Troy Bilt Tiller Won’t Start? Let’s Know Why And How To Solve It

So, your Troy Bilt tiller won’t start? That is because of some issues in the spark plug or engine. Usually, cleaning a spark plug is the most common solution for this problem. But, there is more you need to know regarding this.

Let’s dive deep into troubleshooting why the tiller won’t start.

Troy Bilt Tiller Won’t Start? Possible Solutions For You

Troy Bilt is not a single tiller, and it has quite a few models. However, all of these tillers have one common problem. And that is spark plug getting dirty over time. If your Troy Bilt tiller won’t start, time to check the spark plug first. Make sure it is clean, or clean it properly and try again.

There is a major chance to solve the problem quickly. However, other things could happen regarding this issue. Let’s solve the problem with particular models.

To commence with, have a glance at all the possible reasons for not starting and their fixes.

Reason for Troy Bilt Tiller Not StartingFixes
Faulty spark plugClean it properly, if it is not possible to replace it.
Dirty carburetorDisassemble and clean the carburetor with carb cleaner
Defective ignition coilReplace it
Broken flywheelReplacing it will solve the issue
Defective recoil starterAssemble it properly or replace it.

Old Troy Bilt Tiller Won’t Start

Although they have overcome starting issues in the newer versions of the tillers, you might get hectic to start. Usually, this problem occurs when you do not use the tiller for a long time.

So, if your old Troy Bilt tiller won’t start, check the spark plug first. Then try to start it. Make sure the choke has no problem. After that, clean the carburetor to give it a chance.

Usually, these tillers are made of comparatively older technology. Especially the carburetor is the main cause of not being started. So, cleaning that along with spark plug cleaning will solve the problem.

Troy Bilt Super Bronco Tiller Won’t Start

This particular tiller model has the same issue for the same reason. Cleaning the carburetor with ethanol can do the damage. Or, your tiller is not starting in the winter season because of not getting enough heat.

Use new fuel with carb cleaner and clean it. Then spray some of it into the spark plug hole and carb venturi. After that, try to start again. It will solve the problem.

Before concluding on a decision, make sure your on/off switch is working fine.

If it is hard to turn on or off, that may cause a faulty connection. And that makes sense why the tiller is not starting. If you have applied the common issues such as cleaning the spark plug, carburetor, and ignition coil, make sure to check the switch. If you find any issue, replace the switch to get the job done.

Well, now dive into the starting problem on the specific models.

Besides, some of these reasons are almost the same when we troubleshoot the troy bilt lawn mower won’t start issue.

Troy Bilt Colt FT Tiller Won’t Start

This newer model tiller usually performs better than others. However, If you find this Troy Bilt 208cc tiller won’t start, make sure to follow the above tips first. Then go for the ignition coil.

If your spark plug is working fine and there is no problem with the carburetor, the ignition coil won’t let it start. But, there is no way you can fix it unless replacing that. Fortunately, that does not cost a lot of money. So, get a new coil ignition and replace it with the old one.

You have to disassemble the carburetor and air filter to access coil ignition. Make sure to use the proper tool to ensure

Troy Bilt Mini Tiller Won’t Start

There are two types of mini tiller available from Troy Bilt a 2-cycle engine and a four-cycle engine. If your Troy Bilt 4 cycle tiller won’t start, make sure to check the air filter.

Indeed you have to do that after checking the carburetor and spark plug. Cleaning the air filter and air vent is going to solve the problem.

For the Troy Bilt 2 cycle tiller, check the above issues first. Then, replace the fuel line and filter to see if the problem lies in that. Also, you have to clean the fuel tank to make sure no dirt is left in the machine that causes starting problem.

Common Starting Problem in Troy Bilt Tillers

Apart from the ignition coil, spark plug, and carburetor, more common problems can cause this issue. Usually, cleaning these parts will solve the problem.

Also, it could be the flywheel that is causing the issue. So, make sure your flywheel is not broken. Usually, if your engine stops suddenly, the flywheel breaks into half to prevent further damage to the engine. Now, check the flywheel and replace it if necessary.

In addition, it could simply happen because of the recoil starter. You have to assemble it properly to ensure it works fine and engage the crankshaft that turns over the engine. It should retract properly to start the engine. If you see the problem lies in here, replace it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you fix a tiller that won’t start?

Usually, you have to clean or change the spark plug. Then check the carburetor, and clean it with proper cleaning liquid and tool. In most cases, your tiller will not cause a problem regarding starting the engine.

Why won’t my Troy Bilt tiller stay running?

Suppose you leave the fuel for a long time, which can cause a clogged carburetor. As a result, your Troy Bilt tiller is not stayed running. So, cleaning it properly is the right solution.

How do you clean a carburetor on a tiller?

Disassemble the carburetor first. Then, mix fuel and carb cleaner and soak the carburetor on it for 20 minutes. After that, assemble all the parts again. If your carburetor has too much dust, use a brush first to clean it, then soak it into the liquid.


That was the solution of Troy Bilt tiller won’t start issue. Usually, fixing this issue is not rocket science. Also, you do not need help from an expert.

However, if you are not able to solve the problem on your own, getting help from an expert is the right decision. Before doing that, make sure you have applied all the possible methods that you know. In most cases, cleaning or replacing the spark plug will solve the issue. And if you know how to clean a carburetor, there is no reason to worry.