The Power Went Out in SCAG Zero-Turn Mower

When old gasoline develops fuel constraints in the carburetor, fuel filter, or fuel lines of a SCAG zero-turn mower, the mower will lose power and become unable to go forward.

Some potential causes of a decrease in power output include a faulty spark plug, an incorrect amount of engine oil, inadequate air circulation around the engine, and overworking the engine.

Be sure to take all of the safety measures outlined in the operator’s handbook for your SCAG. Before beginning any kind of repair, make sure you take out the ignition key and the spark plug boots.

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10 Possible Causes for the Lack of Power in Your SCAG Zero Turn Mower

1. You’re Using Old Gasoline in Your SCAG Zero Turn Mower

It is possible for gasoline that has been lying about for a long time to deteriorate and lose some of its effectiveness. This may happen if the gasoline is exposed to certain conditions. If the gasoline is exposed to particular circumstances, there is a possibility that this may occur. It is possible for it to produce gooey things and deposits, both of which have the potential to create clogs in your fuel system, which may lead to a loss of power. It is also possible for it to produce gooey stuff and deposits. In the event that it does create gummy substances and deposits, it is possible that your car would experience a loss of power.

As a consequence of this, you should restrict the quantity of gasoline you buy to an amount that you are certain you will be able to consume during the subsequent calendar month. If you use a fuel stabilizer, the gas you are now operating with will maintain its consistency for an extended period of time, and the amount of moisture that is present in the fuel system will be cut down significantly.


Remove any contaminated gasoline and place it in a container for recycling. Reload the tank with new gasoline. Gasoline-powered SCAG mowers need unleaded gasoline with an octane value of at least 87 and a maximum ethanol percentage of 10%. This kind of gasoline must not contain any lead.

Since ethanol is not good for tiny engines, you should not use a gasoline that has a greater percentage of ethanol in it. In some of my previous articles, I cover topics such as the kind of gasoline that should be used in a Gravely zero-turn mower and how to stabilize fuel using an additive.

2. The carburetor on your SCAG zero-turn mower is clogged with debris.

The carburetor is responsible for controlling the amount of fuel and air that is drawn into the cylinder for the combustion process. The chemicals that are left behind after running gas might block fuel pathways, which prevents the carburetor from supplying the fuel that is required for the engine to function.

When this occurs, the contaminated carburetor might result in a lack of power for your mower. You will need to clean the carburetor if it is preventing gasoline from reaching the cylinder.


Before you begin disassembling the carburetor in order to clean it, you need make sure that fuel is still being fed to it. After that, remove the air filter, and then spray some carburetor cleaning into the air intake before replacing the air filter.

To determine if the engine will start properly, turn the key that is attached to the starter. If the engine is working well at first but then begins to lose power or stops running altogether, the carburetor has to be cleaned. Reading the post might provide you with step-by-step directions on how to clean the carburetor on your zero-turn mower.

3. Clogged Fuel Filter or Fuel Lines on Your SCAG Zero Turn

Dirt and the compounds that are left behind when using old gasoline have the potential to clog both your fuel filter and your fuel lines, which may result in your vehicle not functioning properly. Changing out your gasoline filter on a consistent basis will prevent this from happening. It’s possible that your SCAG zero-turn mower will have less power than normal and move more slowly than usual because of the fuel restriction.

Use the fuel shut-off valve that is located on the bottom of your fuel tank to start and stop the flow of gasoline. Alternatively, crimp the fuel line to start and stop the flow of gasoline. This will enable you to inspect the gasoline lines for any clogs that may be present. Stop the flow of gasoline and secure the tank.

Remove the end of the gasoline line that is the farthest from the fuel tank and place it in a container. Next, take a section of the fuel line that is in between the two ends. You will need to start the flow in order to check for any obstacles. Continue to check the fuel line in its entirety, paying close attention to each of its components in turn.


If you discover that a gasoline line is clogged, you should first cut off the piece of the line that is blocked, and then spray carburetor cleaner into the remaining portion of the fuel line. If you find that a gasoline line is clogged, you should first remove the section of the line that is blocked. As a direct result of this, the difficulties associated with removing the obstacles should be reduced.

After this, continue with the procedure of eliminating the blockage by pushing a stream of compressed air into the line. This should be done after the previous step. If you are unable to remove the obstruction, or if you discover that your line is dry and damaged, you will need to replace it with a new gasoline line. This is the case regardless of whether or not your line is dry and damaged. This is the case regardless of whether or not you find that the line is really broken.

Make sure to carefully inspect the state of the gasoline filter; if it is clogged, you will have to replace it.

4. Plugged SCAG Air Filter

If you are using your SCAG and feel as if you are losing power, you should check the air filter to see if it needs to be replaced. It’s possible that a clogged air filter was the cause of the power loss.

In order to function, your engine need air. If the engine is denied of the oxygen it needs, it will likely grow sluggish, it will likely overheat, and it may cease running completely. On a regular basis, you should examine the state of the air filter in your home.

SOLUTION: Check out and maybe clean a filthy air filter. The filter has to be changed out if it is severely soiled or damaged in any way.

How to Clean the Paper Air Filter Portion of Your SCAGZero Turn Air Filter

  • Take off the air filter from its housing and set it to the side.
  • Use a dry cloth to remove any dirt that may still be present in the housing. Take extra precautions to ensure that dust does not get into the air intake.
  • Tap your air filter against a solid surface to knock as much dust and debris away as you possibly can.
  • Display your filter by holding it up to a light.
  • You should be able to reuse your filter as long as the paper element is not torn or too dusty and you can see light through it.
  • If you are unable to see light through the paper element, you will need to replace the filter with a new one.

5. A SCAG Zero Turn Mower with a Defective Spark Plug Will See a Drop in Power

If the spark plug in your zero-turn mower becomes fouled, it may result in an intermittent spark, which may lead to a loss of power. Check the spark plug you have to see if there are any symptoms of carbon buildup, wear, or damage.


If you find a spark plug that is dirty or damaged, it is better to replace it with a new one so that you can be sure that the mower is always using a good plug. This will give you the peace of mind that the mower is always using a good plug.

If the spark plug is in great condition and not very dark in color, you may attempt to clean it with a wire brush and reuse it if you so like, given that it is not excessively unclean. Nevertheless, if the spark plug is in poor condition, you should replace it.

Make sure that the electrode spacing fulfills the standards that were provided by the manufacturer of the engine, and that the spark plug wires are secured in a way that is both safe and secure.

6. Your SCAG Zero Turn Lawn Mower Has an Insufficient Amount of Engine Oil

If there is not enough engine oil in the crankcase of your SCAG zero turn, the engine will suffer from a loss of power. Increased friction is the result of inadequate lubrication, which is caused by a shortage of oil.

Because of this friction, heat is generated, which causes the engine to overheat, which in turn results in a loss of power.

The increasing heat will cause the internal engine components to melt if a low engine level is not detected and corrected as early as possible. This may result in a high price for engine maintenance, or it may even need the replacement of the engine.

Before you start any cutting job, make it a habit to check the oil level in your engine. This won’t take up a lot of your time, but it might help you spot oil leaks or engine issues in their earliest stages.

Always make sure that your engine has the appropriate quantity of oil in it. Failure to do so may result in difficulties with the vehicle’s operation and overheating.

SOLUTION: When you discover that your engine does not have sufficient oil, you should add oil to bring the level up to the level that is advised by the manufacturer.

Using your zero-turn mower with little engine oil might have caused internal damage that has to be assessed by an expert small engine repair. This is the case if you continue to have engine difficulties after taking these precautions.

7. A SCAG Zero Turn Mower that Has an Excessive Amount of Engine Oil Would Have Less Power

If you put an excessive amount of engine oil into the crankcase of your vehicle’s engine, it may cause the engine to smoke. Since there is an excessive quantity of engine oil, there is a rise in pressure, which may result in oil being pushed into the cylinder via the valve train. This may happen because there is an excessive amount of engine oil.

When this happens, the smoke that is created when the oil burns within the cylinder has a bluish-white hue to it as it goes through the combustion process.

SOLUTION: If you continue to use your SCAG with an excessive amount of oil, you may end up damaging the seals, hydrolocking the engine, and bending the piston rod. To fix an engine that has excessive oil, remove some of the oil from the engine.

This dense column of smoke has the potential to clog your air filter, which will make it difficult for your engine to acquire the clean air it needs to function properly. Do a check on both the air filter and the spark plug, and if necessary, either clean or replace them.

8. Poor Air Circulation Cooling the SCAG Engine

Your vehicle’s engine must be cooled down to prevent it from overheating, which would result in a loss of power. Remove any debris, including grass clippings, dirt, and other particles, that may have accumulated around your engine in order to ensure that it has enough air circulation.

SOLUTION: Clean out all of the trash that has accumulated beneath the shroud that covers your engine.

9. Engine Cooling Fins are Dirty on Your Zero Turn

In order to keep the engine’s operating temperature at a comfortable level, it is vital to have cooling fins that can circulate air around the engine. You need to make sure that your cooling fins are clear in the same way that you need to clear away any debris that has accumulated around your engine in order to prevent it from overheating and experiencing a loss of power. You can accomplish both of these tasks by removing any debris that has accumulated around your engine. This will prevent your engine from overheating and will ensure that you do not experience a loss of power.

There is a possibility that the fins may get blocked with dirt and grass clippings, which will result in a reduction in the amount of air that can be pushed to the engine.

SOLUTION: To ensure that your cooling system is operating as it should, remove any debris that has accumulated around the fins and replace any that are damaged.

10. The SCAG Lawn Mower Engine Has an Excessive Amount of Work to Do

It is possible to experience a loss of power if an excessive amount of load is placed on your engine. Because of this additional load, the engine must work harder than usual. Here are some things that might put a strain on your zero-turn mower:

The Ground Speed is Very Fast for the Circumstances of the Mowing.

When you mow your lawn at a pace that is too rapid, you might put additional strain on your SCAG zero-turn mower. Reduce the speed to a level that is appropriate for the mowing circumstances. When mowing thick lawns, for instance, your engine has to work more than when mowing lawns with a thin cover.

SOLUTION: When you are mowing dense lawns, you will need to run your zero-turn mower at a slower pace. While mowing on slopes, you should go at a more leisurely pace. As you mow an incline, it puts more strain on your engine.

Cutting Wet Grass with Your SCAG Mower and Cutting Tall Grass

When you mow wet grass or grass that is too tall, you are making your engine work much harder than when you cut dry grass at a length that is more manageable. When the grass is dry, you should cut it.

Because of this, there will be less strain placed on your engine, and there will be less grass clippings that will clump together and build up beneath your mower deck.

SOLUTION: It is in your best interest to mow your lawn on a consistent basis to avoid letting it grow to an unacceptable height. When cutting long grass, raise the deck of your mower to its highest setting for the initial pass, and then return it to its lower setting for the subsequent passes.

If at all feasible, you should refrain from mowing in these situations. If you really must mow this sort of grass, you should cut down the pace of your zero-turn mower so as not to overwork the grass.

Grass Buildup Beneath Your SCAG Mower Deck

You need to make sure that the deck of your mower is clean so that the blades may travel around without being impeded. The engine must expend a tremendous lot of effort in order to drive the blades through the pile with each cycle because material such as grass clippings and dirt become caught in the mower deck. This causes the engine to work harder.

SOLUTION: It is important to scrape your deck on a regular basis to eliminate debris. Mowing should be avoided while circumstances are moist since there is a greater chance that grass may accumulate beneath your deck.

Not only does the presence of this additional junk beneath the deck require your engine to work harder, resulting in a loss of power, but it also results in a poor cut being produced by your SCAG mower.

Running Dull SCAG Zero Turn Mower Blades

When mowing with dull mower blades and a clogged mower deck at the same time, the lack of power that is obtained while mowing is further amplified, making it more difficult to complete the task.

SOLUTION: Do a check on your blades, and if necessary, sharpen or replace them. You may get additional information about checking the sharpness of your blades and the process of sharpening them at this link.

Is Your SCAG Lawn Mower Continuing to Give You Trouble?

If you have a lawn mower for a long period of time, you may eventually have problems with it, such as it failing to start, not continuing to run, smoking, leaking gas, providing an uneven cut, vibrating, or another problem.

I have produced a guide that will aid you in diagnosing and addressing any difficulties that may emerge with the SCAG mower that you possess. This was done in an attempt to save you both time and money, which is why I decided to write it.

On the Common SCAG Lawn Mower Problems & Solutions page, you may find a lesson similar to this one.

If you are unsure how to properly perform diagnostics and repairs on your SCAG lawn mower, it is best to have a professional make the repairs rather than attempting to do them yourself. If you are unsure how to properly perform diagnostics and repairs on your SCAG lawn mower, it is best to have a professional make them.

You will decrease the likelihood of harming yourself or causing more damage to the mower if you take these precautions. Your local SCAG lawn mower dealership or lawn mower repair service will be able to help you discover a solution to the problem that you are experiencing. They will be able to aid you in finding a solution.