Where Is The Fuse On A Pressure Washer? Sun Joe Pressure Washer

Your pressure washer might be dead. The most common cause of an electric pressure washer not working is a burned fuse. Therefore, you must verify it to be sure.

The body or cord of many washers include the fuse, contrary to popular belief. But what about the fuse position for the Sun Joe pressure washer? Learn more below.

Sun Joe Pressure Washer Fuse Location

Even though you have an electric pressure washer to clean with, having a broken washer might be downright disgusting.

Your pressure washer may not be functioning as a result of worn bearings, power problems, overheating, tripped GFCIs, clogged guns or nozzles, defective circuits, or other problems. Moisture may also play a role in this.

Therefore, regardless of the cause, we must first inspect the fuse since it may blow out for a number of reasons and because a blown fuse may act as a barrier to the power supply.

You might frequently confuse it with a fuse in the machine itself or a fuse in the breaker box. However, your Sun Joe pressure washer does not have a fuse. The Sun Joe SPX3000 fuse placement is not specifically stated in the owner’s manual, which merely refers to the “home’s fuse.”

The Sun Joe pressure washer’s fuse is located where?

The GFCI plug houses the fuse for your Sun Joe pressure washer. In its pressure washer category, Sun Joe offers a number of models, but the fuse location is largely same across all of them. At the very least, we did not see a change.

To ensure design unity, they might have kept the fuse’s placement inside the connector in all versions.

You can see the fuse within the plug if you open it. This electric washer’s fuse is so tiny that it can be inserted into the wiring. But as you zoom it, you can make out some information printed on that little fuse.

In the unlikely event if water got into the GFCI plug, it might harm the fuse. Therefore, you can try opening the plug and seeing if the fuse still functions as intended if you need to repair or replace it.

Questions And Answers (FAQs)

Does an electric pressure washer have a fuse?

Yes. To prevent overcurrent and overheating, fuses are typically included in all electric pressure washers. And the majority of washers’ plugins contain it. However, different models, designs, and brands may have different locations for the pressure washer fuse.

Does a pressure washer have a reset button?

Yes, the majority of pressure washers have a reset button. Sometimes the fuse is replaced by the reset button. It unwinds any function that was altered while the pressure washer was in use and resets all of its settings. By just pressing the reset button, you may restart an electric washer if it stops functioning. The small red dot will then light up.


When you open the plug, you can easily locate the Sun Joe pressure washer fuse. The ground fault circuit interrupter plug, sometimes known as the GFCI plug, houses this tiny fuse.

Although pressure washers are useful cleaning equipment, they can malfunction even if a tiny drop of water enters the GFCI plug. Then, rather just replacing the blown fuse, you might need to replace the entire plug. Because of this, you must use caution when using one and make every effort to keep this priceless item out of the water.

The GFCI outlet blows off the fuse in order to stop the machine from being damaged when there is an electrical overflow in the system. As a result, the electricity has been turned off, and until you fix the GFCI outlet or the specific fuse, your pressure washer will not function.