Simplicity Lawn Mowers Use This Type of Gas

A well-maintained engine can be kept running longer and with fewer issues if the correct gasoline is purchased and stored correctly.

Unleaded gasoline with an octane value of 87 or higher and no more than 10% ethanol is recommended for use in Simplicity riding mowers and zero-turn mowers.

Make sure you’re outside or in a well-ventilated place when refilling. Don’t remove the gas cap until the engine has cooled down for a few minutes. The gas tank should not be crammed.

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Does a Simplicity Mower Take Regular Gas?

If the ethanol percentage in the gas you want to use in your Simplicity lawn mower is below 10%, you should be fine.

Gasoline with an octane level of 87 or higher is required to operate your Simplicity mower. The US Energy Information Administration reports that the average octane rating of gas labeled as “normal” is 87.

The Advantages of Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers

If you want your Simplicity lawn mower to last as long as possible and perform at its best, it’s important to use gas that meets certain specifications.

Gas with an octane value of 87 or above is required, but there are other steps you may take to make sure you’re using the appropriate fuel:

Get New Gasoline for Your Simplicity Lawnmower

To avoid any potential problems with the gas’s quality, it’s better to buy it fresh and utilize it within 30 days.

Using old gas in your mower might make it difficult to start and run.

Don’t Use Ethanol-Heavy Gas in Your Simplicity Mower

Ethanol is a renewable energy source that can be mixed with gasoline to reduce pollution. While most vehicles can operate on ethanol with no problems, the engine on a Simplicity mower cannot handle the fuel.

Fuel with a low ethanol content is necessary for small engines. Lower ethanol percentages are preferable. Don’t fill up with fuel that has an ethanol level of 10% or more.

Fuel stations now carry a wide variety of fuels; nevertheless, you should only use fuel that contains no more than 10% ethanol (E10). Stay away from E15, E30, and E85 gasoline because they can contain up to 15%, 30%, and 85% ethanol, respectively.

Ethanol, in greater detail:

  • Fuel made from corn (or similar plant with a high starch content) is more eco-friendly.
  • Many automobiles can run smoothly on ethanol. It causes harm to low-powered gas engines.
  • In the presence of atmospheric moisture, the gaseous component of ethanol begins to separate from the liquid component.
  • Ethanol and water, after being separated, will settle to the bottom of the fuel tank.
  • Your lawnmower will have trouble starting if ethanol that has been separated is injected into the engine. Ethanol’s sticky residue can clog fuel filters and corrode injectors.
  • Ethanol is harmful to your engine since it is acidic and burns incredibly hot. This can do a lot of harm if it happens.

Putting a Fuel Stabilizer into a Simplicity Mower’s Gas Tank

Adding a fuel stabilizer to new gas can increase its storage life. To every tank of gas, I add Sea Foam Motor Treatment. A gasoline additive like this one helps maintain a clean fuel system, minimizes moisture in the fuel, and keeps the fuel itself from deteriorating.

This additive must be mixed into the fuel right when it is prepared. It won’t miraculously make stale gas work again. Why I think this product is great is discussed in greater detail in Sea Foam is a great fuel stabilizer for your lawn mower.

An excellent gasoline stabilizer alternative to Sea Foam is available from STA-BIL.

Simplicity Mower Gas without Ethanol

Ethanol-free fuel is ideal for your Simplicity’s little engine, but more expensive fuel isn’t necessarily better. A more expensive fuel option that leaves the same environmental footprint as ethanol-containing fuels.

Some gas stations even provide fuel that doesn’t include ethanol. Recreational fuel, often known as REC-90, is a common name for this product. Cans of 4-cycle engine oil are available at hardware stores and select lawn mower retailers.

Guidelines for Buying and Storing Gas for Your Simplicity Mower

  • Get some clean fuel from a popular gas station.
  • The fuel must have an octane level of 89 or above and contain no more than 10% ethanol.
  • Use all fuel within 30 days.
  • The shelf life of new gas can be extended by using a fuel stabilizer.
  • Keep gas in a fuel container that meets safety standards.
  • Don’t let fuel get wet or exposed to the weather.
  • Keep away from sources of ignition (such as paper, wood, etc.).