STIHL Trimmer Grease Alternative- We’ve Covered 5 Alternatives!

What is the best alternative to STIHL trimmer grease? The best answer is good quality white lithium grease. It helps to lubricate and protects the parts from being rusty.

Although it is best to use the grease recommended by the brand, learning about a few STIHL trimmer grease alternative may come in handy when the STIHL grease is hard to find, or when you’re looking for something similar on less budget.

Using the STIHL grease provides the best quality and performance. But it doesn’t hurt if you can get the almost same service from something cheaper or more in quantity. It also helps to know some other options in case the STIHL is not available.

Let’s get a look at the top five alternative lubricators that you can use in the place of STIHL gearbox grease.

STIHL Trimmer Grease Alternative

White lithiumMulti-purpose
Tecomec Greenstar greaseAutomotive parts
DalaB general lubricant grease oilAutomotive parts
Oregon lubricant greaseMulti-purpose
Corn head greaseMulti-purpose

White Lithium Grease

Any white lithium grease can be an excellent alternative to STIHL grease. You can get the same benefits as the STIHL one and use it for multi-purpose.

White lithium grease is very effective for preventing dirt and water. Also, it lasts for a long time. This means you don’t have to worry any time soon after applying it once. It protects the parts from corrosion and rust.

The best thing about this grease is you can find it almost everywhere. It is easily available in the moments when you cannot find the STIHL grease. These are available in large quantities, which saves you from trips to the store.

Another plus point of the white lithium grease is that you can use it to lubricate almost anything.

You can also learn about all the Stihl hedge trimmer lubricants at a glance.

Tecomec Greenstar Grease

Tecomec, a company based in Italy, has introduced the Greenstar grease as an alternative to the STIHL trimmer gearbox grease.

Tecomec claims that the Greenstar grease is very much able to replace the STIHL gearbox grease as well as the other grease that are available in the market.

The grease comes with 125g tube packaging, whether STIHL grease is only 80g.

Although the price doesn’t offer much savings, you can save some bucks when bought in bulks.

DalaB General Lubricant Grease

You can use the DalaB general lubricant grease as the equivalent of the STIHL grease. This product is marketed as compatible with STIHL and Honda-manufactured products.

The performance and packaging of this grease are very similar. Both come with the packaging of 80g tubes.

Although the performance is known to be good, the price is a bit of a setback. It will cost you more than the STIHL grease. Unless you have no other options, it is better to stick with the STIHL one. However, in a tight situation, this one is perfectly capable of giving you the same service.

Oregon Lubricant Grease

Oregon lubricant grease is another multi-purpose grease with lithium on it. This one can also do a good job of lubricating the trimmer.

Comparatively thin but sticks to the parts where applied and relatively long-lasting. It comes with a container packaging, with a nozzle adjusted to it. The nozzle makes it easier to apply the lubricant.

This one is more expensive than the STIHL one. You won’t want to switch to it unless you run out of options.

Corn Head Grease

Corn head grease can be a great substitute for STIHL grease. This is semi-fluid NGLI 0 grade grease. This one is also a lithium-based grease that can be used in more than one field.

It includes rust and corrosion inhibitors, which prevent the parts from wearing out. It also has strong water tolerance, which allows the grease to survive washout.

All these qualities are enough to make it an alternative for the STIHL grease.

So, if you are wondering what grease for STIHL trimmer head you should use as the substitute for STIHL grease, the options mentioned above are the answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of grease is STIHL grease?

STIHL grease is a multi-purpose grease. It keeps the parts smooth and prevents them from rusting. STIHL suggests using this grease for their brand products to ensure the best quality.

What type of grease goes in a STIHL gas trimmer?

STIHL recommends the use of FS gearbox grease for STIHL gas trimmers. The head of the tube is designed to fit the trimmer’s lubrication spot. So, the lubrication process is quite easy and hassle-free.

What is white lithium grease spray used for?

White lithium grease spray can be used for many purposes. Along with lubricating trimmer and other automotive parts, it can be used to lubricate bearings, door hinges, chains, fittings, etc.

Wrap Up

As automotive parts can be sensitive sometimes, it is always better to use brand-recommended grease for lubricating the parts.

However, it is possible that the pricing or the quantity of the recommended grease is inconvenient for you. Or you might face a situation where it is hard to find the STIHL grease. In such cases, it is wise to find out the best alternative options for grease. So that you can keep your trimmer running smoothly.

We have picked out the best STIHL trimmer grease alternative options for your STIHL trimmer that can assure its best performance and quality. You can choose any of the mentioned greases as your preference and take care of your STIHL trimmer and keep it lubricated.