ensure it is a good upgrade. However, there are slight differences in replacement based on the type of the trimmer.

Which Trimmer Head Is Best?

You should buy the trimmer head based on the spinning power, durability, etc. Nevertheless, we would like to recommend the DEWALT DWO1DT995 Quick Feed Trimmer Head and Line that comes with quick load spool features. Besides, the trimmer head is super-durable, and you will have enough comfort using the trimmer for lightweight. However, you can buy the trimmer head for maximum cutting performance.

Are All Trimmer Heads Universal?

Certainly not. All the trimmers available on the market are not universal. This means you don’t use one for all the trimmers. But wait! Luckily, some trimmer heads come with several adapters. These are pretty much compatible with many trimmers and are universal. The general rule is that you should buy the universal trimmer, which has an arbor bolt adapter if you own several trimmers.


Finally, let us remind you of a few points. First, you should upgrade the trimmer head for some valid reasons. It is crucial to know these because it won’t be a good move to upgrade the trimmer head if it still performs well. We hope you’ve got the point pretty clear.

We’ve covered all of the important details regarding the Dewalt trimmer head upgrade. But, choose the best trimmer head (recommended above) and perform the up-gradation process precisely. Don’t just randomly buy a trimmer head and try to insert it with the trimmer.