The Toro Electric Mower Can’t Get a Clean or Even Cut Because of These 9 Reasons

I’ve put up a list of things if your electric mower is no longer providing you a beautiful cut. It may begin to start producing uneven cuts or scalping the grass.

A Toro electric mower may have a faulty or uneven cut owing to a broken wheel; dull, bent, or worn mower blade; improper mower deck height, rapid ground speed, or clogged mower deck.

Take all safety procedures including switching off the mower, disconnecting the battery, removing the safety button (key), and waiting for all components to stop moving before troubleshooting.

outdoorstip Toro Electric Mower

Your electric battery-powered Toro lawn mower produces an uneven cut.

1. A Wheel that Is Damaged on an Electric Toro Mower

Check the wheels on your mower before you look at anything else on the machine. If one of the mower’s wheels is broken, it might cause the machine to rest unevenly on the ground, which will result in an uneven cut.

It is possible for the wheels of an electric push mower to get broken or come loose, which would cause the mower to not sit level. Check the condition of the wheels. Adjust any hardware that is loose and replace any wheels that are damaged.

2. The cutting edge of the mower on a Toro electric mower is worn or dull.

Examine the blade of the Toro mower once you have established that the wheels are in satisfactory condition. When the blade is too worn to perform well, it will not be able to cut through the grass. A dull blade will do little more than rip the grass blades off at the ends.

When you have mowed your grass, you will notice that it becomes a brownish color a day or two later. The grass is being trampled and broken apart by a dull blade, which causes the grass’s tips to become brown.

Take a handful of grass the next time you notice that the tips of the grass on a lawn have turned brown, and examine the tips of the grass. Do they have a few specks of tears in them? If this is the case, it indicates that the blade on your Toro mower needs to be sharpened or replaced.

If the blades on your Toro electric mower are still in excellent condition, you should take them off and sharpen them using a file.

If the blade is highly worn, has gouges, has rounded blade ends, or the blade sail is thinner than the middle of the blade, you should replace it with a new mower blade. Other signs that the blade is not in excellent shape include rounded blade ends.

Maintain a level blade on the Toro mower.

Make sure that the weight on both ends of the blade is the same. This will ensure that the blade is balanced. Sand that is sucked into the bottom of the mower deck may cause the blade to wear unevenly, which can throw off the blade’s balance and cause it to become unbalanced.

The act of sharpening a Toro blade is another another method in which the edge may become uneven. The blade becomes imbalanced when more metal is taken from one end of the blade than is removed from the other end.

Use a blade balancer to check that the balance of your blade is correct. A balancer doesn’t set you back too much money. Since a blade that is not properly balanced may cause serious damage to your Toro mower, it is important to make this investment.

Hanging the blade from a nail that is affixed to your wall in such a way that the nail head protrudes from the wall between 3/4 and 1 inch is yet another approach for determining whether or not the blade is balanced.

In order to bring the blade to a level position, you will need to remove some metal from the end of the blade that is dangling down.

3. The mower blade of a Toro electric mower has a bend in it

If your blade collides with a solid item such as a rock, stump, or toy, it has the potential to bend, which will cause your Toro mower to produce an uneven cut.

It is a good idea to stroll the lawn before you mow it so that you can make sure there is nothing in the area that the mower may run over and harm. This will avoid damage to the blade.

An uneven cut will result from a blade that is bent. It is also possible for the mower to begin vibrating as a result of this. The best course of action is to remove the blade since it is possible that a bent blade is not immediately noticeable.

Remove the battery pack from your mower and make sure it is positioned on an area that is completely level (s). Before operating beneath the mower deck, you must first wait for all moving components to come to a complete stop.

  • By removing the blade from the Toro mower, you may check to see whether it is crooked.
    Take off the blade and place it on top of a brand new blade for the Toro mower. The easiest approach to determine whether or not your blade has been bent is to check it in this manner. Even a very minor bend in the blade might result in a poor cut.

NEVER make the foolish effort to reuse a mower blade that has been bent. When you do this to the metal, it suffers damage and gets weaker as a result.

While traveling at high speeds, the weaker region may get detached and launch itself away from your mower deck. This has the potential to injure or cause harm to any nearby humans, animals, or property.

4. An incorrect installation of the mower blade was performed on a Toro electric mower

You run the risk of causing harm to your Toro electric mower if you choose the wrong blade to use or if you install the blade improperly. Check that the blade was placed with the sail in the upward position before using it.

The high sides of the blade are called sails, and they contribute to the creation of air flow that tosses the grass. It is possible to cause harm to the blade motor if the blade is placed such that the sail is pointing toward the earth.

The grass will be torn and beaten up by the blade, rather than cut uniformly, and this will result in less grass being cut. It has a possibility of colliding with elevated portions of the ground, which might result in an impact to the blade as well as probable damage to the engine.

5. The Blade on a Toro Electric Mower Is Not Tightly Fastened

In the event that the blade is not firmly connected, it will be unable to spin, which will result in your electric mower being unable to cut the grass. Check the operator’s handbook for the appropriate torque requirements for the blade bolt, and then tighten it in accordance with those specifications.

6. How to Adjust the Cutting Height on a Toro Electric Lawnmower

If the deck of your mower is set too low, it may not be able to manage the quantity of grass that you have to cut without sacrificing the quality of the cut, which may lead to an uneven cut.

In order to prevent the engine from being overworked while cutting through dense, tall grass, raise the deck of the mower to a higher setting.

When the grass on your lawn is long or thick, you should twice or even treble cut it. To do this, first cut settings on the mower deck should be adjusted to their most aggressive position. Reduce the height of the deck before each subsequent cutting operation until you have achieved the desired cut.

7. Grass has accumulated to the point that the mower deck of a Toro electric mower is clogged.

If your Toro electric mower’s cutting deck is clogged with grass, you won’t get a good cut from it. This is due to the fact that there is not enough room beneath your deck for the blade to generate the airflow required to make a nice, accurate cut.

The deck of the mower and the blade work in tandem to generate suction, which lifts the grass and allows the blade to more easily go through it, resulting in a more equal and clean cut.

As a result of having to spin the blade through the grass clippings that are beneath the deck, having a mower deck that is clogged may create additional wear on your engine and require it to work harder.

Using a deck scraper or wire brush, clean the mower deck on a regular basis so that it does not get clogged with grass and dirt accumulation. You should avoid mowing grass that is moist. When the grass is wet, it will clump together and adhere to the deck of your mower.

8. The Ground Speed on a Toro Electric Mower Cannot Be Kept Up

If you want a good cut, you need to adjust your ground speed so that it is suitable for the circumstances in which you are cutting. This is important in order to get a decent cut.

If you don’t properly adjust your speeds and move too quickly through your lawn, your Toro mower will give you a bad or uneven cut because it may just be pushing over some of the grass instead of cutting it. If you don’t properly adjust your speeds and move too quickly through your lawn, your Toro mower will give you a bad or uneven cut. A poor or uneven cut will result from using your Toro mower without correctly adjusting the settings and moving across your lawn at an excessively rapid pace. If you use your Toro mower without properly changing the settings and go over your lawn at an extremely quick rate, you will end up with a cut that is either unsatisfactory or uneven.

If you drive your lawn mower through grass that is exceptionally thick, very long, or particularly damp, you are going to put it under a significant amount of strain. If you want your mower to be able to keep up with the quantity of work that needs to be done, you are going to have to reduce the speed at which you are operating it.

It is conceivable for the motor to stop operating as a consequence of being overloaded, which may possibly have the same effect as a poor cut. A bad cut is not the only thing that can cause the motor to stop running; it is also possible for it to stop working as a result of a bad cut.

9. Lawn That Is Not Even

Examine the state that your grass has gotten into. Your Kobalt mower won’t be able to correct the uneven terrain of the lawn if you use it. It’s possible that you have ruts and lumps in the grass, which means the surface of the lawn is no longer level.

As a result of rats burrowing tunnels through the yard, I have to roll my grass every spring after the snow has melted to make the lawn as level as possible. If I don’t do this, not only will the cut be uneven, but the mower will also be bouncing all over the place.

Inspect your lawn to determine if there is any upkeep that needs to be done in order to maintain it level and in excellent shape. If there is, you will need to perform it.