Toro Evolution Issues: 7 Issues + Solutions Found!

What is the most typical Toro Evolution issue? The argument might be made about valve failures if we focus on the most typical example.

The excellent Toro Evolution indoor irrigation controller is made just for your lawn. However, some issues, such as valve mistakes, cannot be avoided.

So, are you eager to learn more about these issues? Several of the most typical issues relating to the Toro Evolution irrigation controller will be covered in this article. Continue reading, then!

Problems And Solutions Associated With Toro Evolution

Toro Evolution

Instances where the sprinklers are not actuated must have happened to you if you have ever used fountain controllers. Even if you activate the controller properly, certain electrical issues may still arise.

You should first have a clear understanding of your situation before attempting Toro Evolution troubleshooting. You can look at a quick summary by looking at the table that we’ve created.

Problems With The Toro Evolution Sprinkler System ControllerPossible Causes
Electrical OutagesBroken fuse
Unstable connectors
Wire deterioration
Valve IssuesRuntime data that is faulty
Faulty or filthy sensors
Miscellaneous WateringStartup data that is faulty
The manual override key being activated
Human mistake
Blank ScreenA service interruption
Broken fuse
Non-operational KeysBroken keys
Unstable connectors
Water LeaksDefective component
Broken circuit
Pop-up ErrorsUnreliable relay
Mechanical breakdown
Inadequate performance

Electrical Issues

The most typical issues with any Toro Evolution are said to involve electricity. Since it is one of the most common issues, solving it requires the least amount of work.

Giving the erroneous instructions when pushing another button is one of the signs of an electricity problem. In extreme circumstances, the controller may not function at all.

Depending on the particular issue producing electrical troubles, changing the batteries or the fuse inside is the best option for a solution.

Valve Issues

The majority of individuals frequently assume that valve issues are controller-related. They are only partially accurate, though. This really is due to the fact that the sensors from which the controller receives data are at fault.

These detectors, which are housed inside the valves, are susceptible to filth and breakage. In certain situations, the sprinklers might not spray the appropriate quantity of water or may even stop.

Given that the sensors are what gather the runtime data, you could want to repair them.

Miscellaneous Watering

The chips are to blame if water is suddenly sprinkled randomly across your yard or even skips over areas where you want it to.

In addition to the symptom indicated above, overwatering can also be a sign of unplanned watering. A lawn that has been overwatered may appear damp and may even develop puddles.

The motherboard components within your old Toro Evolution could have been damaged in these circumstances, thus it is preferable to get a brand-new controller.

Blank Screen

Electrical issues resemble the blank screen, but they don’t last as long as blank displays do. Your sprinkler zone going offline completely or partially without any control is one of the symptoms.

These issues are frequently caused by disruptive network waves. The sprinkler unit may not receive the command if these wavelengths conflict with the controller’s initial microwaves.

Since this disturbance is only transitory, there is no cure for the issue. The sprinklers should restart after a brief period of time.

Non-operational Keys

The keys on your gamepad won’t function no matter how hard you press them if your keys aren’t responsive. These problems are typically brought on by malfunctioning keys or weak connectors.

Other typical symptoms include keys not functioning properly and the control module not registering orders.

The ideal solution to the issue is to swap out the outdated keys for functional ones. Additionally, you can tighten the connection between the various keys’ cables.

Water Leaks

Poor water pressure in the pipes might cause water to spill into your grass.

Controllers can only function and communicate commands to the sprinklers through the use of solenoids. Nevertheless, if these solenoids malfunction or fail, water may seep out suddenly.

Anyone who owns a Toro Evolution controller may have a serious problem with this. You can try briefly reversing the voltage supplied to the solenoid to see if it fixes it. Replace the entire solenoid if that fails.

Pop-up Errors

Since few individuals are even aware of their existence, this kind of failure is not particularly often. In fact, many people decide to get a new Toro Evolution controller if their current one has pop-up problems.

Pop-up issues present with a variety of symptoms. The most frequent one, though, is the sprinkler heads’ less-than-ideal performance. Mechanical breakdowns and voltage reductions are two more signs that may be present.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a workaround available that a novice could implement. Therefore, it is essential that you get professional assistance if your Toro Evolution displays pop-up errors.

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Questions And Answers (FAQs)

How Does A Toro Sprinkler Reset?

It’s quite simple to factory rest a Toro Evolution. Simply hold the direction and progress arrows at the same time. Additionally, you must always have the transformer connection turned on. Similar principles apply to Toro Evolution’s reduced voltage reset upon bootup.

What Is A Controller For Evolution?

These remote controls are utilized to operate interior fire sprinklers installed in your home or yard. They are portable and packed with current technology.


Problems with Toro Evolution can be solved, and they don’t even require a lot of time to solve. The solutions are actually fairly straightforward and can even only only a few seconds to complete.

It goes without saying that they expect you to have some experience using the gear. It’s absolutely acceptable if you don’t have the necessary information.

All you have to do is ask a skilled technician who is familiar with repairs for assistance. Your Toro Evolution sprinkler controller ought to function just as well as it did when you first acquired it once the issues have been fixed.