Use This Type Of Gas In Your Toro Mower

If you want your Toro lawn mower to last as long as possible, you need to use the correct gas. If you put the wrong sort of gas in your car, you might end up damaging the fuel system or even the engine. It’s not a good idea to assume that any gas will work in your Toro.

For proper operation, Toro lawn mowers need unleaded gasoline with an octane value of 87 or higher. There can be no more than 10% ethanol in the gas. Ethanol-free or low-ethanol fuels are recommended.

The focus of this piece is on 4-stage (4-cycle) engines. Although most Toro lawnmowers on the market now are powered by four-cycle engines, many homeowners are still making use of Toro push mowers powered by two-cycle engines that call for a combination of gasoline and oil. In “This is the Gas to Use in a Push Mower,” you may learn more about the specifications for 2-cycle gasoline.

I’ve included some advice on how to choose gasoline and why it’s crucial to follow these guidelines if you want to keep your Toro mower in peak operating condition.

Does Your Toro Take Regular Gas?

For your Toro lawn mower, Regular Gas with no more than 10% ethanol content will do. Gasoline with an octane value of 87 or higher is recommended for your Toro. The United States Energy Information Administration reports that the typical octane rating of gas labeled as “normal” is 87.

Type Of Gas In Your Toro Mower
Type Of Gas In Your Toro Mower

Before diagnosing, repairing, or operating, be sure you’ve read and understood all of the safety recommendations in the equipment’s operator’s handbook. If you are unsure of how to proceed, lack the necessary expertise, or are unable to execute the repair properly, you should seek the advice of a professional.

Selecting Gasoline for Toro Lawn Mowers

In today’s market, drivers may choose from a wide variety of gasoline brands. Some of you may be confused about which gasoline is best for your Toro mower and why it matters.

Buying gas is governed by a few easy rules. Here is my checklist for making sure your Toro is using the correct fuel:

Toro Gas with a High Percentage of Ethanol Should Be Avoided

You can use unleaded petrol with no more than 10% ethanol, as suggested by Toro. The term “E10 gasoline” describes this type of fuel. 10% ethanol gas is legal to use, although using gas with a lower or nonexistent ethanol level is advised.

Gasoline now contains ethanol as an environmentally preferable alternative. It’s been a positive shift that’s helped our vehicles and trucks, but the little engines in Toro mowers haven’t benefited from the switch.

How can you determine how much ethanol is present in your gas? Decal stickers at the petrol station will tell you how much ethanol is added to the gas you’re buying.

The typical ethanol content of gas is between 10% and 15%, however this might vary from gas station to gas station. Never fill your lawn mower with E15 gas, or gasoline with 15% ethanol concentration.

Informarions about ethanol:

  • Greener than traditional fuels, this one is made from grain.
  • Most automobiles can run well on ethanol fuel. It causes damage to low-powered gas engines.
  • Gas containing ethanol tends to separate from the ethanol because it pulls moisture from the air.
  • In a gasoline tank, the separated gas naturally settles to the base. Your lawnmower will have trouble starting if ethanol that has been separated is injected into the engine. Gummy deposits left by ethanol can corrode fuel system components.
  • When burned, ethanol produces a lot of heat that might damage your engine. The potential for harm is high in this case.

Get Some New Gas for the Toro

Gasoline loses its potency and begins to degrade after 30 days, although few drivers know this. This is why it’s crucial that you only fill up at busy gas stations.

All the time as you pass past, you see people filling up their gas tanks at these gas stations. Avoid taking the quicker route to smaller petrol stations. You should make sure the gas station you’re buying from routinely refills its tanks.

Never stock up on more Toro gas than you can use in a month. Keep all fuel in an appropriate fuel container out of the reach of water and in a dry place.

Moisture is attracted to ethanol, which can lead to a clogged fuel system and poor performance in your Toro lawn mower.

Keep reading and I’ll explain how to stabilize your fuel so it lasts longer if you won’t be able to use it within 30 days.

Get Top-Notch Toro Gasoline

In certain cases, a cheaper gasoline may be the preferable option, but if you have the means to do so, I would recommend using premium fuel in your mower.

Avoiding ethanol in your fuel is ideal, but it may add up to a hefty price tag whether you buy it at the pump, where it can cost up to $2.00 extra per gallon, or in canisters at your local hardware store, where it can cost much more.

Recreation Fuel REC-90: Recreation fuel, or REC-90, is the name given to the ethanol-free gas available at the station. Sadly, this variety of petrol is not available at every service station.

Visit to find gas stations near you that carry recreational gasoline. Information about gas station locations in the U.S. and Canada is provided.

4-Cycle Fuel Canisters: Canisters of gasoline without ethanol are available at most home improvement stores and on the web.

If you have purchased premium gasoline for your Toro but are concerned that you will not use it all, you may prevent the gas from going bad by adding a fuel stabilizer to it.

Recreational or 4-cycle canned fuel does not include ethanol, therefore adding a fuel stabilizer is unnecessary; nonetheless, doing so will not harm the engine.

The most efficient way to save any leftover gas is to perform as follows:

  • Fill up with unleaded gas in a plastic gas can. Some plastic containers are not designed to keep gas and will break down, so be sure you’re using a quality gas can.
  • When you have some excess gas sitting around, you may add an additive to it. If you have any gas left over, this will help it stay as fresh as possible. One of my favorite products is one called Sea Foam Engine Treatment. Take a look at the benefits of Sea Foam to learn more.
  • Never stock up on more petrol than you can use in a month. Utilizing the fuel as quickly as possible is recommended. Sometimes it’s hard to estimate how much gas you have and how much you’ll need for each mowing.
  • Never fill a gas can that is still partially empty. To begin, please use any gas reserves that may exist. This will prevent you from accidentally mixing fresh gas with old gas that has been sitting around for months.
  • You should properly dispose of any leftover gas at the conclusion of the season. If you ever find yourself in need of one, you can usually get one installed in your automobile or another machine. Keep your gas can from collecting dust long after the season is over.

For What Reason Does My Toro Lawn Mower Constantly Drip Gas?

A gas leak on your lawnmower can be detected by its odor, but it is typically difficult to locate since gasoline evaporates quickly, leaving no physical evidence of a leak. It’s not like an oil spill, which would leave a visible mark on the earth.

For gas leaks, examine the lawnmower’s fuel lines, gas cap, and carburetor. If your lawnmower emits a gasoline-like odor, read up on the possible causes.

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