The Exmark Lawn Mower You Have Isn’t Getting Fuel Because Of This

Three components are needed for your Exmark mower’s motor to start and run: air, fuel, and spark. The lawnmower won’t run at all or run slowly if it gets spark and air but not enough gasoline.

When old fuel hardens and gums the fuel pump, when the fuel filter is plugged, when the ignition coil is blocked, when the fuel pump is broken, when the carburetor is dirty, or when the fuel cap is tucked, an Exmark lawn mower won’t obtain gasoline.

When making repairs, adhere to all safety precautions indicated in the Exmark operator’s handbook, which includes cutting the ignition system wire.

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Exmark Lawn Mower Not Receiving Fuel: Troubleshooting

  • Make sure the fuel isn’t contaminated or outdated.
  • Make sure the gasoline filter is not clogged.
  • Look for a blocked fuel line.
  • Look for a bad fuel pump.
  • Inspect the carburetor for debris.
  • Verify the fuel cap for obstructions.

Your Exmark Lawn Mower Isn’t Getting Fuel For These 6 Reasons

Gas in an Exmark lawn mower that is bad or old

In many cases, gas is to blame when a fuel issue arises with an Exmark lawn mower. This is due to the fact that gas can start to degrade as quickly as thirty days after purchasing.

Today, ethanol is present in most petrol types offered at petrol stations. The little engine of an Exmark is not suitable for this item. Because ethanol draws moisture into the fuel system, varnish and sticky deposits may form, inhibiting the flow of fuel.

Additionally, the fuel system’s parts may fail due to premature corrosion caused by this humidity. The mower won’t be able to acquire the gasoline it needs to start and run because of these limitations and equipment failure.

Empty the old fuel from your fuel tank into a container using a gasoline siphon pump.

Fill up your gasoline tank with fuel that includes a fuel stabilizer. In my lawn mower, I apply Sea Foam Motor Treatment. Using Sea Foam has several benefits, one of which is that it cleans the fuel system.

The best gas for your Exmark gas-powered lawn mower may be found here. I go into further detail about the impacts of ethanol and offer some advice on how to store and stable your gasoline.

Exmark lawn mower with clogged fuel filter

Running a gasoline filter on your Exmark lawnmower is essential to keep contaminants out of the fuel system. The filter protects the engine, which is a positive thing, but if the filter gets clogged, it may also prevent the engine from starting.

If you use the mower for business purposes, you should change the gasoline filter more frequently—at least once a year. The filter may become blocked with dirt and debris that has gotten into the gasoline tank if you don’t check it and replace it.

If a clogged fuel filter is preventing fuel from reaching your Exmark, replace it. Pay close attention to the arrow on the side of the plastic inline gasoline filter when fitting the replacement filter.

The filter needs to be mounted with the arrow pointing in the fuel direction of flow. This means that the arrow ought to be pointed away from the gasoline tank and toward the carburetor.

Fuel Line Blockages on an Exmark Lawn Mower

Old gasoline varnish in the fuel lines can form layers that can limit the flow of fuel. Your Exmark isn’t getting all the gasoline it requires because there is a restriction preventing a good flow of fuel from passing through.

You must inspect each portion of the gasoline line to determine if there is a blockage. To stop and restart the gasoline supply while inspecting the fuel flow through each line, use the fuel closed valve or fuel pinch-off pliers to crimp the fuel line.

Remove the hose from your mower once you’ve located the clogged area. To aid in clearing the obstruction, spray carburetor cleaner into the hose. the line with compressed air to blow it out. Continue until the obstruction is removed and the line is clear.

It’s time to change your gasoline line if you are unable to clear the obstruction or if the fuel line is dry and broken.

An Exmark lawnmower’s fuel pump is malfunctioning

When the carburetor is placed higher than the gasoline tank, an Exmark lawn mower needs a fuel system. Fuel must be pumped uphill to the carburetor using a pump that must work against inclination.

Suction fuel pumps are typically used in lawn mowers. With this kind of pump, fuel is moved to the carburetor by creating pressure off the crankshaft.

You must replace the gasoline pump if it fractures or stops functioning properly. You can take certain actions to examine the fuel pump’s condition if you don’t notice any physical fractures or fuel leaks.

Check to see if fuel is reaching the pump’s input port before testing it. (If you aren’t, look for a fuel line or fuel filter obstruction.)

Reattach the fuel line to the inlet port after you have made sure that fuel is getting to the pump. The fuel line should be taken out of the carburetor and put in a container. Start your fuel flow and mower to make sure your pump is operating properly.

Fuel should be pulsing or flowing continuously from the fuel line. If not, the fuel pump has to be replaced.

Get a pressure measurement using a fuel pressure gauge if your Exmark has an electronic fuel injection pump. For details on fuel pressure requirements, consult your Exmark driver’s handbook. If the pressures are lower than what the engine manufacturer specifies as acceptable, repair the fuel system.

An Exmark lawn mower’s dirty carburetor

The appropriate mixture of gas and air must be created in the carburetor in order to create a combustion. It’s possible that the carburetor won’t provide enough gas to the engine if it gets dirty from old gas deposits.

The fuel jet, float, and float needle are examples of small carburetor parts that can get caught or clogged and impede the flow of fuel.

Make sure fuel is getting to the carburetor to decide whether you need to disassemble it for cleaning. If fuel isn’t getting to the carburetor, check for a clogged fuel line, a defective filter, or a broken fuel pump.

Remove the air filter and spray the carburetor cleaner into the air intake once you have determined that the carburetor is receiving good flow. Start the motor again to check if it will keep running.

You must take your lawn mower’s carburetor apart because of cleaning if it gets going but won’t keep running. For details on how to clean a carburetor, see this post.

An Exmark lawn mower’s fuel cap is damaged

It is necessary for the fuel tank’s internal pressure to match the external atmosphere’s pressure. A vent in the gasoline cap allows for this to happen.

The gasoline tank will create a vacuum if the vent on the fuel cap is blocked off and no longer lets air travel through the cap. In order to keep the engine from receiving gasoline, this pressure will stop fuel from traveling through the fuel lines to the carburetor.

Loosen the gasoline cap to let air into the tank to see if it is still functional. The engine ought to fire up and operate easily. After running for a while, replace the fuel cap to check if the engine is running low on fuel.

You probably have a bad fuel cap and need to get a new one if it starts to run sluggishly and then improves as you tighten the cap again.

To Sum Up

Use fresh gas with a low ethanol level to safeguard the fuel system of your Exmark mower and reduce the likelihood of issues occurring. All use gas with an octane number of at least 87 and an ethanol percentage no higher than 10%.

Fill up on gas within 30 days. Add a fuel stabilizer to the gas to extend its shelf life if you bought more gas than you can use in this time frame.

To reduce problems with my lawn mower clogging, starting, and running, I always use a gasoline stabilizer like Sea Foam Motor Treatment to every tank of fuel.

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