These Are the 10 Reasons Why Your Sun Joe Electric Battery Mower Won’t Start

Electric lawn mowers are becoming more popular among homeowners due to the fact that they are less noisy and need less maintenance than conventional gas-powered mowers. Despite the fact that this is true, they do not need no maintenance and may still have difficulties beginning.

It’s possible that your Sun Joe electric battery mower won’t turn on because the power source is inadequate, there’s a problem with the electrical connection, the motor is being overworked, or the operation process is flawed.

It’s possible that this is due to a broken connection at the battery, a dead or faulty battery, a malfunctioning safety switch, cables that are loose or damaged, or an accumulation of debris beneath the mower deck.

Take all necessary safety measures before conducting any repairs on your cordless Sun Joe mower, as you will be dealing with electric currents and blades that are quite sharp. Take out the emergency stop button (key), then take out the battery.

Consult with Sun Joe first before making any repairs to your mower if it is still within the warranty term for Sun Joe’s product; this will ensure that the warranty is not voided.

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Problems That May Occur While Trying to Start a Sun Joe Electric Lawnmower

1. A Sun Joe Electric Mower Does Not Have Enough Power Due to Its Batteries

It seems to reason that a lawnmower that is powered by a battery won’t start if the battery isn’t providing enough energy to it. Insufficient power may be caused by a number of factors, including faulty battery connections, wrong installation of the battery, and a deteriorating battery.

Make sure that the battery you are using is one that is suitable for your electric mower by giving it a quick check. If you use a battery that is the improper size for your device, you might end up with more serious issues with the electrical system as well as a failure to start situation.

2. An Electric Lawnmower from Sun Joe Does Not Have Its Batteries Properly Fitted

Check to see that the battery has been correctly inserted into the compartment that has been allotted for it. Verify sure it is attached securely to the location where it is supposed to be and that it is establishing a good contact.

Before removing the cover that houses the batteries, wipe the interior of the cover down with a moist cloth to remove any dust or other debris that might potentially enter the battery compartment.

When it comes to lawnmowers made by Sun Joe that have an external battery that has been installed, the battery should be able to fit into the guide rails and then click into place. This is necessary for the lawnmower to function properly. It is essential that the lid be capable of forming an airtight seal.

3. An issue with the connection between the Sun Joe battery charger and the wall outlet

Both electric mowers with removable batteries that must be put on an external charging system and electric mowers with internal batteries that may be charged while they are still installed in the mower are available from Sun Joe.

Regardless of the sort of charging system your mower has, you should never charge a battery using a charger that is not particularly meant for that battery, nor should you use a charging wire that is not specially suited for that battery.

Make sure the battery charger is completely connected into the wall socket by checking it. Make use of an outlet rated for a regular 120V home current. Check to verify that there is enough electricity available at the outlet.

Your Sun Joe cord’s plug must have a style that is compatible with the outlet in your home. Make no effort to alter the plug in any way. It is required that a plug with three prongs be placed into an outlet with the same number of prongs.

Replace a charger or charging wire that has been damaged.

4. The Sun Joe Electric Mower’s Batteries Runs at an Extremely High Temperature

If your Sun Joe battery becomes too hot, your lawn mower will not start and it will shut off. Make sure the vents on your mower are clean. Wait until your battery has cooled down before trying to start it again.

Keep the battery charger away from locations that are very hot or cold, and make sure the vents are clean.

5. The Battery in My Sun Joe Electric Lawnmower Is Dead

As the power source for Sun Joe lawn mowers is a battery, it should come as no surprise that the mower will not start if the battery is dead.

  • Mowers made by Sun Joe that have an external battery charger need the battery to be removed before it can be charged.
  • When you purchase a Sun Joe mower that has an internal battery, you will also need to purchase a charging wire in order to keep the battery charged while the mower is in use.

Charge the battery all the way up until it reaches its maximum capacity. Unplug the charging device once it reaches its maximum capacity. Since the charger does not turn off by itself after the battery is completely charged, taking this precaution is necessary to prevent any harm.

Lighting Emitting Diode LED System

The majority of chargers make use of an LED lighting system to show the state of the battery throughout the charging process. I have included a rundown of the lighting setup used on a variety of Sun Joe battery chargers in this article.

You can find an explanation of the light indications that are unique to your charger model in the handbook that came with your charger.

  • The battery is being charged, shown by the red light.
  • The battery is now being charged, as shown by the green light.

Sun’s Signs and Symbols The Joe Batteries Situation Is Getting Worse

When a battery is too old, is subjected to temperatures that are too high, or fails mechanically, it will start to discharge less effectively. The following are a few things that you should keep an eye out for as they might be signs that your battery is failing and that you need to get a new one:

  • The battery does not maintain its charge for nearly as long as it used to.
  • The battery operates at a high temperature.
  • The battery is gradually being charged.

6. Improper Method for Starting a Sun Joe Electric Lawnmower

Whether you get a new battery lawn mower or if you just got a lawn mower that you haven’t used before, you should read the operator’s manual for your Sun Joe lawn mower. Because of this, you will have the opportunity to learn about the unique safety features and recommendations that pertain to your Sun Joe mower.

Sun The safety key, often commonly referred to as Joe’s safety key, is a mechanism that has the objective of preventing children from mistakenly depressing the safety handle and starting your mower. It is named after Joe, who invented the device. Your mower will not start if you do not follow the starting procedure that has been outlined here.

Sun Starting Process for the Joe Push Mower and the Joe Self-Propelled Mower:

  • Check to see that the battery is fastened in place properly.
  • When you have inserted the safety key into the battery compartment, make sure the lid is securely fastened.
  • To turn on the motor, either depress the button for the safety lock and move the switch lever closer to the handle, or, depending on the type you have, pinch one of the on/off switches that are located on the handle.
  • Press the button to release the release safety lock.
  • When you let go of the switch lever or when you stop pressing down on one of the on/off switches, the mower will turn off automatically.

7. A Sun Joe Electric Lawnmower with a Defective Safety Switch

It is possible that your lawn mower may not start if any of the safety switches malfunction. You may test each switch by temporarily bypassing them with a jumper wire or by using a multimeter to measure its resistance.

Replace any switches that are broken. Never run your lawnmower if any of the safety switches are not in proper working condition, both for your own protection and the protection of others.

Read the post that I wrote on the risks associated with electric mowers to learn more about the reasons why you need to be careful while working on and using your electric mower.

8. Loose or Pinched Wires on a Sun Joe Electric Mower

There are many electrical cables that will be flowing through your Sun Joe mower as well as along the handle. When a wire is pinched or gets loose, it has the potential to generate a short.

Moving a wire around in its socket might sometimes reveal a short that is keeping the mower from starting. A multimeter is another useful tool for finding short circuits.

Near the handle, which may fold up for storage in certain cases, is a location that often causes wires to get pinched. While folding and unfolding the handle, you need to be cautious so as not to pinch any wires in this location.

If you discover that a wire has been pinched, you may easily fix it by using a wire nut. Remove the battery as well as the button for the safety feature before commencing the repair.

If your mower is still protected by the manufacturer’s warranty, you should probably get in touch with Sun Joe before completing the repair.

When conducted at a location that is not an authorized Sun Joe repair shop, repairs to the wiring as well as any changes made to the mower are able to invalidate any and all warranties granted by Sun Joe.

9. The Sun Joe Electric Mower has a problem with the blade rotation because of debris.

It is not at all uncommon for excess grass and other debris to get stuck or snagged under the deck of your Sun Joe lawn mower. This may happen for a number of reasons.

To restate, the battery and safety key must be taken out before any sort of work is done on the deck, regardless of the nature of the repair.

The electric lawn mower’s deck may have been clogged with large amounts of grass, which may be preventing the blades from freely turning. This may be the major reason why the lawn mower will not start.

When your Sun Joe mower is overloaded, it may refuse to start at all or stall out while you are in the middle of mowing. If the grass is very dense, tall, or moist, and you make an attempt to cut too much of it at once with your lawnmower, you can have this problem.

If you are having this problem, you will need to raise the cutting height of the mower and slow down in order to minimize the load that is being imposed on your Sun Joe mower. If you are having this problem, you can read more about it here. Mowing the lawn while it is wet is not something you should do.

10. A Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower with Defective Components

If you’ve gotten this far in the handbook and you still don’t know what’s wrong with your mower, you should take it to a Sun Joe repair facility that is authorized to do so for further evaluation.

It is conceivable that you damaged the lawnmower’s engine or one of its other components; in any case, you will need to purchase a replacement as soon as feasible.

With the assistance of certain diagnostic testing that is carried out by a competent service specialist, your initial problem could be narrowed down to its fundamental cause, allowing you to have it fixed. Just call 1-866-766-9563 to be connected to a member of Sun Joe’s customer service team.

When it’s wet outside, you shouldn’t use your Sun Joe electric mower.

There is a possibility that the presence of water will prohibit your lawn mower from starting and may possibly cause it to short out. Reading this may provide you with additional information about the potential dangers of using your electric mower in rainy situations. If it rains, would it affect the performance of an electric lawn mower?