Tiftuf Bermuda Vs Zoysia: Which One is Better For You?

Highlighted difference between Tiftuf Bermuda and Zoysia is in terms of growth rate and price. However, a common feature that matches is color.

Choosing the wrong item for your garden becomes a barrier every time you plan for a beautiful backyard. So, this article will cover everything you need to know before deciding between tiftuf Bermuda vs Zoysia, which one you should choose, and some frequently asked questions with answers.

So on the mission trip, to remove your confusion, let’s start the comparison and define about these two broadly.

Tiftuf Bermuda Vs Zoysia: A Quick Comparison

Key Comparing FactorsTiftuf BermudaZoysia
Colorlight green colorlight to medium Green
Shade Tolerancevery goodbest suited for partial shade
Drought Toleranceexceptionalless tolerant
Growing Naturegrows readily by rhizomes and stolonsUnder ideal growing conditions, it grows within 14-21 days.  
Price$270.00$180 to $270 per pallet$0.40 to $0.60 per square foot.  

You have already got an idea about tiftuf bermuda vs Zoysia from the differences. Now let’s go deep to explore more.

Color & look

The color of the tiftuf grass is light green. It gives a rich greenery look and can grow densely with rhizomes and stolons. The tiftuf Bermuda grass holds acceptable green color even in harsh droughts.

The color of Zoysia is light to medium green color. During the active growing season, it remains green until winter comes.

Shade and drought tolerance

If you don’t know about the shade tolerance of both kinds of grass, you can experiment by planting them in a shaded area.

Tiftuf Bermuda grass thrives full sun to partial shade. It is more shade tolerant than many other varieties of Bermuda grass. It needs 4 hours of direct sunlight in a day, whereas the zoysia grass tolerates moderate to partial shade. These grasses grow better in southern areas than in northern regions.

Besides, TifTuf is the most drought tolerant grass for the large areas of Australia that experience frequent water restrictions. Again Zoysia makes a deep root system; that’s why it can resist drought. But it can go dormant if there is drought and heat persists.

Grass Temperature

Another significant difference between the tiftuf Bermuda grass and the zoysia grass is the grass temperature.

Research says the tiftuf Bermuda can do well in temperatures as low as -20° C. It is around 50% shade tolerant. So, Frost can’t affect that much. But it will fail dormant on cold winter days.

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The zoysia grass is warm-season grass; it can also tolerate cold weather up to an optimum level. It germinates best at soil temperatures around 65°F to 70°F. But it needs sunlight for at least 6-8 hours daily to grow appropriately.

Maintenance Difference

The maintenance ease of Zoysia vs bermuda grass is not so different from each other.

But in terms of maintenance Zoysia needs less maintenance, like less watering compared to TIftuf Bermuda grass. Besides, both grasses need quite the same maintenance work and time.

Any Price Difference?

Well, the price differences of the grasses vary from time to time depending on the climate also.

The price of tiftuf Bermuda grass is around $270.00, whereas zeon zoysia rates $315.00 and overall Zoysia costs $225.

Zoysia has many varieties. Such as tiftuf Bermuda vs zeon zoysia in terms of price differs significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Tell Bermuda From Zoysia?

Zoysia is thick and full, and it grows in light to medium shade. And the Bermuda grass grows in the full sun and is sparse and spindly under tree canopies.

Which Zoysia Looks Like Bermuda?

Bermuda grass looks like a breed of Zoysia named matrella. It has very fine grass blades, whereas the Bermuda grass has 1.5-1.7mm thickness. So they look alike.

Is Zoysia Grass Better Than Bermuda?

Bermuda grass is more sturdy, can tolerate more foot traffic, and can be ideal for a playground for kids. The zoysia grass is also resilient but can’t handle foot traffic.

Which Grass Is For Your Lawn?

Hope we have crafted the article pretty well for you, tiftuf Bermuda vs Zoysia. We have discussed the price range, maintenance, and growth rate to help you to choose the right one.

If you live in the south and need a dense lawn, you can go for Bermuda grass. Again if you want the same but at a low price, go for Zoysia. They have many varieties.

The battle between Bermuda vs Zoysia or tiftuf Bermuda vs sir grange zoysia will continue. But you need to choose the one based on your preferences. Go ahead!