Uneven or Poorly-Cut Grass with Sun Joe Electric Mower (9 CAUSES)

Your lawnmower may not be performing as well as it previously did. It could be making zigzag indentations in the grass or it could be scalping the ground. The cut quality can be improved by addressing a number of relatively simple issues.

Damaged wheels; dull, bent, or worn mower blades; improper mower deck height; excessive ground speed; and a plugged mower deck are all potential causes of a poor or uneven cut with a Sun Joe electric mower.

Before beginning any troubleshooting, make sure that the mower has been turned off, the battery has been removed, and the safety key has been removed.

Uneven or Poorly-Cut Grass with Sun Joe Electric Mower (9 CAUSES)

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Before diagnosing, repairing, or operating, be sure you’ve read and understood all of the safety recommendations in the equipment’s operator’s manual.

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to do the necessary repairs, whether due to a lack of experience or health, you should get in touch with a specialist.

Your Sun Joe Cordless Battery Lawnmower Makes Uneven Cuts

Sun Joe Electric Mower with a Broken Wheel

Make sure the mower’s wheels are in good working order before you do anything else. If a wheel on your mower is damaged, it may not sit flat, which will affect the quality of your cut.

Electric push mowers can be unbalanced if their wheels become loose or damaged. Roll the tires in and out for inspection. Be sure to retighten any dangling fasteners and replace any worn wheels.

Sun Joe Electric Mower Has a Dull or Damaged Mower Blade

Check the Sun Joe mower blade once you’ve made sure the wheels are in good shape. If the blade is dull, you won’t get a clean cut through the grass. A dull blade will only rip the grass’s tips.

If you wait a day or two after mowing, you’ll see that your grass has turned brown. Due to being battered and ripped by a dull blade, the grass’s tips turn brown.

Get a handful of grass the next time you encounter a lawn where the tips have turned brown, and examine them closely. Do they contain tiny tears? If that’s the case, the mower blade on your Sun Joe lawn mower probably needs to be sharpened or replaced.

If the blade of your Sun Joe electric mower is still in decent shape, you can remove it and sharpen it with a file.

A new mower blade should be purchased when the old one is too worn, has gouges, has rounded blade ends, or has a sail that is thinner in the middle than the outside.

Get the blade of your Sun Joe mower in balance.

Check to see that the blade is balanced by placing equal amounts of weight on either end. Sand sucked into the mower deck’s underside can cause uneven blade wear, which can throw the balance off.

Sun Joe blades can also become uneven during the sharpening procedure. An imbalanced blade is the result of excessive metal removal from one end of the blade.

Use a blade balancer to make sure your blades are balanced. You may get a balancer for a low price. The potential for expensive damage to your Sun Joe mower due to a poorly balanced blade makes this a worthwhile investment.

The blade can also be hung from a nail that has been fastened to the wall, with the nail head jutting out from the wall by an inch or so. This will tell you if the blade is perfectly balanced.

You’ll need to file away some metal from the blade’s lower end so it sits flush with the rest of the tool.

A Sun Joe Electric Mower’s Blade is Warped.

Blades on Sun Joe mowers are susceptible to bending when they collide with obstacles like rocks, stumps, or even children’s toys.

Taking a stroll around the lawn before starting the mower is a good idea to make sure there is nothing in the way that the blade could scrape against.

Because of the way the blade is bent, the cut will be jagged. Vibrations in the mower may also result. The best course of action when dealing with a bent blade is to simply remove it from the tool.

Then, disconnect the batteries and park your mower on a level area (s). It’s not a good idea to get under the mower deck until you’ve made sure all the moving parts have stopped.

  • Examine the Sun Joe Lawnmower for a Damaged Blade With the Knife Taken Away
    Take it out and set it on top of a brand new Sun Joe mower blade. If you want to know for sure if your blade is bent, this is the easiest way to do it. A nasty cut might be caused by the slightest bending.

Never try to use a mower blade that has been bent. You’ll be weakening the metal’s integrity by doing this.

A piece of the weak spot could come loose and fly off of your mower deck if you’re moving fast enough. Injuries or property damage could result from this to nearby humans, animals, and things.

A Sun Joe Electric Mower with an Incorrectly Fitted Mower Blade

Using the wrong blade or improperly installing it can cause serious harm to your Sun Joe electric mower. Be sure to mount the blade with the sail raised.

The sails, which are the blade’s elevated edges, catch the wind and fling the grass. The blade’s motor can be damaged if it is mounted with the sail down.

The blade will beat and shred the grass instead of cutting it evenly. The blade and/or engine could be damaged if it runs into any raised areas on the ground.

Sun Joe Electric Mower’s Loose Blade

If the blade isn’t properly fastened, it won’t spin, and your electric mower won’t work. For information on how much torque should be applied when tightening the blade bolt, please consult your user handbook.

Changing the Mower’s Height on a Sun Joe Electric Lawnmower

If you set the height of your mower deck too low, it may not be able to cut through the grass efficiently, resulting in an uneven lawn.

While cutting dense, long grass, raise the mower deck to keep the motor from working too hard.

Double or even quadruple your lawn cutting sessions when the grass is long and thick. The mower deck is raised to its highest setting during the initial cut to achieve this. After making further cuts, lower the deck height until you reach the desired level of cutting depth.

Sun Joe Electric Mower Deck Clogged with Grass

When the cutting deck of your Sun Joe electric mower is clogged up with grass, you won’t get a good cut. This is because the blade will not be able to generate the necessary airflow under your deck to make a good, precise cut.

Suction is created between the mower deck and blade to lift grass out of the way, allowing for a clean, equal cut.

If your mower’s deck is clogged with grass clippings, your motor will have to work harder to turn the blade, which can cause premature wear.

Use a deck scraper or wire brush on a regular basis to remove grass and dirt buildup from the mower deck. Wet grass should not be chopped. When grass is wet, it forms clumps that make it difficult to mow.

Sun Joe Electric Mower’s Top Speed Is Too High for the Ground

Mowing circumstances dictate how fast you need the ground to be moving in order to get a decent cut.

Moving too quickly through your lawn can cause the Sun Joe mower to push over the grass rather than cut it, leading to an uneven or poorly cut lawn if the speeds aren’t adjusted properly.

If you have to mow through a patch of very thick, tall, or damp grass, your lawn mower is going to be working hard. If you want your mower to keep up, you’ll need to slow down.

Overloading the motor is another potential cause of its abrupt shutdown, along with a poor cut.

The Lawn Isn’t Even

Examine the state of your grass. Even if you have a Kobalt mower, you still have an uneven lawn. Your once-even lawn can now be riddled with ruts and lumps.

Due to rodents excavating tunnels through the yard, I have to roll my lawn every spring when the snow melts to level it. If I don’t do this, the mower bounces all over the place, and I end up with a terrible cut.

Determine whether there is any work that needs to be done on your lawn to ensure that it remains level and healthy.