Setting Scotts Broadcast Spreader | Detailed Charts For Different Products

What are the parameters for the Scotts broadcast applicator? When utilizing grass seeds, lime pellets, or fertilizer, you must utilize a certain setting.

Each product has a different set of settings. Ineffectiveness will come from using the incorrect setting. Therefore, we shall discuss the Scotts broadcast spreader settings for several different products.

Chart Of Scotts Broadcast Spreader Presets For Different Products

The Scott Broadcast stands out among the various Spreaders. The broadcast series also has variations. The Scotts transportable hand-held broadcast spreader settings are covered here. You can follow the chart we provide because the parameters are the same for all broadcast series.

Also included is a table for Scotts broadcast spreader settings in pounds per 1000 square feet. We think about using a spreader because 1000 square feet is the standard; however, you must properly apply the spreader settings for each product kind. When using the incorrect option, you’ll see that the items you’re using both stay usable longer or run out more sooner than expected.

Scotts Broadcast Spreader For Grass Settings

ConcernNewly SeedingOverseeding
Sun & Shade Mix8 ¼5 ½
Fenway Park42 ¼
Dense Shade107 ½

The Scotts broadcast spreader settings for 13-13-13 for 1000 SF are covered by the aforementioned chart. Therefore, when using the broadcast spreader, you must set it to the setting eight and a half if you want to use the sun and shade for your bare lawn. Again, you must utilize 5.5 with a sun and shade mix while overseeing. When combining sun and shade, the manufacturer advises utilizing these settings for the greatest results.

In the meanwhile, you must utilize 4 for Fenway Park’s newly seeded areas. For overseeding, the Scotts broadcast spreader is set at 2 12. Due to the lack of density of the product, the setting is lower than the sun and shade. As you won’t receive the greatest results, we advise against going over the setting.

If you want to overseed with the thick shade mix, use 7 12. Additionally, if you wish to use it to seed a new grass, you must use ten. With a few slight adjustments, the following configuration is close to the Scotts broadcast spreader settings for ryegrass seed. Additionally, these settings work for a 13-13-13, or 7 pounds. But if you use more than 7 pounds of product, be sure to adjust the settings.

The Scotts spreader settings conversion table is available for all different types of spreaders.

Setting Scotts Broadcast Spreader For Gypsum And Lime

 Concern Initial Setting Maintenance Setting
Limestone Pellets105
Gypsum Pellets106

For pelletized lime, the standard Scotts broadcast spreader setting is 10. If you use limestone pellets, the edgeguard setting remains the same. The correct settings must be used when utilizing a spreader for your limestone pellets. Otherwise, there will be a disruption in the earth pH level. So, we advise you to advance your spreader and closely adhere to the settings. Some of your limestones will be wasted if you draw it back.

Once more, the 5 and 5.5 settings on the Scotts pro edgeguard broadcast spreader are for maintenance. If you use a 6, you won’t have enough product to cover 1000 SF before running out. Additionally, there’s a possibility that you won’t get the ideal Ph level. So, be sure to adhere to the settings.

When using gypsum for the first time, you should set the Scotts broadcast spreader at 10. The situation is same to using limestone pellets. Depending on the many things you add, you can adjust it to 10.5 or 11. However, for a higher setting, be sure to put the product in the correct quantity.

The Scotts micro broadcast spreader’s service settings are 6 or 5. Remember that you can still use the elite broadcast spreader while utilizing this option. You must utilize the specified values because we are stating the settings for 1000 SF. You might need to raise the settings for the open elevations.

For Fertilizer, Scotts Broadcast Spreader Settings Are 10-10-10

 Concern Setting
Lawn Food4
Crabgrass Preventer3.5
Weed & Feed3.5

The Lawn Food fertilizer should be applied with the Scotts Elite broadcast spreader at setting 4. Additionally, while using any kind of spreader, the settings should always be 4 to 3.5, occasionally 3. Despite the fact that it applies to 1000 SF and 10-10-10. When you apply additional Lbs of fertilizers for 1000 SF or more, it is different.

Therefore, the appropriate value, using the Crabgrass prev, is 3.5. Similarly, it is also 3.5 for the weed and feed. However, use more than five; else, your plant can become overwhelmed and perish. When using your spreader for fertilizer, make absolutely sure the lever is in the OFF position. It stops the release of extra fertilizers. Always advance your spreader. By using the incorrect setting, you squander your product, harming both your grass and your finances.

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Questions And Answers (FAQs)

Are the settings for each Scotts broadcast spreader the same?

Yes, the spreader settings for the majority of Scotts broadcasts are identical. The options differ only when it comes to items. Again, they are the same for fertilizers.


Understanding the proper spreader settings is important since they affect how your grass will turn out. Your property will be harmed if you continue to use the incorrect setting. Additionally, it will be a waste of both the goods and your money. You can see the recommended settings for different goods, including grass seed, gypsum, lime, and fertilizers, in the image above.

To get the most out of your spreader, adhere to the Scotts broadcast spreader settings. Additionally, there is nothing else for you to worry about because the settings are the same for all broadcast spreader models.

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