Scag Turf Tiger Belt Diagram with Complete Breakdown!

There’s no debate that scag turf tiger is one fantastic mower that comes with too many good-looking user-friendly features to have your lawn needs met appropriately.

And with constant usage, it’s common to face the need for repairs or replacement. If you are having trouble with the belt of scag turf tiger, then some detail on it should be helpful for starting on a good note.

So, we have come up with a scag turf tiger belt diagram that showcases all three belts and brief details on each. Not only this, but you’ll find way more today! Keep on reading…

Scag Turf Tiger Belt Diagram – Identify Parts in Detail!

The discussion of the Scag Turf Tiger mowers belt will require an in-depth explanation since you’ll need to be familiar with 3 types. Each of them is a vital part individually.

Also, most mowers that are small in size own 2 belts (drive and deck).

Starting with the diagram of Turf Tiger belt right below:

Scag Turf Tiger Belt Diagram

And now, you might be thinking about the illustration as a puzzle as there’s no mention of name and function. Knowing the ins and outs of them is a lot more essential in order to understand the components better.

Do You Know: The mower belt lasts for 3 to 4 years in any condition.

‘A’ Means the Deck Belt

In almost all diagram of Turf Tiger belt system pdf, you’ll locate the deck belt being irregular in shape. Its function is to connect the mower deck to the driveshaft pulley so that the vehicle performs smoothly with no bump.  

In the deck belt Scag Turf Tiger belt diagram, it seems pretty long, mostly come in 72” size. Although it has a specific name, the mower uses the v-belt to cover the pulleys on the upper side of the deck which mostly stay hidden behind the guards or shrouds.

And on top of that, it helps one fixed blade to move by hand which allows other blades to rotate automatically supporting the mower to work rapidly when cutting the grasses.

You’ll be surprised to discover that the deck belt will stand longer (1/2 or 0.5 times more) than the drive belt. Basically, it’s because of the stubborn grime sticking around the pulley or belts which might be easier with this to get rid of.

Look down below to know about its work and purpose.

‘B’ Means Pump Drive Belt

The pump drive belt Scag Turf Tiger belt diagram is pretty plain and diverse than the other two. You can see 3 pulley wheels which help the belt to rotate in a circular motion. It directly connects the mower transmission to the driveshaft pulley.  

As the Scag Turf Tiger belt system is self-adjustable, it doesn’t require fixation unless the damage seems severe. This comes in 61” length while wearing the v-belt or poly groove belt which runs from the front side to use in the mower.

Here are its functions to improve the mower performance in a different way.

‘C’ Means Deck Drive Belt

Being tiny while coming in 52” size to use in the Scag mower is pretty rare. Most mowers don’t have this unless they are bigger in size (to function well).

The deck drive belt contains 1 pulley wheel, electrical clutch, and idler to help the mower blade to run fast. Even if it seems an unnecessary part, any slight damage to this might cause the mower to stop working.   

Want to know the best thing about it? This component is affordable so if the part breaks or worn, the repair won’t cost a lot.

Let’s learn more about its works.

How To Replace Scag Turf Tiger Pump Belt?

How To Replace Scag Turf Tiger Pump Belt

The process of scag turf tiger pump belt replacement is super simple. And it’s something people who are quite mechanically inclined will be able to figure out with a little thinking. However, in case you don’t have a clue, we have this segment for you.

Now, first of all, you need to unplug the clutch. And look for the anti-rotate bar and unpin it. Use a ½ rachet for sliding in and out everything and that should be it. This could be a complicated process with having nonfactory positions if components. And in that case, you should consult an expert for the replacement.

Also, one thing you should be careful of is mistreating the belt by doing the excessive tugging. There is a tight spot between the frame and clutch. And people with less experience tend to tug the belt unnecessarily while conducting the replacement, which can lead to damage.

Main reason for doing so, is because sometimes the clutch or parts fail to slide out even with a proper ratchet. And that happens due to rotation of the engine shaft as well as unloosening.

You can try eliminating the tension spring to make things better. And in some cases, it may also require the removal of other belts.

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Keep in mind this will be a pretty messy job, probably a lot of greases. And so, make sure you are prepared to handle all that grease. Everything takes half an hour at most.

Here’re a few more tips that shall help with the scag turf tiger pump belt replacement

  1. If unplugging the connection of the clutch seems hard, you can actually pry or pull a tab. And it should be located on the connections’ widest part. You should use a tiny screwdriver for the purpose. But most of the time, doing it without any tools work just as fine.
  2. Sometimes the anti-rotation bar comes off. You can simply eliminate the wire clip if so.
  3. It could be a bit hard to pull the spring off that holds the clutch drive tension. You can make it easier by finding half inches drive square hole. It should be on the idler pulley bracket. Simply use vice grips and try pulling the spring. And it should come off much easier.
  4. If you don’t get enough slack to put the belt on, use a tiny cheater on a ratchet with an extension that is also small. Everything will be way easier to hold this way.

The tips given above will reduce the time needed for the entire replacement. So definitely give these a try!

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a SCAG Turf tiger and cheetah?

Both are excellent in their own way. But there’s more comfort factor with cheetah as it comes with enhanced suspension as well as a better seat. While with the turf tiger, there are some bumps making uphill rides slightly uncomfortable.

What is the price of a Scag Turf Tiger 2?

It will vary slightly. But the price is around 14 thousand dollars.

Are SCAG mowers worth it?

Comfort, handling, and cutting wise the scag mowers perform very well. And some will last you a great number of years with proper maintenance so it’s safe to say these mowers are worth the money.

Wrapping Up

And that’s all for today! You have the scag turf tiger belt diagram along with some useful information that hopefully will help you in some way.

The scag turf tiger is well known for always surpassing the standards set by the industry. So, you definitely have gotten yourself a tough one to handle all your needs. Just sometimes it shows issues here and there, which is common with any equipment that gets used.

You just have to make sure repairs, replacements, and maintenance for it is never delayed.