The Husqvarna Lawnmower Makes Clicking Noises, but it Will Not Start or Turn Over (FIXED)

When you want to start your mower and all you hear is a clicking or buzzing sound, it may be quite aggravating. I have compiled a list of potential issues that need to be investigated in order to have your mower operational once again.

When the wires and cables on a Husqvarna lawn mower are corroded, loose, or missing, when the battery is weak, when the ground is faulty, when the beginning solenoid is defective, or when the starter motor has failed, the lawn mower will click and refuse to start or turn over.

Take all of the safety measures that are outlined in the operator’s handbook for your Husqvarna. If you do not feel confident working on the electrical system of your mower, you should seek the assistance of a professional technician.

Reminder: Before performing any changes to the electrical system, you should always ensure that the negative cable (the black one) has been disconnected from the battery.

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The Husqvarna Lawnmower Clicks, but it Won’t Start or Turn Over for These 5 Reasons

1. A Husqvarna Lawnmower with Defective, Loose, or Rusted Battery Cables, Wiring, and Terminals

Because of the mower’s consistent vibration, the wires have a risk of being disconnected. Before examining the state of the battery, make sure that the cable, wiring, and terminals are in working order.

Check to see that the connections between the battery and the solenoid, as well as between the solenoid and the starting motor, are firm and reliable.

Conduct a corrosion test on the terminals and connections to determine whether or not the problem is caused by this. It is necessary for you to eliminate any rust buildup that you discover.

Before putting your mower away in a dry place, you should make sure that it is completely dry so that you can cut down on potential rust.

SOLUTION:Repair or replace any faulty cables or wiring, as well as those that continually coming loose. Problems starting your Husqvarna lawn mower might be caused by faulty wires on the mower, which can also lead to battery failure.

Remove any components that have rust and disconnect the batteries from the mower before attempting to clean any of the components.

A wire brush and a mixture of baking soda and water that is composed of two cups of water and three heaping teaspoons of baking soda are effective cleaning tools. Wiring that shows indications of corrosion should either be repaired or replaced.

To prevent corrosion of the terminals and the wire, dielectric grease should be used. When terminals are broken or otherwise not in good shape, replace them.

2. A Husqvarna Lawn Mower that has a Defective or Weak Battery

If the battery isn’t strong enough, there won’t be enough power to turn the engine over and get it started.

Be sure to check the voltage of the battery. If the battery’s charge is low, you should charge it by placing it on a battery charger. If you notice that the battery is not able to keep its charge, it is defective and has to be replaced.

If you notice that you are able to charge the battery, but it still dies after a short amount of time, you may need to examine the charging mechanism of the Husqvarna. Please refer to the section on the charging system at the bottom of the article.

Conduct a voltage test on the battery of a Husqvarna lawn mower.

It is necessary to make contact with the terminals of the same color using the red and black prongs of a multimeter. The majority of the batteries that go into a Husqvarna mower run at a voltage of 12 volts.

When testing a battery with 12 volts, you can obtain a voltage measurement anywhere from 11.5 to 12.7. The voltage reading on a battery that is nearly completely discharged will be closer to 11.5V, while the voltage reading on a battery that is fully charged will be 12.7V.

Recharge the battery of a Husqvarna lawn mower.

  • Put on your protective gear so that your eyes and skin won’t be harmed by substances like acid or electrical shock.
  • Gain access to the battery and the terminals it contains. It’s possible that you’ll need the screwdriver to unscrew the lawn mower’s body in order to reach the battery or the casing that surrounds the battery.
  • Keep the battery within the case it came in with the terminal connections still connected.
  • Connect the charging cables in the following order, beginning with the red cable: (The one with the positive sign on it)
  • The positive battery terminal is secured with the red cable clamp, while the negative battery terminal is held in place with the black cable clamp.
  • Make sure that the only part of the charging wires and clamps that come in contact with your skin is the rubber covering.
  • Adjust the voltage level and the amp level on the charger until they reach the required level. Lawn mowers typically use a voltage level of 12 volts, which is the industry standard. The battery is replenished at a quicker rate with increased amperage (Start with two amps and work up to no more than 10 amps).
  • Maintain the connection between the battery and the charger until the battery charging gauge on your charger indicates that it is completely charged.

SOLUTION: When the Husqvarna battery starts to lose power, you should charge it using a battery charger. If you discover that the battery is unable to maintain its charge, it is time to replace it with a new battery.

If the battery can be charged adequately using a battery charger, but you consistently discover that it is dead when you attempt to use your Husqvarna, you should investigate the possibility that there is an issue with the charging mechanism.

3. Unfavorable Terrain with a Husqvarna Lawnmower

Check the Husqvarna’s battery as well as the ground wire, which is black and goes from the battery to the frame. It must be free of corrosion and have a decent ability to establish contact.

In addition to that, you need to inspect the ground coming from the solenoid. A 3-post solenoid has its own built-in grounding system.

SOLUTION: Replace a ground wire that has been damaged. It is necessary to remove any corrosion that may have formed on the grounds of the battery and the starting solenoid.

4. A Husqvarna Lawn Mower That Has a Defective Starter Solenoid

Checking the starting solenoid is the next step you should take after you have established that the battery, wires, and connections are in satisfactory condition. When you hear a clicking or buzzing sound, but your mower won’t start, this is often the issue.

The solenoid functions much like a switch, turning on and off. It is a switch that is activated by an electromagnet, and its purpose is to engage the starting motor so that the engine will turn over.

The starter itself is often where solenoids for starters are installed. However, this is not necessary for their functionality in any way. In order to locate the solenoid, follow the positive wire coming from the battery.

There are a variety of factors that might contribute to the failure of a starting solenoid for a Husqvarna. Either the internal spring or the copper plate may begin to corrode and become less effective over time.

It’s also possible for the starting solenoid to fail if the ground is poor, the starter is underpowered, or the battery is faulty.

SOLUTION: Test your starting solenoid. You’ll also need some wrenches, a screwdriver, and a continuity light in addition to the volt-ohms meter.

You may find information on how to troubleshoot the starting solenoid on your Husqvarna by clicking here. In the event if you are able to start your mower by going around the solenoid, you will need to replace it.

5. A Husqvarna Lawn Mower Suffering from a Defective Starter Motor

If you have tested the battery, the cables, the wiring, the ground, and the starter solenoid and found them all to be in excellent condition, but you are still having trouble starting the vehicle, the issue may be with the starter. It is possible to remove the starter and put it through its paces.

SOLUTION: On a lawn mower, the starter may be an expensive component to replace. Before you go ahead and replace the starting motor, it is in your best interest to have it verified by the local dealership that you have an issue with the starter motor.

You also have the option of taking the starting to a local repair shop in your area that specializes in starter and alternator repairs in order to have the starter examined there.

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A Faulty Charging System on the Husqvarna Depletes the Battery

A faulty charging system on a Husqvarna mower will prevent your battery from staying charged, which will, in turn, result in your mower being unable to start because the battery is too weak.

Checking the charging system using a volt-ohms meter requires you to carry out the actions outlined in this article.

If you notice that your Husqvarna lawn mower is no longer charging the battery, I suggest that you have a professional who is knowledgeable with your charging system complete any further testing as well as any required repairs.

It might be quite challenging to diagnose the specific problem that is affecting a charging system.

If you are not acquainted with the charging mechanism, you will most likely wind up simply tossing parts at your mower if you attempt to fix it.

This may quickly become quite expensive, particularly considering that if you make a mistake, you cannot send back an electrical component for a refund. You can be dealing with a faulty stator or alternator, a broken regulator, or another kind of electrical issue.

Continue to Experience Difficulties with Your Husqvarna Lawn Mower?

Check read my guide on the most frequent issues that other Husqvarna owners have reported experiencing with their lawn mowers if you are still having issues with the mower you purchased. I prepared a chart to help identify the causes of many issues, such as beginning, smoking, cutting, vibrating, and dying, as well as potential remedies to these issues.

You may get more information on this topic by visiting the Common Husqvarna Lawn Mower Problems & Solutions page.

In the event that you are not confident in your ability to diagnose and execute repairs on your Husqvarna lawn mower, it is in your best interest to seek help from the Husqvarna dealership or lawn mower repair shop in your area.

In order to prevent injury or further damage to the mower, you need to keep yourself safe and only conduct repairs that are within your mechanical capabilities.